iPad mini with LTE and iPad with LTE Coming to Best Buy Thursday

The LTE versions of the Apple iPad mini and Apple iPad 4th generation will launch on Thursday at Best Buy. This comes from a local computer department sales person in the Hickory, NC Best Buy.


While in the store the today a sales person confirmed the new LTE versions of the iPad mini and the iPad with Retina Display would arrive. He looked it up on his computer and confirmed that they will become available Thursday, Nov. 15 with no reservations available. They will sell them to customers on a first come first serve basis.

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On the launch day of the Wi-Fi only version of the iPad mini and iPad with Retina Display, the same Best Buy store only had a few versions available, so don’t expect a large number of any single model. Buying at an Apple Store remains the best chance at getting the specific kind of iPad mini LTE or iPad 4th generation LTE that a customer wants. Each will come in two colors with three storage sizes in each color and running on three different carriers.

ipad-mini 2 size

iPad mini LTE versions and iPad with Retina Display LTE will show up in Best Buy on Thursday


Apple already sent notices to customers that the iPad mini they pre-ordered last month will ship and arrive on the same day. It’s likely that Apple will also sell them in their stores that day as well.


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The iPad mini’s 7.9-inch display uses the same resolution as the iPad 2, with a slightly better look thanks to the smaller size of the display. This is not a Retina Display, but some users don’t notice a significant difference between the iPad mini and the high-resolution retina display on the iPad 4th generation.