iPhone 6 Concepts Bring Big Screen Rumors to Life

This iPhone 6 concept is not much larger than the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 6 is still far off and for the time being most of the credible rumors talk of an iPhone 6 with a bigger screen, between 4.8 and six inches, which is what a new collection of concepts show off, alongside conceptualized designs. iPhone 6 rumors suggest Apple is working with multiple screen sizes […]

iPhone 6 Concept Channels iPad Air Design

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 10.04.13 AM

iPhone 6 concepts continue to emerge ahead of its rumored release in 2014 and today, we see our second iPhone Air concept that is based on the designs that were deployed with the ini and the new iPad Air, Apple’s new full-sized tablet. And while the actual iPhone 6 design isn’t known, it’s plausible that […]

iPhone 6 Concept Teases as iPhone 5S Arrives

This 5-inch iPhone 6 concept draws from the original iPad.

Earlier today, Apple released the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, its two latest smartphones. However, many consumers, particularly iPhone 5 owners, are looking ahead to the future, to an iPhone 6. And while rumors swirl about next year’s iPhone, designers are taking it upon themselves to imagine what an iPhone 6 could look like and […]

New iPhone 6 Screen Concept Resembles Galaxy Note 3

The iPhone 6 concept features a 6.2-inch Full HD display.

The latest iPhone 6 concept video to arrive comes with a large screen that dwarfs the rumored Galaxy Note 3, offering up an iPhablet for iPhone users that need a bigger screen for mobile productivity. While the iPhone 5S release date looks good for next month, the iPhone 6 that many users expect in 2014 […]

iPhone 6 Concept Steals Samsung Feature for Endless Display

iPhone 6 concept features an endless display that wraps around the entire device.

A beautiful new iPhone 6 concept uses a wrap around display to deliver a never-ending display, which looks similar to an Apple patent and steals a wrap around display feature from Samsung. At this point the iPhone 6 isn’t likely to arrive until 2014, but that isn’t stopping Apple fans from creating concepts for what […]

iPhone 6 Concept Delivers Stunning Display In a Small Package

An iPhone 6 concept in your hand.

A beautiful looking iPhone 6 concept delivers a radically new design with an edge-to edge display that fits a stronger, larger screen into a design that is the same overall size as the iPhone 5. The iPhone 6 is at least a year away according to most estimates, which leaves plenty of time for Apple […]

iPhone 6 Concept That Will Blow Your Mind

iphone 6 concept animated

Excitement for the iPhone 6 is growing and a new iPhone 6 concept steals from a Samsung innovation to deliver an iPhone that’s also capable of unfolding into much more. Apple is reportedly working on an iPhone 6 for 2014 that comes with a larger screen, possibly jumping up to 4.8-inches in size according to […]

iPhone 6 Concept Seamlessly Blends Colors and Aluminum

The iPhone 6 concept blends color with aluminum and a larger screen.

This new iPhone 6 concept combines a larger display, seamless color options, aluminum and a slim new look to show us an iPhone 6 that looks good enough to come out of the labs at Apple. Some of the iPhone 6 concept features like a glowing Apple logo might not make it past Jony Ive, […]

iPhone 5.7 Concept Blends iPhone 6 Rumors with iOS 7 (Video)

This iPhone 5.7 concept combines iPhone 6 rumors and iOS 7.

While Apple remains mum on a iPhone 5 successor, its thought to be an iPhone 5S utilizing the same design as the iPhone 5, but introducing new hardware. Apple is also rumored to be working on a large screen iPhone with an iPhone 6 in 2014 thought to be a strong candidate for the upgrade. […]

iPhone 6 Concept Comes to Life from iOS 7 Features

This iPhone 6 concept pairs iOS 7 with iPhone 6 rumors.

A new iPhone 6 concept pairs a larger display with new features from iOS 7 to show what Apple’s next totally new iPhone design could look like. The iPhone 6 will likely come with an iOS 7 replacement, but if Apple plans to make this the foundation of iOS for years to come, we could […]

iPhone 6 Concept Pairs Curved Display With 3D Camera (Video)

This iPhone 6 concept brings a 3D camera to the table.

The iPhone 6 will not likely arrive until 2014, which leaves room for plenty of imagination, which is how we end up with an iPhone 6 concept that pairs a 3D camera and a curved display. This latest iPhone 6 concept isn’t pulling features out of thin air. Apple patents suggest the company is experimenting with […]

Waterproof iPhone 6 Concept Sports HD Display, Notification LEDs

This iPhone 6 concept features a new look, but it's not exactly something we see Jony Ive pushing out the door.

A new iPhone 6 concept video is here with collection of impressive new specs and possible iPhone 6 features. While we don’t expect an iPhone 6 until next year, this concept ties together some of the latest iPhone 6 rumors into a two-minute video overview. While this iPhone 6 concept is not entirely in the […]

Stunning iPhone 6 Concept Brings Apple Patent to Life (Video)

This iPhone 6 concept shows a wrap around display based on an Apple patent.

The latest iPhone 6 concept features a wrap around display and several amazing features, but it’s not based on science fiction — it’s based off of an Apple patent. That’s right, the iPhone 6 concept shown in the video below is brought to life from drawings and details that came straight from Apple labs. Apple […]

Best iPhone 6 Concepts


We don’t know what the iPhone 6 will look like, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of great iPhone 6 concepts that show us how Apple could design an iPhone 6. Users shouldn’t plan on learning about this device at an iPhone 6 summer release — as rumors point to an iPhone 5S arriving […]

Is this Apple’s iPhone 6 Concept?

Is this Apple's own iPhone 6 concept, or just another patent?

When it comes to iPhone 6 concepts, most of the time we are stuck with artist renderings, but today we have our first look at what could be Apple’s iPhone 6 concept — and it’s one of most exciting yet. Apple is no stranger to iPhones with glass on both sides, but a new vision […]

iPhone 6 Concept: Waterproof iPhone with New Home Button

A new iPhone 6 concept with a thin design, waterproof capabilities and a new home button.

A sleek new iPhone 6 concept skips the futuristic fluff and shows us what the iPhone 6 could actually look like with a thinner waterproof design, magic trackpad like home button, a better camera and a design that’s believable. This new iPhone 6 concept sticks the with an iPhone 5 inspired design, but slims down and replaces […]

iPhone 6 Concept Uses Nokia Lumia Inspired Design


The first iPhone 6 concept has surfaced on video, months before the device’s expected release date, showing off a iPhone design that takes on some iPod nano and Nokia Lumia like qualities in its design. Read: iPhone 6 Release Date, Specs, News and Rumors. Prior to the release of a new iPhone, graphic designers take […]