Contest: iPhone 5s Giveaway from Numbridge and GottaBeMobile


If you’re aching for a new smartphone as it would make it easier for you to connect with friends, family, and loved ones over the holidays, be sure to enter our iPhone 5s giveaway contest together with Numbridge. Winner can select a 16 GB iPhone 5s model of their choice, choosing between the silver, gold, […]

With Share Everything Plans, Numbridge’s VoIP Service Makes Sense


Unlike traditional VoIP calls, Numbridge’s telephony system uses a local gateway to connect customers similar to how Google Voice works in the U.S. And given the recent shift in the mobile market in the U.S., Numbridge’s business model may make more sense than traditional telephony services that are based purely on the Internet for connecting […]

Google Voice Turning Off Obihai and Other External Services

google voice logo

Google Voice works great as a free or extremely low-cost VOIP solution, and many use it as their primary telephone service thanks to devices like the one from OBihai Technology that we reviewed a while back. Google set a date when they will turn off XMPP service. XMPP service makes it possible for some apps and other […]

Facebook Messenger Bringing Free Voice Calling To iPhones in The U.S.


Facebook is rolling out free voice calls to iPhone users with Facebook Messenger in the U.S. according to The Verge. Facebook recently began testing free voice calling in the Facebook Messenger app in Canada. That same update brought voice messages to users in other countries. Now U.S Facebook users can soon try the voice call […]

Skype for Windows Phone Exits Beta


Windows Phone owners had an unexpected surprise this weekend as Microsoft-owned VoIP service Skype released its app to users. The app, which was previously in beta, could now be downloaded officially from Windows Phone Marketplace on Windows Phone handsets, such as the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II. Some new features on the […]

How To Use Google Voice With Android Tablets And Media Players

Google voice

Even though my tablet doesn’t have a number and can’t make calls (without help), it’s still a useful platform for Google Voice. Same with Android media players like the Samsung Galaxy Player. In fact, with Google Voice you can turn a non-phone device into a free texting paradise for a kid or teen.

How To Use The Galaxy Player as a Phone

One of the more interesting features of the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 is the ability to tether it to another phone with Bluetooth 3.0 and use it as a sort of extra handset for taking calls. While there’s a narrow use case for this, there is a way to turn the Galaxy Player (or other […]

Google Voice Integration Expanding to Non-Sprint Customers

Nearly a year ago, Sprint announced that it will offer seamless Google Voice integration, allowing customers to use their carrier-assigned phone number as their Google Voice number or allowing customers to replace their Sprint number with one from Google. The tie-in allows customers to manage one number and get transcribed voicemails and text messages from […]

Google Voice Updated to Bring Ice Cream Sandwich Aesthetics


The Google Voice app for Android has been updated to bring design aesthetics that were introduced in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to the application as well as better tablet support on Android Honeycomb slates. The app also allows users to compose and queue messages in areas where there is no reception or with airplane […]

Verizon to Launch National VoLTE Service in 2013 and Why That Matters


According to VP at Northland Capital Markets Catharine Trebnick, Verizon Wireless will deploy a national VoLTE, or voice over LTE, service in 2013. The timeline for VoLTE described by Trebnick is later than the anticipated 2012 date that Verizon had promised before, and the carrier could still trial VoLTE in select markets prior to a national deployment […]

The Best VoIP Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad

ipod touch voip

As our smartphones continue to become more “smart” and less “phone,” we all still need to make calls sometimes. However, the carriers’ rates for voice minutes can be a little overwhelming (especially when added to data and texting plans). With today’s data speeds, VoIP is a legit option for many people who want to avoid […]

Our 3G iPod Touch Concept is Thinner & Better for Skype

ipod touch w skype wm

Within the last week the tech blogs have been abuzz about a rumor that the next generation’s iPod touch might support 3G data. Naturally, artists’ concepts started popping up to give readers an idea of what it may look like. We always appreciate visual interpretations of new gadgets, but we thought we could do one better […]

Alteva VOIP Phone Will Read You Your Email — and Much More

Alteva VOIP Phone

We tend to focus on smartphones that fit in your pocket, but did you know there are a number of smartphones that sit on your desk and connect to Outlook and other Microsoft products in order to deliver access to your work information — as well as help you manage communications with coworkers. Alteva has […]

T-Mobile Launches Free Facebook VoIP App Called Bobsled


T-Mobile announces a new Facebook application called Bobsled, which allows users to place voice over IP (VoIP) calls to Facebook friends without the need to remember numbers, screen names, or dialing–all you’ll need to do is click on a friend’s name and you can call them or leave a message. No download is required for […]

Verizon 4G LTE gets closer to real 4G; VoLTE replacing standard calling


CNN reports that Verizon is readying to transmit voice calls, text messages, and video calls over IP on their 4G LTE system, a move that should greatly improve call clarity. The system, dubbed VoLTE for “Voice over LTE” is set to debut next week in Barcelona, Spain at the Mobile World Congress. The test phone […]

Google Voice Now Allows You to Port Your Number


I’ve been a big fan of Google Voice and an avid use of the call forwarding service that provides me with one number to keep for life. However, the downside is that if I already have a cell number that has stuck with family and friends for years, my newer Google Voice number would be […]

Skype App for Android Now Available


Skype is now available for Android phones, allowing users to place and receive Skype-to-Skype calls over WiFi or 3G in most countries. Add  a cheap monthly plan, or charge up your account with Skype Credit and you’ll be able to make calls to landlines and mobile phones. Skype for Android requires Android 2.1 to work […]