Spotify for iPad Leaks, Coming Next Week?

Spotify for iPad

It appears that Spotify might be gearing up to release an iPad version of its mobile software as a photo of what purportedly is the upcoming app has leaked out. The photo, leaked by Swedish technology consultant Statigram, courtesy of 9to5Mac, depicts what appears to be a Spotify for iPad application in the wild. The […]

Figure for iPhone is An Addictive Musical Treat

Figure iPhone App - Bass

Figure for iPhone sounds like a math app, but it’s the most addictive music app on the iPhone. Figure can’t compete with GarageBand on features, but when it comes to fun and simplicity the Figure app is a clear winner. Figure for iPhone is an affordable 99 cents, and offers an endless music making experience. […]

Spotify for Android Getting a Much Needed Update

Spotify for Android Getting a Huge Update

Spotify for Android has not been updated since November 2011, leaving owners of Spotify Premium accounts with Android devices wondering when the company will release some much needed changes to the application. Well, it appears that the gears are in motion as the company is said to be hard at work on a major update […]

HTC + MOG = Awesome Smartphone MP3 Player

Will HTC Buy MOG

Rumor has it that HTC is about to acquire music service MOG, if they haven’t already. Neither company will confirm this, but as TechCrunch points out, this wouldn’t be an unusual move for HTC, especially given their acquisition of Beats Audio and how much prominence audio is getting on their new phones. HTC is on […]

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 to Battle iPod touch in U.S.

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 Coming to U.S. to Battle iPod touch

At last year’s IFA conference in Berlin, Samsung announced a device called the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 3.6, a portable music player that uses Android 2.3 Gingerbread as its operating system. It’s an intriguing device and one that is squarely aimed at Apple’s iPod touch. Well, for those interested in the United States, Samsung has […]

Cloud Music Sniper App For Android Review

Cloud Music Sniper Settings

Google Music is a great service, but many prefer other Android music players. Cloud Music Sniper can make offline Google Music tracks available to your favorite music apps in a few minutes. But it needs work to justify the price.

Apple Highlights Albums That Are Mastered For iTunes

Apple Mastered for iTunes

Listen to anyone involved in making music, specifically someone involved in engineering music, and they’ll tell you that iTunes has resulted in poor sounding music. Music files just can’t get the same fidelity as a CD or vinyl record. Well, Apple has taken a step to remedy this problem and introduced a platform called Mastered […]

Google Working on Wireless Home Entertainment System for 2012?


According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Google is hard at work on a wireless home entertainment system that will allow owners to stream music wirelessly throughout the house among other things. In addition, it appears that the entertainment system is going to roll out with Google-branding attached to it.  The company is […]

Google Music Sale Offers Romantic Songs for Valentine’s


Remember the days of mixed tapes and CDs? Well, Google is hoping those days are long gone and the outfit is hoping that you’ll be turning digital once February 14 rolls around as Google is now offering a sale on romantic albums just in time for Valentine’s. The sale isn’t quite as steep as Google’s […]

ION Audio Guitar Apprentice Turns iPad Into Usable Guitar


ION Audio, makers of interesting iPad accessories like the iCade gaming joystick dock, announced the Guitar Apprentice, a new attachment for your iPad that turns it into a useable guitar. Along with a forthcoming app, Guitar Apprentice will let you play the guitar and even give you lessons. Combined with other apps or games, it […]

Sony Walkman Z1000 Android PMP Headed to U.S.


After announcing that it would absorb Ericsson’s interest in Sony Ericsson and bring smartphones in-house, Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony has announced at the Consumer Electronics Show that its portable media player, the Walkman Z1000, will be headed to the U.S. market. Essentially, the PMP is a connected media player that runs Android Gingerbread and […]

What’s Your Music Locker Preference?

music note5

Shakespeare has Orsino begin the play Twelfth Night with the line “If music be the food of love, play on.” And certainly listening to music is a big part of many lives. Our music tastes define us both to ourselves and to others. And, like the choice of our mobile devices, we are probably entering […]

Google Music Comes Out of Beta, Launches in the U.S.

Google Music

As expected, Google announced that it has taken Google Music out of beta and has made it available to everyone. Everyone in the U.S. that is. Along with the overhaul, the company announced that the service is currently only available for residents inside of the United States. Those who happen to live inside of those […]

Apple Launches iTunes Match to Public


According to Apple’s website, Apple’s iTunes Match is now available to the public. Originally scheduled for last month, Apple’s cloud music service takes the music you own and compares it to Apple’s catalog. If you own it, you can then stream any of that music to your devices registered with that iCloud ID. If you’ve […]

iTunes Match Launch Is Imminent

iTunes Match

While we still don’t have an official date for the launch of Apple’s iTunes Match service, we now know that a launch is imminent as Apple has told beta users that it will be performing one last iTunes wipe ahead of launch. That wipe is scheduled to take place tomorrow at at 10am PST which […]

BBM Music App Arrives for BlackBerry Smartphones

BBM Music

RIM’s long awaited BBM Music app has finally arrived and it will be available to BlackBerry smartphone owners in the United States, Canada and Australian within the next 24 hours. For now, those are the only regions where the app is available on the BlackBerry App World. Other regions around the world will see an […]

Sonos PLAY:3 Review

Sonos PLAY3 Closeup

If you love music, but are sick of listening on the puny smartphone speakers or being chained to headphones while you move through your house, you need to get a Sonos system. The new Sonos PLAY:3 is a smaller, more affordable HiFi system that delivers impressive audio and can connect to the Sonos Bridge, allowing […]

Windows Phone Glitch Shuts Out Zune Pass Listeners


Users who have upgraded their HTC-made Windows Phone 7 smartphones to the Mango firmware update are now noticing that their handsets are freezing, or locking up, when they’re using Zune Pass. Users have been complaining and documenting their issues on Microsoft’s support forum, and according to these users, Microsoft is saying that there may be […]