Sprint to Introduce Budget-Friendly 7-Inch Tablet


A leaked document reveals that Sprint is planning to launch a budget-friendly 7-inch Android tablet for just under $100 on the 3G Now Network. News of the tablet comes just on the heels of Sprint placing the HTC EVO View 4G, which at the time of launch was and is a high-end 7-inch slate, on […]

High Prices May Push Consumers Away from Intel, Windows 8 Tablets

Samsung Windows 8 tablet

A new report published suggests that Microsoft and Intel are unwilling to reduce the costs of their products to ease consumers into adopting Windows 8 tablets running on Intel hardware. Both companies are said to be unwilling to lower the cost of Windows 8 licensing, in the case of Microsoft, and also the Clover Trail […]

4G LTE Devices Starting to Become Affordable


When Verizon Wireless had launched 4G LTE devices around a year ago, those devices commanded premium price points, launching at around $250-$300. Thanks to the maturing 4G LTE technology, more carriers into the LTE space, and competition, we’re beginning to see prices for devices softening, which will hopefully lead to more adoption of LTE devices […]

iPad 2 to be Sold at Discount Alongside iPad 3?


Another day and another round of Apple rumors. It’s amazing that though Apple does not make an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show, rumors surrounding the company in the early part of the year rival the industry trade show. This time, the rumor is that Apple would sell the iPad 2 at a discounted price […]

RIM’s Latest PlayBook Promotion Favors Sales of 64 GB Model


Research in Motion is now offering a sale on its PlayBook tablet, pricing the 16, 32, and 64 GB models at $299 each with shipping included. As the BlackBerry-maker has been struggling to move its most inexpensive 16 GB models at regular retail price, my guess is that there is now an excess of 32 […]

Apple Said to Change iPad Tablet Pricing Strategy in 2012


Though the iPad remains the dominant tablet in the space, Apple is facing increased competition from capable tablets at lower price points, which may affect its tablet strategy and pricing strategy in 2012. According to DigiTimes, the company will introduce, not one but, two new tablets in 2012 to cover the mid-range and high-end tablet […]

Sony Feeling the ‘Fire,’ Drops Tablet S Pricing By $100


Sony’s Playstation-certified Tablet S is now seeing a price cut for both the 16 GB and 32 GB versions. Both versions will get $100 knocked off, bringing the price down to $400 and $500 respectively. It’s unclear if this is the move represents Sony’s plans to introduce a successor model or if the company is […]

Acer Anticipates That Ultrabooks Will Be the New Netbooks In Terms of Pricing


As far as pricing goes, ultrabooks are priced more expensive than today’s $300-$500 netbook, but offers more power and a sleeker, well-made design. However, notebook-manufacturer Acer anticipates that the computing category will see some steep price drops in 2012 and 2013, with the ultimate result being that ultrabooks two years from now will be priced […]

Could Apple Snuff Out The Kindle Fire With iPad 3 HD and Tiered Pricing?


According to many sources, Apple will be launching a high resolution iPad 3 in March. But according to a new analyst with Barclays Capital, Apple could wreak havoc on the tablet competition by bring the iPhone pricing strategy to the tablet market. If Apple can follow through with this new iPad 3, and keep the earlier […]

Best Buy Adds Galaxy Nexus Landing Page with Pricing Information


It looks like Best Buy is jumping the gun on getting a landing page for the highly anticipated Galaxy Nexus smartphone for Verizon Wireless, which will come with 4G LTE support and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. The Best Buy page lists the full retail price of the handset at a […]

Amazon to Offer Special $111.11 Launch Day Promotion for Droid RAZR


Potential owners of the Droid RAZR smartphone and those who are looking to hop onto Verizon Wireless’ expanding 4G LTE blazing fast network should look no further than Amazon on launch day. With the phone launching on 11/11/11 at 11:11 AM, Amazon is also looking to match the unique binary number launch date with its […]

Analyst Predicts 10-Inch Tablets Will Be Priced at $300 in 2012


The e-reader and tablet market will be heating up with increased competition on the pricing front in 2012 with manufacturers dropping the prices of their offerings. There are a number of factors that may attribute to the marked decline in prices–not being able to sell many tablets and compete against Apple’s iPad with iPad-like pricing […]

Asus Announces Transformer Prime, But Is It Priced Too High?


After having made a brief cameo in Asia, the Transformer Prime is now officially announced by Asus. The slate will come with an updated quad-core Tegra 3 chipset and a higher entry price point of $500, up by $100 from the original Transformer, and is due in December for shipment, contrary to earlier rumors that […]

Telefonica Chides Nokia for Expensive Lumia Windows Phone Pricing


An executive for Telefonica spoke out against Nokia’s new Lumia handsets, which are the debut handset from the Finnish phone-maker to run Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, as being too expensive. The carrier executive notes that if Nokia intends on gaining market share, “they need to bring out devices which are cost-competitive.” However, the pricing […]

T-Mobile Announces Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus_Hero_front

T-Mobile USA tonight announces its latest tablet addition to its 4G HSPA+ portfolio in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, which is an enhanced and updated version to the Galaxy Tab 7 that was offered on the nation’s fourth largest carrier last year. With the new Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, T-Mobile announces […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus to Cost $289 at Costco?

Galaxy Nexus

When Verizon announced that it would be carrying the Samsung Galaxy Nexus later on this year, it failed to confirm two items. Its release date and its pricing. Well, it would appear that we finally have the answer to one of those questions, at least for one retailer, as evidence has surfaced indicating that Costco […]

T-Mobile Announces Samsung Exhibit II 4G


The Samsung Exhibit II 4G will be made available with a two-year contract and also without a service agreement as a T-Mobile exclusive in the U.S. beginning on October 27. The affordable entry-priced smartphone will cost $200 without a contract and $30 after a $50 mail in rebate and two-year service agreement. Available initially on […]

Consumers Expect Non-iOS Tablets to Be $100 Cheaper Than iPad


There’s been some dissonance in the market place on what iPad rivals are pricing their tablets at and what consumers are willing to pay for a non-Apple slate, and that mix up is to the tune of approximately $100. According to a new iGR market survey, in order for iPad rivals to be more competitive […]