HP Mulling Selling webOS Software Business


Despite denying that webOS isn’t going anywhere, a new rumor recently surfaced suggesting that HP is looking to sell off its webOS software business. The company had recently abandoned plans of producing hardware that runs on its proprietary operating system, which was well received but failed to gain traction in the market place. Effectively placing […]

HP Says Shut Down of webOS is “Unfounded Rumor”

hp touchpad - Google Images

I wouldn’t want to be Meg Whitman, the new CEO of HP, Todd Bradley, or any of the other execs at HP as they try to muddle through their next moves for HP’s future. Certainly they have some tough decisions ahead. Given the problematic way they went about getting rid of the HP TouchPad, purchasing […]

HP Tells Customers Sorry, No More TouchPads

hp touchpad - Google Images

You might still be able to pick up a HP TouchPad at Best Buy or eBay or through some other method or off hand promotion. But if you were on that waiting list with HP it looks like you are out of luck. According to Neowin, users who signed up to be notified when HP […]

HP TouchPad Returning to Best Buy on November 1st, With A Catch

HP TouchPad

Best Buy has announced that it will begin selling the HP TouchPad once again starting November 1st only this time there is a catch involved. The retailer will be offering up the webOS powered tablet for a cool $150 but in order to get a TouchPad, you’ll need to pick up an HP desktop or […]

HP Keeping Its PC Division, Working on Windows 8 Tablet


HP and its new CEO Meg Whitman made a couple of bold announcements today including plans to keep its PC division as well as plans to re-enter the world of tablets with hardware running Microsoft’s Windows 8. Whitman revealed that the company is committed to Personal Systems Group (PSG), HP’s computer arm, and in doing […]

Long Live HP’s TouchPad…With Windows 8!?


HP’s TouchPad was officially declared dead in late summer when the company ran a fire sale and had listed the tablet for just $99, putting the fate of its much lauded webOS operating system, acquired along with Palm, in question. However, the TouchPad hardware itself may not be dead after all, and its fate may […]

HP Releases webOS 3.04 for TouchPad

Hands-on with webOS 3.0.4 - YouTube

The HP TouchPad and webOS is certainly going to be one of the stories of the year in mobile tech. The big push and then the big quick stop and then the let’s make a few more is certainly one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen. But, for those who still have a TouchPad, […]

Spec Showdown: iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S II vs HTC Titan

We’ve already shown you how Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 4S, stacks up against the iPhone 4, and now, thanks to Android Central, we have a very clear cut way to show you how it stacks up against competition outside of Apple products. Unfortunately, we can’t quite put it up against the likes of the […]

What’s Happening with HP, WebOS and Whitman (HPQ)


As the markets closed today, HP announced the CEO Leo Apotheker was out, and Meg Whitman was in as the new CEO. Whitman has been on the Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) board of directors since earlier this year, and brings experience from eBay and other companies to the top position of a company with more problems than Jay-Z. HP […]

Apotheker Out, Whitman In As New CEO of HP

Meg Whitman

The Leo Apotheker experiment at HP is over just shy of a year after it started and the fledgling company has installed former eBay CEO and California Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman as CEO. The move comes just weeks after the company made several big moves including killing off its HP TouchPad tablet and webOS powered […]

Unreleased Touchpad and Pre 3 Get Handled

Hp Touchpad and Pre 3

Still pining for the webOS devices that you’ll never get to have? I know your pain. If you’re willing to settle for the next best thing — videos of the hardware you’ll probably never get a chance to own — then head over to Engadget. Myriam Joire got unboxing and hands-on time with the white European […]

HP Gives Palm Hardware Engineers Pink Slips


Layoffs are underway for the Palm division at Hewlett Packard, which had acquired the Palm brand, hardware division, and webOS software. The layoffs affect the webOS hardware business only as HP is retaining the software division and is only closing off its hardware business. Most recently, the HP webOS hardware team was responsible for releasing […]

Leaked Photo Shows Off Canceled 7-Inch HP TouchPad

HP Opal

Prior to the launch of the HP TouchPad, we had heard that there was a 7-inch version of the webOS tablet slated to be hitting shelves at some point alongside its 9.7-inch counterpart. Well, before that tablet – codenamed Opal – ever got off the ground, HP decided to kill off webOS hardware meaning the […]

Should HTC Own Their Own OS?


Word out of HTC is that they’re considering the possibility of owning their own operating system. No names named, but webOS is on the minds of industry watchers. Regardless, the big question is: should HTC bother owning an OS?

HP TouchPad Backorders to Start Shipping in 6-8 Weeks

HP TouchPad Email

HP has begun sending out emails to customers that have backordered HP TouchPad tablets informing them that the device will be shipping at some point within the next 6-8 weeks. As many of you know, HP put the webOS tablet up for a mere $99 after it was announced that the company would be discontinuing […]

As HP Mulls Spinning Off PC Business, Plans to Keep webOS Remain


As Hewlett-Packard is considering its options to either sell or spin off its Personal Systems Group (PSG), the division that makes personal computers and PC hardware, leaked internal memos suggest that new changes to the webOS team will help to ensure that the mobile OS will remain with HP. The company is planning on splitting its […]

CEO Talk From Samsung and Google Answer Some Mobile Questions


Perhaps the CEO of Samsung and the former CEO, now chairman, of Google clarified some things with recent comments. Or perhaps not. It’s often difficult to decipher CEO speak. But taken at face value, recent statements by Choi Gee Sung and Google’s Eric Schmidt add some public clarity to a couple of issues in the […]

HP Like a Dog Chasing Its Own Tail in TouchPad Refund Kerfluffle


Round and round we go. Yesterday the web was a-twitter with news that HP was working to shut down what looked like a bogus refund site in Germany that promised customers refunds for TouchPads. The site was asking for customers’ bank account info, which raised more than a few eyebrows. Web denizens cried foul. HP […]

Last Batch of HP TouchPads Headed to North America Only

HP TouchPad

Weren’t able to get your hands on the $99 HP TouchPad the first time around? Well, then you probably were excited when HP announced that it would be bringing the canceled tablet device back for one last go round after the company’s stock was depleted because of the fire sale. Unfortunately though, if you live […]