Android PDK Means Phone Updates Should Come Out Faster

Google wants to stop the endless cycle of users waiting for updates to come to their phones with the new Android Platform Development Kit (PDK).


Google’s new Android PDK is a collection of tools to help manufacturers port Android to their devices. Google will release the PDK to developers a few months before it launches each new version of Android. That means manufacturers will no longer have to wait until Google’s announcements to get to work porting the new Android to devices.

The Android PDK will make its way to manufacturers prior to each new Android version from now on. Google did give a beta of the toolkit to “select” manufacturers before the announcement of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The final Jelly Bean version is coming sometime soon so more manufacturers can use it as well.


With the Android PDK, we may finally see faster Android updates on smartphones and tablets. We’re still waiting to see updates to Ice Cream Sandwich for many devices, but now we will hopefully see the wait time decrease for new updates.


Unfortunately we don’t know which hardware manufacturers received the Jelly Bean PDK Beta, though we assume Samsung and Motorola are among them simply because the former is one of the world’s largest handsets makers, and Google now owns the latter. With any luck, that means the Galaxy S III will receive Jelly Bean shortly after the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S in mid-July.

We doubt the PDK will make updates instantaneous, but every extra bit of speed for Android version updates is welcome.