25 Hot Kindle Fire Cases, Covers, Skins and Sleeves

Waterfield Kindle Fire Smart Case

The Kindle Fire is bringing up the sales chart at Amazon, and is set to be a big holiday hit. With any hit, you need accessories, and there are no shortage of Kindle Fire cases and covers to keep your Fire protected and stylish. The Kindle Fire has a nice look and feel to it, […]

Kindle Fire’s Biggest Upside? It Will Bring Us More Beautiful Books Soon

Thanks to the new Kindle Fire, eBooks on the Kindle platform are about to get a whole lot nicer to look at. Amazon has mostly focused on its e-Ink devices, which feature plain backgrounds and text-oriented user interfaces and presentation. As a result, the Kindle’s book format, Mobi, has been similarly text-focused. Amazon Kindle readers […]

Kindle Fire Magazines Are Ugly as Sin

Kindle Fire Magazine

If you want the Kindle Fire for reading magazines, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re in for disappointment. The magazine experience on the Kindle Fire isn’t just bad, its possibly the worst magazine experience I have ever had. Seriously. Update: Publishers that actually try can create decent looking Kindle Fire magazines. […]

Kindle Fire Root Now Available With One Click

Kindle Fire Root

That didn’t take long. The Kindle Fire has already been rooted. User Death2all110 from Android Forums posted a guide to root the Kindle Fire with SuperOneClick 2.2 and, a few clicks. The Kindle Fire root process is detailed at Android Forums, and look like a straightforward set of instructions. Essentially, you need top plug your Kindle Fire […]

Kindle Fire is Most Favored Tablet by Android Developers

Kindle Fire

Not only is the $200 price point of the Amazon Kindle Fire giving the Android-based tablet a leg up with consumers, the tablet is being eyed and favored by developers. With developers focusing on Amazon-centric hardware, there may be longer term repercussions for the entire ecosystem, with fragmentation being the most worrisome result. In a survey conducted […]

Kindle Fire Review Roundup: Competitive With Compromises

Announced in New York City six weeks ago, Amazon’s debut Google Android tablet is the company’s first foray into the tablet market, and the Internet giant made a splash with an innovative UI, attractive price that undercuts competitors, and a breadth of content thanks to a diverse ecosystem that takes aim squarely at Apple’s iPad. […]

Nook Tablet or Kindle Fire, Which will you buy?


The reviews of the Kindle Fire start trickling out tonight and that reminded about my wife’s Christmas present, the Nook Tablet. Earlier today, I read a nice article by a friend of mine, Kevin Tofel over at GigaOM asking the same question. Kevin chose the Kindle Fire for pretty much the same reasons I chose […]

Analyst Predicts 10-Inch Tablets Will Be Priced at $300 in 2012


The e-reader and tablet market will be heating up with increased competition on the pricing front in 2012 with manufacturers dropping the prices of their offerings. There are a number of factors that may attribute to the marked decline in prices–not being able to sell many tablets and compete against Apple’s iPad with iPad-like pricing […]

Will The Next Kindle Fire Have a Siri Clone?


Amazon went on a shopping spree this week, purchasing Yap, a company working on Siri-like voice control services. The purchase details were not shared, but the intentions are clear, Amazon wants to bring natural language voice control to the Kindle Fire, and perhaps to future Amazon Android phones. Yap was known for a voicemail to […]

Amazon Offering Prime Owners Free Book a Month in Lending Library

Amazon.com_ Kindle Owners_ Lending Library

The eBook and eReader wars just took another step in its continuing escalation. Amazon is offering its customers who have an Amazon Prime account a new service called the Lending Library. Essentially this means Prime customers can get one free book a month to read on their Kindle device. That’s obviously the catch. In addition […]

Next Amazon Kindle Tablet to Have 8.9-Inch Form Factor, Not 10-Inch Display


After having recently announced the Kindle Fire tablet–a 7-inch Android Gingerbread tablet with dual-core processor and a customized UI layer–Amazon’s second tablet offering is now rumored to have an 8.9-inch form factor and not the larger 10.1-inch display that’s typically common on today’s Honeycomb slates. The 8.9-inch form factor will make the tablet still small […]

Amazon Prime Customers Get 1 Free Book ‘Rental’ Per Month With Membership


Ahead of availability of the company’s first Android Kindle Fire tablet, Amazon is wooing customers to join its Prime membership program by adding a new feature for avid readers. In addition to long-time favorite features of the Prime program–such as free two-day shipping and access to free streaming video from Amazon’s on-demand library of movies […]

Amazon Kindle 4 Review: Nice Update at a Great Price

Amazon Kindle with ad showing while asleep

Amazon’s new $79 Kindle 4 brings reading eBooks to a lot more people thanks to a nice smaller design and a great price. The upgrade cuts a few features like audio and a physical keyboard in order to hit that price and slim it down. Most people won’t miss them. The smaller, lightweight design makes […]

Kindle Fire is Hot! Over 200,000 Pre-Orders So Far


Amazon’s Kindle Fire hasn’t even been launched yet and the online retailer’s debut first-generation touchscreen tablet has already generated over 200,000 pre-orders by some estimates. The device attracted the attention of the world due to its modern specs, clean design, and low $200 price point. The 7-inch dual-core tablet garnered over 95,000 pre-orders when it […]

Amazon: Kindle Touch Won’t Browse Web Over 3G

Kindle Touch Wi-Fi and 3G Version together

At last week’s massive Kindle launch I didn’t get a chance to see if the new eInk eReader models still had the “experimental” web browser since the demo units were so closely guarded. However, Amazon’s customers have not let up on asking about it — no surprise given how popular the feature is — and […]

Why I Pre-ordered a Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

I just pre-ordered an Amazon Kindle Fire Android tablet, announced today at Amazon’s press event in New York City. Why would I jump without ever seeing the thing? Let me share a few reasons I decided to buy the Kindle Fire today. Android on Amazon’s Ecosystem The most significant draw of this device has to […]

Amazon Launches the Kindle Touch for $99

Amazon Touch EasyReach

At their long-awaited tablet announcement, Amazon unveiled their new Amazon Kindle Touch. The Touch is a touch e-ink book reader for $99 with no keyboard, but rather an infrared touch screen which allows you to quickly turn pages and interact with your eBooks or periodicals on-screen instead of the old buttons the current generation device includes. […]