iPhone 5 Shipping Dates Improve, First Time Since Release

Shipping dates for the iPhone 5 have improved for the first time since the phone was released to the public back in September. The device, until today, was listed as shipping out to American customers in 3-4 weeks time. However, now, Apple’s website states that the iPhone 5 will ship out in 2-3 weeks, a minor but certainly welcomed improvement for those looking to get the new iPhone in time for the holidays.


Apple’s website now lists the improved shipping times just ahead of Black Friday and right before the holiday shopping season hits full swing. The improvement comes shortly after Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou admitted that his factory couldn’t keep up with the big demand for the iPhone 5.

If this improvement is any indication, then Foxconn may finally be harnessing its supply issues which is great news for those that are looking to get an iPhone 5 as a gift for a loved one.

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Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 1.56.49 PM

iPhone 5 shipping dates have finally improved.


What it doesn’t mean is that there won’t be shortages this holiday season. While 2-3 weeks is fantastic news for shoppers, those who want to ensure delivery before the holiday will likely want to place an order now. Users that don’t wish to wait for an online order to arrive ca use other means as well. Customers have the option to reserve an iPhone 5 through Apple’s website.


Apple will let users reserve an iPhone online the night before they want the phone, so they can walk in a buy the phone the next day. Keep in mind, Apple stores may not always have the iPhone 5 in stock so reserving a phone isn’t a guarantee.

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Those looking to buy directly through carriers might have an easier time as well as all major U.S. carriers list shipping times much sooner than Apple’s 2-3 weeks. Retailers like Best Buy, Walmart and RadioShack are worth a look as well.

The iPhone 5 has been difficult to find ever since its September 21st release date in the U.S as it features larger 4-inch display – something that many users have wanted for awhile now, high quality design, 4G LTE speeds, fantastic camera and iOS 6, it’s clearly at the, or near the top of shoppers wish lists.