Are You Using That Pen?

Kevin Tofel wants to know. Actually he wants to know how often you use your Tablet PC as a Tablet PC. He posted that question on jkOnTheRun yesterday and has gotten an interesting round of feedback. Yes, there are some who say 100% of the time they are using the pen and some for whom […]

Microsoft Rolls Out Tafiti

Search, search, search. We all search for info. And the guys who want to make money off your searching keep cranking out new ideas and methods. Microsoft rolled out an interesting looking search mashup called Tafiti. The name means ““do research” in Swahili. Using Silverlight the interface is pretty nice looking and worth looking at […]

Motion Computing C5 Tablet PC Video Review InkShow

When Motion Computing announced the innovative C5 Tablet PC several months ago, people saw several new things not previously implemented in a Tablet PC: an integrated barcode reader, RFID scanner, a spill-proof / disinfectant-resistant resin casing, and a handle. The C5 was built from the bottom-up to be a health care focused device, and with […]

Look What Showed Up Today

This just arrived for an evaluation. I’m looking forward to this. Tags: TabletKiosk, i440D, Tablet+PC

Adobe Launches Moviestar: HD Video on the Web

Adobe ratcheted up the volume in the on-line media game with the announcment of Moviestar, which is the codename for the new version of Adobe Flash Player 9. The new version now contains H.264 support, otherwise known as the same HD now being shipped in the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD wars. Not only will the new […]

Toshiba Ups the Ante in Hard Disk Wars

In the battle to see who can make the smallest and largest capacity hard drive for mobile devices, it looks like Toshiba has staked out some new turf in the 2.5inch market. Not just because their newest MK3252GSX is smaller in size than the rest, but it spins at 5400rpm Most of the other models we’ve seen […]

The Kohjinsha SH6 on Video

jkkmobile has his hands on the Johjinsha SH6 Ultra-Mobile PC and has produced a video of the new device. This is an interesting looking device.   > Tags: UMPC, Kohjinsha+SH6

Running With The Raon Everun

Many times when we review new Tablet PCs and Ultra-Mobile PCs we are evaluating pre-production models and we let you know that for one simple reason. The eventual shipping model may still have changes. Check out Steve “Chippy” Paine’s first look at the retail version of the retail version of the Raon Everrun and you’ll […]

Asus R1E Tablet PC Shows up on The FCC Site

Hugo posted about the upcoming Asus R1E a few weeks ago, and now, thanks to PC-Joint, we get confirmation about those specs via the FCC site, along with a bunch of photos (pdf link). These are the specs Hugo posted earlier and are confirmed on the FCC site. Intel Centrino Pro Processor Technology Intel Core 2 Duo […]

Skype Outage Blamed on Windows Update?

In the continuing conundrum in my little pea brain that wonders what happens one day when all of our precious connectivity gets ruffled somehow, today’s news just makes it more of a conundrum. Last week Skype suffered an outage that lasted at least 2 days. Things got righted and now today, Skype is saying the […]

What Does Better Battery Life Mean To You?

One of the ongoing issues mobile computing enthusiasts face is dealing with battery life or the lack thereof. We talk about it often here on GBM in our posts, our podcasts, and our InkShows. In a recent conversation with the folks behind HP’s Portal we discussed this and it was suggested to us that one […]

Adding PowerToy-Like Functionality to Vista

If you’re like me you’ve scratched your head often wondering why there are no Powertoys for Windows Vista. Although unsupported Powertoys in previous versions of the OS offered some great functionality and in many cases became indispensable tools. I’ve often bemoaned the lack of one of my favorites, the Image Resizer, that offered right click […]

Craig Pringle Gets All Pressure Sensitive

Tablet PC Craig Pringle is working on a new tool that might help those who need to know how many levels of pressure sensitivity a particular Tablet PC (or rather the digitizer) has. If pressure level sensitivity is one of your priorities in purchasing a Tablet PC you might want to take a look at […]

Follow Up on the Gateway E295/C-140X

I’ve been evaluating and trying out some new devices lately (and getting ready for a new round of evaluations soon.) So, I thought it would be a good time to do some follow up on the Gateway E295/C-140X Convertible Tablet PC. The Gateway E295/C140—X If you’re looking for a desktop replacement with Tablet PC functionality, […]

Fujitsu T2010 Tablet PC Getting Good Press

The big news last week was the official unveiling of Fujitsu’s newest Tablet PC: The T2010. As college students are already making their way back to school, I think Fujitsu hit this one too late. However, like HP’s 2710p Tablet PC, the T2010 will make for a really good student Tablet PC. Read more about […]

HP 2710p Tablet PC and Motion Computing C5 Tablet PC Video Review Coming Soon

What a weekend. Not only did I receive an HTC Advantage, from, to try out, but I also received an evaluation Motion Computing C5 Tablet PC, courtesy of Allegiance Technology Partners. This is one innovative Tablet PC and I think you’ll really enjoy getting up close and personal with it. Look for my video review […]

HP 2710p Tablet PC vs Fujitsu T2010 Tablet PC

It seems that the HP 2710p Tablet PC and the Fujitsu T2010 Tablet PC are quite the competitive pair when stacked up next to each other, so I thought it would a good idea to do a spec by spec comparison of the two devices. I’ve also received a few emails from readers requesting the […]

GBM Gets the Advantage

We don’t cover Pocket PC’s much on GBM, but with’s recent coverage of the Advantage, I’ve been wondering if it truly is as wonderful a device as James claims and worth the $800 + it is commanding. So, when contacted us and asked if we’d like to review the Advantage, I jumped at […]

Microsoft on Auto-Rotation, the Accelerometer, and Tablet PCs

Sometimes people leave comments in our posts that really deserve some dedicated attention. This morning, I posted up a video demonstrating auto-rotation on the OQO. Ken Hinckley, who works in Microsoft Research, noticed it and posted some really insightful thoughts, and links to video demos, on the use of accelerometers and auto-rotation, and how they have experimented with […]