iUSBportCAMERA2 Connects DSLR to iPhone, iPad & Android

iUSBportCAMERA2 - 3

The iUSBportCAMERA2 is a new DSLR accessory from HyperJuice that can send photos at full resolution to the iPad, iPhone, Android Mac or PC and can turn your phone or tablet into a live viewfinder and remote control. iUSBportCAMERA2 mounts to the top of a Canon or Nikon DSLR in the small opening above the flash […]

Satechi Bluetooth Smart Trigger Review: Use Smartphone as DSLR Remote

setachi bluetooth smart trigger right

The Satechi Bluetooth Smart Trigger turns an iPhone or Android phone into a remote shutter for Nikon, Canon or Panasonic DSLR cameras. A free app connects the phone over Bluetooth 4.0 and controls the camera via the Smart Trigger connected to the hotshoe, the metal connector on the top of a DSLR camera where one normally connects a […]

5 Amazon Black Friday Deals to Watch For

Black Friday Kindle Fire Deals 2012

Amazon’s Black Friday deals run all week, and the online only company is known for aggressively discounting products on Thanksgiving and Black Friday to meet and beat the Black Friday deals at competing stores. Because there is no Amazon Black Friday ad prepared in advance, Amazon often mimics the deals at Best Buy, Target and Walmart, pushing […]

Nikon D600: Affordable Full-Frame DSLR Gets Android, iPhone Sharing


The D600 is Nikon’s smallest and lightest full-frame DSLR, filling a gap between Nikon’s pricey FX cameras and its prosumer DX DSLRs. Geared directly at serious photo enthusiasts, the D600 will cost $2,099 and begin  Shipping on September 18th for $2,099. The compact DSLR packs a 24.3 MP sensor and can be equipped with a wireless transmitter […]

Nikon D800 Review: First Impressions

nikon-d800-review (3)

The Nikon D800 is the best camera I’ve ever used and makes me want to stay out all day shooting photos instead of working. I’ll share my initial impressions of the D800 in this article and a couple of sample photos. At $2,999, the D800 is built for photo enthusiasts and professionals. It features a […]

Do You Want To Mount the iPhone on a DSLR?


I am not exactly sure why anyone would want to mount their iPhone to their DSLR, but there has to be a reason. Right? Steve Sande over at TUAW shares the Flash-dock, a new iPhone and DSLR accessory that attaches to the hot-shoe mount on the top of most DLSR cameras and explains why the developer of the Flash-dock thinks you need this […]

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Samples, Specs and Pricing

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon’s finally unveiled the 5D Mark III, its latest full-framed DSLR aimed at photo enthusiasts and professionals. Starting at $3,499, the Canon 5D Mark III packs a 22.3 megapixel sensor, improved low-light performance and enhanced video capabilities. The Canon 5D Mark III looks like a very worthy upgrade from the aging 5D Mark II, which […]

Nikon D800 Pre-Orders Sold Out at Amazon

Nikon D800

The initial batch of Nikon D800 and D800 pre-orders appear to already be sold out at Amazon.com. The online retail giant posted pre-order pages for Nikon’s hot new $3,000 DSLR just yesterday. Those who took a day to decide if they were going to pull the trigger are already out of luck. We don’t know […]

Nikon D800 Sample Photos Are Mind Blowing

Nikon D800 sample image, photo of model with jewelry

Nikon’s posted several amazing sample photos shot with its recently announced D800 camera. The new D800 is Nikon’s latest full-frame DSLR camera. At $3,000 (body only), the Nikon D800 is designed for serious enthusiasts and professionals who don’t want to go all out and spend $6,000 on the Nikon D4. While I love the convenience […]

Nikon D800: Amazing Sample Video

Nikon D800 D800e

Nikon released an amazing short movie to demonstrate the D800’s video chops. Most Nikon D800 buyers will be ponying up $3,000 primarily for its photo capabilities, but more and more photographers are creating videos for themselves and clients. As you can see in the sample movie, the Nikon D800 doesn’t disappoint and is fully capable […]

Hardware Hack Brings Canon Interchangeable Lenses to Nokia N8 Smartphone


The venerable camera phone that is known as the Nokia N8 is still one of the most respected camera-enabled smartphone on the market, having been used to photograph magazine cover shoots, film feature films, and create short-length movies. Now, hackers are taking the Nokia N8 and pushing Nokia’s Carl Zeiss optics-powered Nokia N8 with a […]

Why I Chose My Camera, The Sony Alpha NEX-C3

Sony Alpha NEX-C3

In the What’s In My Gear Bag? post from the other week I mentioned that I still needed to get a good camera for covering events and taking product shots. I finally settled on the Sony Alpha NEX-C3 and I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival. I chose this model for two reasons: my photography skills (actually, […]

Nikon D7000 Fireworks Video: Why I Lug a DSLR Everywhere

Screen shot 2011-07-10 at 8.52.21 AM

New DSLR cameras are capable of shooting high-quality video. I’ve been using my Nikon D7000 to capture special family moments instead of a dedicated video camera. Here’s a video of my son enjoying his first fireworks show. I like to carry lightweight gear whenever possible, such as my MacBook Air and iPad 2, but I […]

Review of Nikon D7000 with Pete Sampras as Test Subject


This is a quick review of the Nikon D7000, highlighting a real world usage scenario. It’s not an exhaustive look at the D7000, but I hope it gives you a good idea of what it’s like to use this camera if were thinking of buying it to take pictures at sporting events. Last night I […]