Apple Counting on New MacBook Pro, Mac Pro to Revive Sales

The new MacBook Pro, Mac Pro and iMac may help Apple's slumping Mac Sales but the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 may negate their impact.

*+-We expect to see a new MacBook Pro and Mac Pro today at Apple’s October 22nd special event, but according to one analyst prediction the Apple computer sales will continue to suffer as users turn towards iPads. It’s fitting that we also expect to see an iPad mini 2 and an iPad 5 announced at […]

How to Watch Apple Event Live

Watch the Apple October 22nd event live in video on the Apple TV, on iPhone, iPad and Apple computers.

*+-Apple’s iPad 5, iPad mini 2, new MacBook Pro and OS X Mavericks event is slated to start in just a few hours and it is shaping up to be a very fast paced event with a lot of products to announce. The tagline for this event is “We still have a lot to cover.”, […]

New MacBook Pro Release Date: What Not to Expect

The new MacBook Pro Retina late-2013 models should arrive soon.

*+-In less than 24 hours we should know everything there is to know about the new MacBook Pro release date and what we can expect from these new Apple notebooks for the 2013 holiday shopping season. Update: New MacBook Pro Retina Announced, Cheaper, Longer Lasting It looks like the new MacBook Pro will with a […]

New MacBook Pro Retina Likely, New MacBook Pro Questionable

MBP non retina featured

*+-Multiple sources point to a new MacBook Pro Retina update this week, but the more affordable MacBook Pro models are not as certain as the fate of the device remains in question. For the past several months rumors of new MacBook Pro models pointed to a fall refresh with the latest Haswell chips inside, offering […]

New MacBook Pro Release Date: What to Expect

The new MacBook Pro 2013 should look similar, but could deliver better battery life.

*+-On Tuesday Apple will announce the new MacBook Pro models according to a collection of rumors and analyst notes. The new MacBook Pro 2013 update will certainly include new Retina Display models with updated Intel processors which will deliver bring better battery life and enhanced graphics power. Like the iPhone, Apple typically delivers a release […]

Touch ID Patent Points to iPad & New MacBook Pro Support

Touch ID could come to the iPad and new MacBook Pro models in the future according to a new patent.

*+-Apple is going big with Touch ID and a new patent suggests the fingerprint security tech is heading to new iPads and someday to new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air notebooks. The Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5s allows users to login to the iPhone 5s by pressing a finger on the home button, […]

Consumers Are Ready for a new MacBook Pro LTE, is Apple?

Mobile professionals would love a MacBook Pro with LTE.

*+-The New MacBook Pro 2013 models are expected within two weeks, as Apple plans a fall event where we should see new MacBook Pro with Retina models in 13″ and 15″ sizes, but Apple still lags behind when it comes to connectivity. As LTE networks flourish and shared data plans make prices competitive, it’s time […]

7 Tips for New MacBook Pro Buyers

A New MacBook Pro 2013 update is likely just around the corner.

*+-Apple’s fall event is now set in stone for October 22nd which means that new products are on their way. Apple is expected to introduce a number of new products including OS X Mavericks, the new Mac Pro, and two new iPads in the iPad mini 2 and the iPad 5. There are also rumors […]

New MacBook Pro, iPad 5 & iPad mini 2 Release Date Details Leak

The iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 release date could arrive by the end of October according to a new report.

*+-The new MacBook Pro release date could come just days after the October 22nd iPad event and the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 release date could come by October 31st according to a new report. The Mac Pro that Apple teased at WWDC 2013 in June could arrive by November 15th. Anticipation for the […]

Why a New MacBook Pro with Touch ID Makes Sense

The new MacBook Pro release date is rumored for soon after a fall iPad event. Could we see Touch ID?

*+-As Apple readies new MacBook Pro models for a possible release on October 22nd, we want to take a closer look at the possibility of Touch ID on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro Retina. Touch ID is a fingerprint sensor that uses a high-resolution camera to authenticate a user and allow them to unlock […]

5 Apple Products You Shouldn’t Buy Right Now


*+-Apple hasn’t confirmed anything yet but it doesn’t need to. The company will be hosting an iPad event on October 22nd wherein the company will likely announce a number of new products including its brand new Mac Pro and two new iPads including the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2. With a launch set for […]

New MacBook Pro Release Likely Timed to Fall iPad Event

The new MacBook Pro with Retina 2013 release could be on October 22nd.

*+-Chances are very good that we will see the new MacBook Pro 2013 release right after Apple’s fall iPad event, even as the focus is on iPads, Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks. All Things D and The Loop both claim Apple will hold an iPad event on October 22nd, which is as good as […]

iPad mini 2 & iPad 5 Event Date All but Confirmed

The iPad mini 2 is rumored for later this year.

*+-The Apple iPad event is all but confirmed for October 22nd wherein the company is rumored to be announcing an iPad 5, iPad mini 2, OS X Mavericks and the release date for the company’s brand new Mac Pro. While the company hasn’t sent out invites to its fall event, known Apple mouthpiece AllThingsD says […]

New MacBook Pro Release Date Quietly Nears as Apple Finishes Mavericks

We should soon see a new MacBook Pro 2013 release.

*+-The new MacBook Pro release date could be weeks away as Apple finishes up the OS X Mavericks 10.9 update for a an anticipated release in late October. Multiple sources point to a new MacBook Pro and new MacBook Pro with Retina release date this fall and with an Apple event possible in a little […]

MacBook Pro Retina and Sharp 4k IGZO Could Join Forces in 2014


*+-The new MacBook Pro Retina is likely to arrive this month, but we are already getting a look at a possible MacBook Pro Retina 2014 update component. A new Sharp 4k display would be a perfect partner to put inside the 15.6-inch MacBook Pro with Retina to deliver an even higher-resolution portable screen solution for […]

New MacBook Pro 2013 Release Rumored, Buyers Take Note

A New MacBook Pro 2013 update is likely just around the corner.

*+-The new MacBook Pro 2013 model release date is rumored for October according to a new source which cites component makers readying for a MacBook Pro refresh from Apple which will help these companies increase sales. The news comes one day after Apple announced new iMacs with features we expect on a new MacBook Pro […]

New MacBook Pro Release Remains MIA as Apple Updates iMacs

The New MacBook Pro and New MacBook Pro Retina models are still missing after Apple updates the iMac line.

*+-The new MacBook Pro models with the latest Intel processors and a potential for incredibly long-lasting battery life remain under wraps this morning as Apple announces new iMacs with the updates processors and enhanced graphics. In a surprise this morning Apple announced new iMacs with little fanfare. While Apple often makes a big show out […]

New MacBook Pro, iMac, iPad 5 & iPad mini Rumored for October 15th

The new MacBook Pro release could come soon after an October event.

*+-Apple’s iPhone 5s release is still ahead of us, but the rumors are already talking about a possible Apple event in the middle of October where we could see the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 as well as new MacBook Pro units and new iMacs. This isn’t the first rumor of an Apple event […]

iPhone-Only Event: All the Products Apple Didn’t Announce Today

Apple won't offer iPhone 5S pre-orders.

*+-Apple officially announced the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C today, but that was it. Many rumors suggested that we would see a handful of new stuff come out of Cupertino today, but Apple kept things a bit simpler with just an iPhone refresh. With that said, there were quite a few things that Apple didn’t […]

5 Reasons Buyers Need to Wait for the New MacBook Pro Release

MacBook Pro with Retina Display vs MacBook Air 13"

*+-The new MacBook Pro release could be as close as September with a brand new battery boosting processor that users won’t want to miss, which is why it’s a good time to hold off on plans to purchase a new MacBook Pro. After seeing MacBook Pro benchmarks in July we urged buyers to hold off, […]