White T-Mobile Galaxy S II Launching for the Holidays

Galaxy S II

Samsung and T-Mobile have announced that they will be launching a white version of their Samsung Galaxy S II for the holiday season, although the two companies were mum on exactly when the phone would be out. We’ll assume that it will be available at some point before December 31st and it should be the […]

T-Mobile: Wi-Fi Calling for Galaxy S II and HTC Amaze Coming Soon


For those of you out there with a Samsung Galaxy S II or HTC Amaze on T-Mobile wondering about when Wi-Fi calling might be enabled, we have some, well, lukewarm news to share with you. November 13th, which was the rumored release date for the feature, has come and gone but the carrier still hopes […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket Shows Off Blazing 4G LTE Speeds

Galaxy S II Skyrocket

After AT&T launched its first two 4G LTE smartphones last week many of you have probably been wondering what kinds of data speeds the new devices, the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket and the HTC Vivid, can pull. If that sounds like a question you’d like answered, you’re in luck. BriefMobile was able to get […]

Galaxy S II X Coming to Canada’s Telus


Canadian carrier Telus will be getting Samsung’s second-generation flagship Galaxy S II smartphone variant known as the Galaxy S II X. The Galaxy S II X will be identical to T-Mobile USA’s variant, which is different from other Galaxy S II’s on the market in that these two models will sport a Qualcomm dual-core 1.5 […]

One Galaxy S, S II Smartphone Sold Every Second


In a new milestone, Samsung has announced that it has sold 30 million Galaxy S smartphones, which includes 10 million Galaxy S II smartphones and 20 million Galaxy S variants. While attention has been focused on the new Galaxy S II devices recently, Samsung’s Galaxy S I isn’t perishing anytime soon with new variants still […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Trounces iPhone 4S in Drop Test

iPhone 4S

Those of you out there hoping to get a glimpse at the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S II getting destroyed for the sake of entertainment are in luck because SquareTrade has released a new drop test pitting Apple’s latest iPhone against Samsung’s iconic Android device. A little forewarning though, if you’re like me, […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Finally Arrives on T-Mobile

Galaxy S II

From behind glass at its launch event¬† to its second launch event, it has been a long journey for T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy II. However, that journey has finally ended and as expected, the HSPA+ 42mbps device is now on sale for the cool price of $230 on a new two-year contract. Those of you on […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Pre-Orders Begin at T-Mobile

Galaxy S II

We’ve known for quite awhile now that the Samsung Galaxy S II would be landing on T-Mobile on October 12th which made the lack of a pre-order strange. Well, the Magenta carrier has finally taken the wraps off of the Galaxy S II pre-order and will begin taking orders for arguably the best phone ever […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Big Home Update Brings Larger Icons


Samsung is prepping a software update for the company’s second generation flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S II, which will deliver some new features to help with accessibility. The first feature of the update will be about accessibility and will help those who may have vision problems be able to see the home screen better. […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Starts Arriving in T-Mobile Stores

Galaxy S II

The Samsung Galaxy S II will be hitting T-Mobile on October 12th and it looks like the Magenta carrier is preparing for an onslaught of purchases as retail stores are loading up on Galaxy S II devices. As you can see in this photo from TMoNews, retail stores will be equipped with plenty of devices […]

T-Mobile’s Massive November Smartphone Launch Gets Detailed


As the sole carrier left without an iPhone in its portfolio, T-Mobile will be making up for lost ground come this November with a massive roll out of multiple Android smartphone and tablet models. Deployment of new devices actually begin in October with several feature models and November will usher in the remainder of T-Mobile’s […]

Why the iPhone 4S Makes Me Want a New Android Phone

iPhone 4 Mockup Missed the Mark

I previously posted that in order for Apple to lure me back to the iPhone camp, they would have to include a few things. To catch you up, Apple announced the iPhone 4S, which has faster internals and a new camera, but the same old iPhone 4 look. My top priority: a larger screen! Sadly, […]

Spec Showdown: iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S II vs HTC Titan

We’ve already shown you how Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 4S, stacks up against the iPhone 4, and now, thanks to Android Central, we have a very clear cut way to show you how it stacks up against competition outside of Apple products. Unfortunately, we can’t quite put it up against the likes of the […]

AT&T’s Galaxy S II Security Flaw Leaves Phone Vulnerable


A security flaw has been uncovered on the newly released Sasmung Galaxy S II for U.S. carrier AT&T where if the pattern unlock screen is left to time out, promptly waking the Android smartphone would unveil the slide to unlock screen allowing the user to bypass any security locks on the device. The flaw was […]

Samsung Introduces Faster Exynos CPU, Better Camera Sensors


Samsung had introduced two new chips that will make smartphones even better. The company had introduced a faster version of its ARM-based dual-core Exynos processor, which is one of the stand-out features of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S II smartphone, along with a better camera sensor that can capture better stills and videos. The new Exynos […]

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S II on Video (hands on)

Galaxy SII from T-Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy S II is a gorgeous device that’s available from several carriers. Yesterday, Samsung and T-Mobile announced a version that runs on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network and boasts download speeds of up to 42 Mbps. (READ:¬†Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch Review) We got a very brief look at the device during […]

Samsung Announces the Galaxy S II HD, U.S. Launch Nowhere in Sight

Samsung Galaxy S II HD

The timing of Samsung’s latest announcement could not be any worse. Just a few hours after T-Mobile revealed the release date of its Samsung Galaxy S II device and just days before it arrives on AT&T (it’s been out on Sprint since mid-September, read our review here), the company has announced the new Samsung Galaxy […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch Review (Video)


The Epic 4G Touch is a second-generation Epic device on Sprint that’s based on Samsung’s Galaxy S II specs. In this review, we’ll explore to see if this Galaxy S II variant deserves an epic name, given that it had removed two favorite features of the device that it replaces–a keyboard and a dedicated camera […]