Will HTC Return to Its Roots As an ODM?

HTC began making its mark in the early Pocket PC days by building quality hardware--then PDAs running Microsoft's Palm-Sized PC and Pocket PC OSes--for various ...
Fine Scrubbing

How to Take Charge of your iPhone Music

The iPhone is the best way for many users to listen to music. Apple makes it easy to control your music on the iPhone, but all the shortcuts aren't easy to find...

Microsoft Replaces Zune With Xbox Music

The rumors were true, Microsoft is killing off Zune in favor of the Xbox brand, with Xbox Music coming later this year. Microsoft announced the new music ser...
Flipboard with audio

Flipboard Adds Audio To News Reading

Popular news reading app Flipboard gains a new component with its latest update: audio. Flipboard announced that its new partnerships with NPR, PRI, and Soun... Android app for Android Launches

Android users can finally be virtual DJs when they're on the go thanks to the new Android app., for those who don't know, is a musi...