Dash: Your iPhone Becomes Your Car Stereo (Video)

Dash iPhone car stereo

There’s no shortage of iPhone car accessories and protocols designed to make your iPhone a part of your in car listening experience, but there is a shortage of awesome iPhone in car stereo options. Enter Dash, a new car stereo that puts your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S into the dash of your car, where […]

Review: The Cosmonaut Capacitive Stylus


I’ve checked out quite a few different styli to be used with an iPad. I know it is verboten to think of using a stylus on that Tablet, but hey, I do take a lot of notes in rehearsal and quite frankly I don’t like to finger paint when I do so. One of the […]

LunaTik Touch Pen Stylus – Ballpoint Pen in an iPad Stylus Tip


I had a new favorite stylus for my iPad until I saw an awesome looking Kickstarter project called the LunaTik Touch Pen Stylus, made by the same folks who came up with one of the most elegant and successful iPod Nano watch bands (also branded LunaTik and also sold via Kickstarter). The Dagi stylus that I […]

Estylo 1.1 A Wooden Stylus

Estylo 1.1_ magnetic dual tip capacitive stylus for iPad by Plai — Kickstarter-1

It looks like the stylus and Kickstarter are an interesting match. We’ve seen the Cosmonaut launched on Kickstarter before.  And now there’s a new stylus seeking funding called the Estylo 1.1. What’s different here is that the Estylo 1.1 is made of wood. Made by Plai, the wooden stylus works with capacitive touch screens. There […]

TouchFire Aims to Make Typing Easier on the iPad 2

TouchFire_ The Screen-Top Keyboard for iPad by Steve Isaac & Brad Melmon — Kickstarter

Typing on touch screens is something that you either love or hate. Lots of sweat and energy go into developing new methods of getting info into our small mobile devices. On screen keyboards work for some and not for others. Some are looking at Apple’s Siri as a way to avoid keyboard entry. Certainly Swype […]

Red Pop Brings Back the Shutter Button for iPhone Photographers


As a person who regularly carries a Nokia N8 to replace a standalone digital camera, my biggest complaint with many smartphones–including Apple’s iconic iPhone 4–is that many of these devices aren’t catered to taking quick, instant photos on the go by the mere fact that they lack a hardware shutter button. When you have to […]

Dot Camera Brings 360 Degree Video to iPhone 4

Dot 360 iPhone 4 Camera

The Dot camera attachment for the iPhone is a Kickstarter project from Kogeto that will allow the user to shoot a 360 degree panoramic video of an environment in real-time instead of taking multiple shots and later splicing them all together. It uses the same technology that the company created to help keep track of […]

The Oona Is The Smartphone Stand You’ve Always Wanted

The Oona

Sam Gordon and a couple of friends designed a smartphone stand called The Oona and put it on Kickstarter to raise funding. In two weeks, their design has received $75,000 from 2200 backers which is $65,000 more than they had asked for. There is a reason they were able to secure so much funding for […]

The Cosmonaut: Wide-Grip Stylus on Kickstarter


The Cosmonaut is billed as a “wide-grip stylus for touch screens” by the inventors who posted the thing at Kickstarter. The project is seeking backers to raise a goal of $50,000 in pledged support by up to 3,000 people. The creators are the makers of the hugely popular incredibly useful iPhone 4 tripod mount and […]

Cosmonaut: Kickstart a New Stylus for Capacitive Screens


Kickstarter projects I think can best be described as crowd sourced startups. A company announces a new product, takes pre-orders (or “investments”) and eventually comes out with the product or project. It’s not just for gadgets, its for all sorts of creative ideas. There’s a time line attached to the when the amount necessary has […]

The Pocket Stand: iPad Stand Boosts Speaker Volume


There’s another Kickstarter project brewing that I’m going to support. This time, it’s an iPad accessory that doubles as an iPad stand and a speaker amplifier. Like most iPad stands, the Pocket Stand can clip onto the iPad to support it in portrait or landscape mode. It can also bump up one edge when using […]