Apple Files Patent to Lock Down Your Phone While You Are Driving


When my father, who taught defensive driving for the US Post Office, was teaching my siblings and I to drive he constantly repeated a mantra: “There are two kinds of drivers. Those who sit behind the steering wheel and think they are the center of universe, and those who understand they are a only one […]

Google Lobbying States to Stop Google Glass Distracted Driver Laws

Noted Google Glass enthusiast Rober Scoble behind the wheel

If you’ve been paying attention you knew this was coming. Or you knew some of this was coming. At least eight states are considering legislation that would that would classify drivers wearing Google Glass as distracted drivers. Distracted driver laws and technology are not new to each other. With the explosion of cell phones and […]

Garmin’s HUD Accessory Helps Drivers Keep Eyes On the Road With GPS Navigation


Garmin is introducing an after-market heads-up display, or HUD, accessory that could project your next turn-by-turn direction onto your windshield. The aim of the accessory is so that users who use GPS navigation systems, particularly those manufactured or with software from Garmin or its Navigon subsidiary, could be more focused on driving and less distracted […]

iOS 7’s Siri in the Car May Drive Hard Buying Choice for Tech Drivers


While consumers may welcome the familiarity of having their favorite smartphone operating system in their new vehicle, particularly with Apple’s iOS 7 Siri in the Car announcement recently at WWDC, the answer isn’t so simple. Though General Motors hasn’t outlined its plans for iOS 7 in the car, the auto-manufacturer was on Apple’s short list […]

Why You Should Just Avoid Siri in the Car: It’s Not Safe

Image courtesy of AAA

While smartphone companies and car-makers are converging to promote new connectivity and inter-connectivity options inside your dash in an effort to espouse safer, hands-free use of technology while driving, you may want to wait before you jump in and get any of those options. According to the latest report by the American Automobile Association, also known […]

OTTER Blocks Notifications and Texts While Driving


OTTER (One Touch Text Response System) is software developed to prevent distracted driving. The Otter App is available for Android, Blackberry and Nokia, and allows the user to create a set of rules to make it easier to stay in touch while driving. The software offers a “manual mode” that allows the user to select from three different […]

Checking Smartphone Maps While Driving Now Illegal in California

California Texting Ban

A court in the State of California ruled that using a smartphone to check map apps while driving was illegal. As a result, som people are concerned about how this will affect their experience behind the wheel. But while it seems like this law would ban all smartphone usage while driving, phone manufacturers already have […]

Voice Commands Just as Dangerous as Texting While Driving

Voice Commands

A recent study performed by the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M has revealed that using voice commands to text while driving was equally as dangerous as looking down at the phone and manually texting. With the government also issuing new guidelines to manufacturers, this study backs up the premise that focusing elsewhere than driving […]

U.S. Government Publishes Tips to Reduce Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is the talk of the nation these days. Gruesome reports of accidents that occur from texting while driving are on the rise. Adults text and drive even when they know that it is more dangerous to do so. New technology is even coming along to prevent distracted driving. The government has now chimed […]

Teen’s Last Text Released to Demonstrate Distracted Driving Dangers

Distracted Driving Fatality

The City of Greeley, Colorado along with the family of Alexander Heit released an image of the last words texted by Alexander on his iPhone before he was fatally killed in a motor vehicle accident. He was texting while driving, and didn’t realize that he had drifted into the on-coming lane. When he looked up and […]

Adults Text While Driving More Than Teens!

Pond5 Stock Media Texting While Driving

A recent survey by AT&T has been released which shows that adults text and drive a great deal more often than teenagers. What is worse is that the adults know that texting while driving is wrong, but that they continue to do it anyway! In the survey over half of adults admit to texting while driving. […]

Vehicle Lock Prevents Distracted Driving


ORIGOsafe has created a new device that could easily be adopted by state and local governments a deterrent for people who text while driving. It’s been shown that texting while driving can make you more of a dangerous driver than a drunk driver. Right now, if you are cited for a texting while driving violation, […]

Think You Can Drive Distracted? This Web App Can Test If You Can!

Pond5 Stock Media Texting While Driving

Ever been driving through an urban area and had someone texting on their phone walk right out in front of you, seemingly out of nowhere? Motion Induced Blindness is a concept pilots and racing drivers are taught to compensate for. By focusing on a point ahead of you (taillights on a race car, or a […]

Teens Admit Texting While Driving is ‘Impossible’ (Video)

Texting while driving PSA

Texting and driving is a major problem for teens and adults. The temptation to fire off a fast text or check an incoming message while behind the wheel is too much for many to ignore. We’ve seen gruesome anti-texting while driving ad campaigns and somber anti-texting ads before, but a new campaign from a Belgian […]

Is Your iPhone Trying to Kill You? [Infographic]

iPhone eyesight damage

Your iPhone isn’t trying to give you cancer, at least not this week, but it might be hurting your eyes, mangling your posture, depriving you of sleep, hurting your hearing and stealing your attention – all of which could combine to kill you off before your next smartphone upgrade. These hazardous effects of smarpthone usage aren’t limited […]

U.S. Continues to Allow Hands-Free Phone Usage in Cars


Despite recommendations by the National Transportation Safety Board to ban hands-free gadget usage in automobiles in the U.S., the Department of Transportation says that it will continue to allow for hands-free use. In the most recent years, a number of states have shifted policy that bans phones from being used for calls or texting unless […]

Cell Phone Disabling Technology Coming to Your Car?


I find it fascinating, frustrating and ultimately farcical when humans try to fix human behavior that can cause harm to other humans. I don’t think there is any doubt that mobile tech can add to distractions while driving for those who are easily distracted, as well as for those who just don’t recognize their responsibility […]