NFC on an iPhone May Be Good for Hand-Me-Down Apps


Though Apple had largely avoided the near field communications, or NFC, technology used for easy Bluetooth pairing, sharing files, and for digital wallets that rivals have been doing, the company may still be considering NFC for other purposes on iPhone and iPad tablets. Apple may be tying in NFC technology to its digital iTunes and […]

U.S. Carriers to Finally Expand Google Wallet Rival Isis, Nationwide


Three of the nation’s largest mobile carriers are finally preparing to bring Isis, their smartphone-based digital payment solution, to locations across the country. In a press release early this morning, Isis announced that after a successful pilot program that began in Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah, the company would finally make their NFC-based Isis […]

Does Apple TV’s Tap to Pair Feature Hint at NFC on iPhone 5S?


Though Apple has been stubbornly avoiding adding NFC on its products thus far, the company may be experimenting with the idea with its Apple TV remote pairing setup. Revealed in the latest iOS 7 beta, Apple TV now allows iOS device owners–such as those with the latest iPhone–to pair their phones as a remote control […]

Breather Taps Home Automation Tech, Brings ZipCar Experience to Room Rentals


Recent startups like Airbnb are beginning to transform the hospitality industry by allowing homeowners and those with extra space to rent out a room or their entire abode for short periods of time, allowing common citizens to compete against traditional hotels. However, despite the high-tech apps that match space owners with short-term renters, these solutions […]

Mobile Payments: Starbucks Finds Success in Simplicity


When we hear of using smartphones to pay for goods, we often think about Google Wallet, ISIS, PayPal‘s new initiatives, or Square, but Starbucks is the rising star and one that has found success in this emerging, yet volatile, market. The retail coffee chain’s app, which is used to pay for beverage and food purchases […]

iOS 7 AirDrop Could Negate the Need for NFC on iPhone 5S


Apple may be avoiding the short-range NFC, or near field communications, wireless protocol for yet another generation of the iPhone when the company debuts the iPhone 5S. According to leaked information pertaining to iOS 7, Apple will instead use its AirDrop technology, which allows file transfers over the WiFi protocol that’s already present in all […]

Greedy Carriers Turn Google Wallet Into a Lost Dream

Google Wallet - Payments

T-Mobile has confirmed that it too will be blocking use of Google Wallet on its branded Android devices in an effort to bolster its own supported industry payment standard. The move, which was confirmed by T-Mobile USA in a message on the company’s Twitter account, finally removes some of the mystery that had surrounded Google […]

Nokia Pairs NFC App to Wireless Car Charging Dock


Nokia had introduced a wireless car charging dock before, and now the company is making the dock a bit smarter thanks to built-in NFC functionality. With the wireless charging dock, users can simply attach their compatible Lumia smartphones into the car dock and not need to plug in a micro USB cable to charge. The […]

Nokia Pushes NFC Development, Introduces Apps at WIMA


This past week at the WIMA NFC Monaco conference, Nokia pushed new applications designed to help users and developers take advantage of the short range near field communications (NFC) chips built into modern smartphones (including much of the Nokia Lumia line). NFC chips allow devices to quickly share information at close range. Today, the technology is […]

Panasonic Bets on NFC, Rather than Smart OS, on Latest Lumix GF6 Camera


Panasonic had unveiled its latest micro four thirds Lumix GF6 camera with WiFi and NFC, the latter wireless sharing standard is still a rarity on camera systems. The inclusion of NFC is both nice and surprising. Instead of choosing to go with a smart mobile operating system, like the adoption of Google’s Android OS that […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 May Include Visa NFC Payments

Visa logo

Today Samsung and Visa announced a partnership that will bring Visa NFC payments to next generation Samsung devices, likely including the upcoming Galaxy S4. According to The Verge, the new partnership will bring Visa’s payWave mobile wallet app to future Samsung devices, giving users another option for NFC payments. The app is part of the […]

iPhone 5S Chip Rumors Point to June Release, Little Chance of NFC

iPhone 5S Chip

The iPhone 5S may not support NFC, at least not with the latest Broadcom NFC + WiFi combo chip announced at CES 2013. Patrick Wang, an analyst with Evercore Partners believes Apple will use the Broadcom 43342 combo chip in the iPhone 5S, with a ramp up for mid-2013 and an estimated 13% increase in production […]

Hyundai Plans NFC-Based Keyless Start for Cars in 2015


While most of the market surrounding near field communications, or NFC, and smartphones is currently centered around the mobile payment markets with solutions providers Google Wallet and ISIS, another potential use of NFC that is currently being explored is with keyless start. Essentially, similar to how many keyless start solutions work today, users wouldn’t need […]

In a Fragmented Market, NFC Is More a Nuisance Than a Benefit


Near Field Communications, or NFC, technology promised to help make our lives easier by allowing us to quickly share information, pay for goods, and pair new devices wirelessly without complicated pass codes by merely tapping two items together. Android brought NFC technology into the mainstream consciousness with features like tap to share and Nokia extended […]

NFC Lets Windows Phone 8 and Android Share Data

Windows Phone 8 and Android NFC

Windows Phone 8 marks the first time NFC is available on Microsoft’s mobile OS, and its inclusion not only lets users share data between WIndows Phones, but with Android devices as well according to WPCentral. Because NFC is a universal standard users can easily share small bits of data between any NFC-enabled devices. For Windows […]

ISIS Launching October 22 to Take On Google Wallet


After months of delays and speculations, ISIS will finally making its debut in Austin, TX and Salt Lake City, UT on October 22. The mobile payment service formed by a coalition of carriers including AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA, and Verizon Wireless will be setting its sights on tackling rival mobile wallet service Google Wallet. Like […]

Apple’s Passbook Scores Home Run With Major League Baseball


While Google’s digital mobile Wallet app is not gaining traction in the U.S., Apple’s Passbook is quickly becoming the darling of Major League Baseball (MLB) fans. According to a MarketWatch report, 12 percent of e-ticket buyers chose to use the Passbook option when given the chance. This translates to 1,500 buyers of e-tickets since Passbook has […]

In Apple’s iCloud, Why an iPhone 5 Without NFC Makes Sense


When Apple announced the iPhone 5, many were disappointed about the lack of inclusion of NFC hardware that would enable more wireless, near-range communications with neighboring devices. However, given the use of Photostream in the Photos app and Apple’s Passbook app, it makes sense for Apple to not include the emerging near field communications technology […]

5 Surprises to Watch For at the iPhone 5 Event


In just a few minutes, Apple is expected to announce the next iPhone, now believed to be called the iPhone 5, at an event taking place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. And while we have a pretty good idea about what to expect from Apple and the iPhone 5, […]

RIM Wants BlackBerry With NFC to Replace Security Badges


While a lot of the attention behind NFC, or near field communications, technology has been focused with the digital mobile wallet in the past, Canadian smartphone-maker Research in Motion is putting an enterprise twist to the technology to enable mobile workers to replace their corporate ID badges. At many place of employments, employees use an […]