AViiQ Portable Charging Station Now Boasts Better Cable Management

aviiq portable charging station

The new AViiQ Portable Charging Station uses a smart Rack System to deliver a compact, convenient charging kit for travelers. I reviewed the older version of the AViiQ Portable Charging Station last fall and really liked it. However, the included USB hub and cabling made it a bit unwieldy. The new Cable Rack System aims to solve […]

Cellhelmet iPhone Case Offers Accidental Damage Protection


Sure, you can buy insurance from your iPhone carrier of choice in the U.S. or deal with Apple Geniuses directly through AppleCare or AppleCare Plus, but another option to prevent accidental damage to your phone will be by utilizing a case, which should adequately help with the occasional bump or drop. However one case, Cellhelmet, […]

Une Bobine: Incredibly Versatile & Flexible iPhone Cable

Une Bobine iPhone cable

Building a better iPhone cable isn’t easy, but Jon Fawcett and [Fuse]Chicken have invented a better iPhone cable — the Une Bobine. Une Bobine, French for coil, is a flexible gooseneck iPhone cable that keeps the iPhone in an endless number of positions at home, at the office and in the car. One of my […]

HTC Ports Kickstand to One S Smartphone Through Official Case


If you’re the owner or potential owner of the HTC One S smartphone, which is available on U.S. carrier T-Mobile USA, and are jealous of the HTC EVO 4G LTE on Sprint due to that device including a kickstand in its hardware design, then you can grab an official HTC case for the device that […]

HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE Extended Battery Now On Sale


After a number of recent successive leaks surrounding Verizon’s and HTC’s yet unannounced Droid Incredible successor in the form of the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE, it appears that one third-party retailer is already hawking an extended battery and extended battery back battery cover for the phone. Though you still can’t get the phone just […]

First Accessories for Samsung’s Anticipated Galaxy S III Appear on Amazon


While we’re still counting down to the May 3rd unveil of the Samsung Galaxy S III third-generation Samsung flagship smartphone in London, it appears that accessory-makers have jumped the gun and have released a few new accessories for the smartphone. These accessories–form-fitted gel skin cases and screen protectors–have begun to show up on Amazon UK’s […]

Dodge Dart to Debut With Wireless Charging for Your Mobile


Chrysler is hoping to be first out of the gate with a consumer solution for in-vehicle wireless charging. The feature, which will cost $200 plus the cost of installation, will be available as an option on select year 2013 Dodge Dart automobiles. The aim of the optional add-on is to make it easier for users […]

Asus Patches GPS Issue on Transformer Prime With Free Hardware Dongle


To appease users and early adopters of its quad-core Tegra 3-powered Transformer Prime tablet, Asus is offering a free GPS hardware dongle for owners of the slates. It was discovered after the Transformer Prime had hit the market that the device’s metal construction had resulted in diminished GPS reception from the location chipset that Asus […]

Crux Drops Price on Crux 360 iPad Keyboard Case


The Crux 360 keyboard case is among my favorite iPad accessory and now CruxCase has dropped the price on this versatile keyboard add on. The accessory features a hinged clamshell case design with a flip-around hinge that allows users to close the clamshell to protect the iPad, flip the clamshell all the way open to […]

Satachi SCH-121 Review: Cup Holder Mount for Smartphones and Tablets


The Satachi SCH-121 Cup Holder Mount promises to keep your smartphone or tablet in place while driving by holding it in your car’s cup holder. It fits almost any smartphone or tablet thanks to two included brackets that adjust to fit your device. But how stable will your device be while in the cupholder? Pros Adjustable […]

Juice Tank for iPhone Integrates Wall Charger Into Hard Case


We’ve seen various hard cases for Apple’s iPhone that integrates a battery for extended use–like Mophie’s Juice Pack–and now a Kickstarter project is looking to take on the battery situation on phones with a slightly different approach. Like Mophie’s Juice Pack, the Juice Tank has a hard polycarbonate shell that should offer some protection to […]

Apple Ready to Shrink Dock Connector on Next iDevice


According to iMore, Apple is ready to abandon the classic dock connector that debuted since the iPod on next-generation iOS devices. The new dock connector would be smaller and would therefore not be backward-compatible with the old dock connectors in use today, creating new opportunities for accessories-manufacturers as well as Apple to create products and […]

Samsung Readies High-End Galaxy Smartphone Speaker Dock With Analog Audio


Audio seems to be the next big thing to differentiate smartphones and tablets. Manufacturers have partnered with SRS Audio, Dolby Labs, Monster (via Nokia accessories), and even Beats Audio (through HTC smartphones) to deliver better tunes ‘just as the artist intended’ on mobile devices. Now, Samsung is taking it a step further with its own […]

LightPad Accessory Piggybacks on Lapdock Concept, But With 60-Inch Display


Similar to Motorola’s Lapdock accessory that converts any of the company’s Webtop-enabled Android smartphone into a lightweight protable netbook with an 11-inch screen, the LightPad concept gives users the transforming experience and even greater flexibility. Plug in a compatible smartphone, and LightPad will offer users a physical keyboard and a rear-projected 11-inch display in netbook […]

PowerBag Charges Your Phones and Tablets on the Go


Are you constantly running out of power on your smartphones, tablets and eReaders? If you have a 4G LTE smartphone you definitely answered yes. Even if you have an older device, if you are a heavy user, you probably run out of power more often than you’d like. While you could get a special case […]