HP Shakes UP webOS Team


Hmmm? HP has shaken up its webOS team, very shortly after launching the flagship webOS HP TouchPad. John Rubinstein looks like he’s been kicked upstairs and Stephen DeWitt is now the Senior VP for webOS.  Rubinstein who came over when HP acquired Palm a year ago will now be Senior VP for Product Innovation for […]

HP Pre 3 Not Launching on Sprint?

HP Pre 3

We hate leaving you on a downer going into the weekend but that’s the way it’s going to have to be. According to ThisIsMyNext, the HP Pre 3 that we saw unveiled back in February will not be headed to Sprint. Now, this shouldn’t be too shocking if you’ve been following with the HP Pre […]

Apps and the HP TouchPad or Rather, Apps and a Tablet


Yesterday I published two posts regarding things I like and things I don’t like about the HP TouchPad. As expected they’ve generated some interesting conversations in the comments. One of the reasons I can’t recommend the HP TouchPad currently has to do with Apps, or rather the lack thereof. Now, I’m not into a numbers […]

Five Reasons to Consider the HP TouchPad


I posted a sister post that some might find schizophrenic to this one that contains Five Reasons to Avoid the HP TouchPad. Here, I’ll lay out some of the reasons I remain eternally optimistic about the webOS fueled TouchPad. (Although eternally is a long time in mobile tech years.) Before I get to those five […]

Five Reasons to Avoid the HP TouchPad


I’m a few days into testing out the HP TouchPad and it has its pluses and minuses. This post lists some reasons that I would avoid making a purchase at this point and is meant to accompany a post that will follow with some reasons why you might want to think about making this your […]

Touch Tablet Shootout: The Porch and Sunlight Test

Pastebot 2011-07-04 11.58.23 AM 4

It’s the 4th of July here in the US and I’m getting ready to head to the great hot, muggy  outdoors for the rest of the day. Actually, I’ve been in the great, hot, muggy outdoors most of the morning as I’ve been on my porch enjoying both the morning and playing around with the […]

Landscape or Portrait? Packaging Reveals All with New Tablets


So, after purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and an HP Touchad yesterday I took a few unboxing pictures. My powers of observation obviously went the way of the dodo bird. It wasn’t until this morning when I looked at the pictures that I noticed how the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was packaged with an emphasis […]

You Don’t Have to Wait Until Tomorrow to Touch a TouchPad


So, I had to run some errands in town today and stopped by Best Buy after grabbing some lunch. Sure enough they had the HP TouchPad on display so that you could check it out. You can’t buy one today, but they’ll take your money and you can claim it tomorrow. But if you aren’t […]

HP Just Sold a Bunch of iPads

HP touchpad

Life isn’t fair. We all know that. Or at least we should. For Tablet makers you could argue that it is not just unfair, but cruel and unusual punishment. Apple has such an long lead in terms of its iPad in so many categories, it is almost like they need to need to somehow prohibit […]

HP TouchPad Review and Video Roundup

HP touchpad

The HP TouchPad is a new Tablet from HP which runs the Palm WebOS software that HP hopes will deliver a solid iPad alternative. The first HP TouchPad reviews have gone live and according to early reviewers, while the TouchPad is able to nail some things, the total package isn’t ready to take on the […]

HP Hints Windows 8 Tablets, Rejects Android


The owner of webOS announced in an interview that it was still open to the possibility of a tablet running Microsoft’s next-generation Windows 8 platform, though HP is firmly rejecting any notion of a tablet running the rival Android mobile operating system as it has its own in-house webOS platform, which it had acquired with […]

Samsung’s Mobile Strategy: Diversify


With HP hoping to license out its webOS mobile platform for other hardware-makers to use on their branded smartphones and tablets, one company that may be interested may be Samsung. If Samsung does in fact choose to license webOS, the Korean manufacturer will effectively have four working mobile operating systems under its belt: Android, Windows […]

HP in Talks About Licensing webOS


HP’s CEO, Leo Apotheker, is saying that HP is talking to a number of companies about licensing its webOS software. Of course he’s not mentioning who or when at this point. But this could be a significant move on HP’s part as it aims to compete with Apple, Google, and Microsoft in the mobile realm. […]

Working Demo Units of HP webOS TouchPad Already Displayed at Retailers


If you’re itching to get some hands-on time with HP‘s first webOS tablet, the TouchPad, prior to the device’s July 1st availability, you can do so as a number of retailers have now installed working demo and display units. According to PreCentral, several Walmart and Best Buy locations have been spotted as to installing display […]

HP TouchPad Now Available for Pre-Order

HP TouchPad

It’s been a long time since HP debuted its webOS tablet, the HP TouchPad, at its event in San Francisco but we are slowly but surely getting closer to its July 1st launch date where it will hit shelves across the U.S. nationwide.And if you just can’t wait until July 1st to nab this thing, […]