Verizon Droid DNA Release Date: What to Expect

One of the few remaining devices left to launch this year is the 5-inch Verizon Droid DNA, a device that HTC and Verizon should be announcing on November 13th at an event in New York City. And while there are still many details in the shadows, including the Droid DNA release date, we wanted to take a look at what customers should expect from that date when it does arrive.


The Droid DNA is very likely going to be the latest contender for the phablet crown currently held by the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, a device that has already sold three million units world wide and will be hitting AT&T and Verizon in the coming days.

While toppling the Galaxy Note 2 in sales will be an extremely tall order, the Droid DNA does look like it will have enough enticing features to lure in quite a few customers and at the very least, get consumers to put it near the top of their shopping list.

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The Droid DNA will compete against the Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon.


It’s rumored to be coming with a 5-inch display which could possibly be LCD-3 in nature with full HD 1080p resolution and 400+ ppi. If true, that would blow the Galaxy Note 2 screen and really any other smartphone screen out of the water.


Verizon’s Droid DNA is also rumored to be coming with a quad-core processor, 8MP rear camera, 2MP front-facing camera, 2GB of RAM and very likely, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google’s operating system that was released in July only to be replaced by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean a few weeks ago.

All in all, it looks like a package that should intrigue those looking to get a smartphone on the largest 4G LTE network in the land. That being said, we still don’t know when it will hit shelves.

And while we don’t know the release date exactly we can make some educated predictions about what consumers should expect from the upcoming Droid DNA release date which should be announced next week.

Details Next Week

As we’ve said before, next week’s launch event should be where HTC reveals everything about the Droid DNA including its release date, which, at this point, remains a mystery. With the Galaxy Note 2 on shelves already and Black Friday fast approaching, HTC can not afford to be vague with customers.


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So, while Verizon is often vague with release dates regarding its products right up until the very end, expect HTC to give customer something other than the “coming weeks” this time around.

And if for whatever reason HTC and Verizon aren’t wise, we expect there to at least be a release date window announced.

Pre-Order Leading Up to It

Verizon has been putting up its various devices for pre-order lately, likely because competition has been fierce, and we expect HTC and Verizon to offer a pre-order for the Droid DNA leading up to its eventual release date later this year.


With the Galaxy Note 2, Verizon put it up for pre-order more than a month before it’s expected to be released. But in the case of the Droid DNA, expect the pre-order to be much shorter if Verizon does wind up offering it.

Late November/Early December

Right now, a specific release date remains unknown. Rumors are flying around mentioning November 20th, or some other date close to Thanksgiving, to take advantage of Black Friday while there is another rumor out there that states that it will be arriving early December. Both seem credible so it’s impossible at this point to determine exactly which school of thought is correct.

In the past we’ve told you December and at this point, that’s our best guess.


November 20th remains a possibility.


What is clear is that this is the Droid DNA release date window. So, at this point, we expect the device to arrive at some point between November 20th and December 14th which is the second Friday of the month.

Stiff Competition

Given the rumors, it’s looking more and more like the Droid DNA will launch around the same time as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will on Verizon. Right now, the rumored date for that device is November 29th with online orders shipping out on November 27th.

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So, instead of a launch on its own, far away from other phablet launches, the Droid DNA will be thrown into a battle with the Galaxy Note 2 almost immediately. The dog fight will not only be pitting HTC against Samsung but it will also make the decision that much more difficult for prospective phablet buyers.

Plenty to Go Around

That being said, we don’t expect any kind of a sell out for this phone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s shipping times have not been pushed back even after Verizon put out a pre-order for the phablet and we expect the Droid DNA to be widely available when its release date arrives.

That means those who might be looking to snag it for themselves or their loved ones shouldn’t be panicking. There will be plenty of Droid DNA’s to go around. The iPhone 5, this is not.