Watch a Video and Help AT&T Provide Phones for Military Veterans

AT&T is sponsoring a program called Connect for Good to arm our military veterans with a smartphone. The best part of the campaign is that users don’t have to do anything but watch a video and AT&T will donate money to the cause–so watch the video and send the link to the Connect for Good campaign to your friends as for every view, AT&T will donate up to $2 to equip our military veterans with a smartphone as they return from active service and transition their lives.


You can click on to watch the video and participate in AT&T’s campaign to raise money. 

Responding to that call, Cell Phones for Soldiers has launched a new initiative, Helping Heroes Home, and AT&T is donating more than $450,000 to help them get things going.

And we’re calling on consumers to help. As part of the program’s initial rollout, through AT&T’s community page, Connect For Good, the Helping Heroes Home program could receive up to an additional $50,000. AT&T will donate $2 when an individual watches the Helping Heroes Home video through Connect For Good video and $1 when they share it with friends. We think this is a fun way to get our consumers involved in our support for the program, and I hope you’ll check it out.

It’s a great campaign to help our heroes adjust to life living at home after the have served their country and it takes so little time. Hopefully, during this Fourth of July holiday, our GBM readers will do a small part to honor our veterans by watching the video to raise money to help some of our vets remain connected with their families and friends.