New Xbox May Be Influenced by Microsoft’s Phone Designs


Microsoft may have a new UI in store for the next Xbox that will keep the same basic look of the Xbox 360 with a few notable changes. According to The Verge the next Xbox will have smaller Live Tiles than the ones currently on the Xbox 360. Microsoft introduced smaller Live Tiles with WIndows […]

Next Xbox Won’t Require Internet To Play Games


An internal email from Microsoft obtained by Ars Technica says the next Xbox won’t require an Internet connection to play single-player games despite rumors to the contrary. The email sent to full-time employees says Durango (the codename for the next Xbox) “is designed to deliver the future of entertainment while engineered to be tolerant of […]

New Xbox Games Take the Stage on June 10th


Today Microsoft sent invitations to its pre-E3 press conference on June 10 where it will debut the launch lineup of games for the New Xbox. The invitations invite selected press to Microsoft’s annual pre-E3 press conference at The Galen Center in Los Angeles. The invite doesn’t give any further hints about the content of the […]

Next Xbox Could Have Cross-Platform Achievements

Microsoft’s next Xbox console may include new cross-platform achievements that gamers can unlock on their smartphones, social sharing features, and anti-piracy tools as publisher-controlled DRM options. The current Xbox 360 lets gamers control their console through the SmartGlass app, though for games the app doesn’t do much aside from show gamers statistics. The next hardware version […]

New Xbox Could Start At $299 With 2-Year Xbox Live Gold Subscription


New Xbox price details emerged this morning, with rumors the new Xbox will start at $299 for users that commit to a two year Xbox Live subscription at $10 a month. The details also point to a new Xbox release date in November. Windows blogger Paul Thurrott from Windows IT Pro, who has a good track record when it […]

Ryse and Forza Could Highlight Next Xbox Launch Lineup

The original Ryse trailer showed gamers fighting in ancient Rome using the Kinect.

The Xbox Durango, the next major generation of the Xbox platform, could launch later this year with Ryse, a title that Microsoft originally announced for the Xbox 360 back in 2011. The Verge reports that developer Crytek (makers of the Crysis series) is reworking its Ryse game to take advantage of the technology in the […]

Next Xbox Could Take Over TV & Cable Boxes


A report from The Verge claims the next Xbox will take over the TV in a manner similar to the Google TV in an effort to make the console better for media. While the current Xbox already has apps for some cable providers, the next Xbox may control set-top cable boxes through an HDMI pass-through. […]

Next Xbox Could Break Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility

Xbox 360 Black Friday 2012

The rumored upcoming Xbox Durango will likely use an AMD x86 processor, which will make it difficult for the console to play current Xbox 360 games. A Bloomberg report claims that Microsoft will use an AMD system-on-chip that combines a Jaguar CPU and graphics chips. The current Xbox 360 uses a specialized IBM processor that’s […]

Microsoft Reportedly Planning Xbox Durango Event For May


A report from The Verge claims that Microsoft will likely launch the next Xbox, code-named Xbox Durango, at a special event on May 21. The May 21 event will likely be in a small venue where Microsoft will discuss some of its plans for the next generation Xbox and the company’s goals for Xbox in […]

Leak Says Xbox Durango is Always Online, Will Require Game Installs

Durango Xbox Development Kit

New leaks claim the next Xbox, code-named Durango, will require an always-online connection and game installs on the hard drive. The leaks come from VGLeaks, and include screenshots of the Durango Xbox Development Kit, which developers use for creating game for the upcoming console. The leaks are dated from last year, however, so there’s a […]

Xbox 720 Launch Rumored for April

Xbox SmartGlass

Several sources including The Verge and Computer and Video Games report that Microsoft will announce its new Xbox console, presumed to be called Xbox 720, in April 2013, about two months after the debut of the PlayStation 4. A new domain that EventCore registered yesterday reinforces the publications’ sources claims. EventCore is an event planning […]

Next Xbox Could Include Expanded SmartGlass Features


The next Xbox, code-named Durango, may use SmartGlass as more than just a second screen experience according to a report from Kotaku. SmartGlass currently only gives gamers a few ways to interact with games and apps on the Xbox 360. The app can serve as a second display to show detailed information such as multiplayer […]

Sony Teases PlayStation 4 Announcement


A Sony VP recently teased the PlayStation 4 could launch in May, according to Engadget. Sony Electronics VP of Home Entertainment Hiroshi Sakamoto recently told Spanish publication Emol that Sony is getting ready for a big announcement related to the next PlayStation. Sakamoto said the PlayStation team is currently focusing on E3 in June, but […]