ZTE to Announce 8 New Multi-Core Smartphones at MWC, Some with LTE


ZTE has already unveiled a few of its smartphones ahead of Mobile World Congress, but the company just issued a press release stating that consumers should expect to see a total of 8 new devices being announced at the Barcelona trade show later this month. The smartphones being announced will be multi-core devices, and some […]

4 + 1 = Tegra 3, According to NVIDIA


While Tegra 3 is formally referred to as a quad-core ARM architecture system, NVIDIA wants to clarify that there are technically five cores in its chipsets that will be powering the next-generation smartphones expected to launch at Mobile World Congress. The chip-maker has trademarked the term ‘4-PLUS-1 quad-core architecture.’ So what’s the fifth core? NVIDIA […]

Qualcomm Offers Viable Quad-Core Challenger With Dual-Core Snapdragon S4 CPU


In a world dominated by quad-core processors headlined by NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 ARM-based CPU, Qualcomm is showing that there is still life left in dual-core processing technology with its dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset in the form of the MSM8960. AnandTech, which recently got a version of the Snapdragon S4 chip for testing and benchmarking, posted […]

Huawei Ascend D1 Q Photos Leaked Ahead of MWC Announcement


It’s been speculated that Huawei will unveil a new smartphone at Mobile World Congress to tackle the premium Android phone space. That phone will come in the form of the Ascend D1 Q, a quad-core Tegra 3-powered device that will be part of the company’s D for ‘Diamond‘ line. New leaked images for the phone […]

Benchmark Reveals Quad-Core Tegra 3 CPU in Transformer TF300T


While not a lot of information is known still about the leaked Asus Transformer TF300T, it is now known that the device will be sporting a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 applications processor. Thanks to NenaMark2 benchmarking service, it appears that Asus or someone in possession of the TF300T has benchmarked the tablet, and we do […]

HTC One X Android 4.0 Smartphone Gets Fully Detailed

HTC One X Android 4.0 Smartphone Gets Fully Detailed

We’ve heard a lot about what HTC may have planned for the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and one of the devices that figures to be at the forefront of those plans is a device called the HTC Edge/HTC Endeavor/HTC One X that will very likely be the Taiwanese company’s first smartphone with a […]

Tegra 3 Quad-Core Smartphones Shipping This Quarter

Tegra 3 Quad-Core Smartphones Will Ship This Quarter

NVIDIA has already told us that there will be Tegra 3 quad-core smartphones on display at the Mobile World Congress which is scheduled to take place in Barcelona later on this month. Thing is, we didn’t know when we’d see the device or devices launch. With new technology of this sort, announcements can sometimes precede […]

LG X3 Benchmark Shows Off Quad-Core Power

LG X3 Benchmark Shows Off Quad-Core Power

We’re fairly certain that LG will be announcing at least one of four rumored devices at this year’s Mobile World Congress and one of those phones figures to be the quad-core powered LG X3, a device that has leaked out before but did so in great detail today. MoDoCo was able to dig up some […]

HTC Edge Rumor Roundup: Features, Release Date, Carriers

HTC Edge Rumor Roundup: Features, Release Date, Carriers

Yesterday, we told you about the HTC Ville, one of the smartphones that HTC might be announcing at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) later on this month in Barcelona. Today, we’re going to touch on another, a phone that was once called the HTC Edge but now is apparently called the HTC Endeavor. And while […]

Leaked HTC Endeavor ROM Reveals HTC-Made Siri Competitor


HTC may be taking on Apple outside of court as well by introducing a Siri competitor to bring a better voice and speech recognition engine called HTC Speak. Mention of HTC Speak was seen as part of a leaked ROM for the forthcoming HTC Endeavor smartphone, which was previously rumored to be called the HTC […]

Huawei to Introduce 10-Inch Tablet, Quad-Core Android Smartphone at MWC?


Huawei may be set to introduce a 10-inch version of its MediaPad Android tablet and a quad-core Android smartphone in Barcelona, Spain towards the end of the month at Mobile World Congress. Leaked invitations to the members of the media indicate that Huawei may be kicking off the trade show with a product called the […]

NVIDIA’s MWC Invite Hints at Tegra 3 Phones


NVIDIA has just sent out media invitations to the company’s press event centered at Mobile World Congress later this month in Barcelona, Spain, which promises some quad-core firsts. As the company had worked with partner Asus recently to launch the world’s first quad-core ARM-based tablet in the form of the Transformer Prime, that leaves room […]

iPad 3 to Feature Dual-Core Processor, Not Quad-Core?

iPad 3

We just told you about the rear shell of an iPad that has been making the rounds today, a case that is purportedly one from the iPad 3/iPad 2 HD/iPad HD/iPad 2S and one that reveals a number of possibilities. Well, The Verge has chimed in with sources of their own who now say that […]

Qualcomm’s Exclusivity Coming to an End with HTC?


After revealing disappointing financial figures for its Winter quarter, HTC revealed a couple interesting tidbits in its recent earnings call. The first being the creation of a ‘cross-disciplinary’ Studio group that will report directly to the CEO to create new and compelling products. The second of which is that the company is now more open […]

Will the Galaxy S III Be Thinner Than the Droid RAZR?

Galaxy S III

If you expected the Samsung Galaxy S III rumor mill to stop churning, you’re going to be sorely disappointed with this next little bit. Right now, we have a heap of Galaxy S III rumors and now we have another to add to the mix as ETNews is reporting yet another Galaxy S III release […]

LG X3 Quad-Core Phone Gets Detailed (Image)


2012 is surely going to the be the year of the quad-core smartphone and so it comes as no surprise that a quad-core smartphone called the LG X3 leaked out today. What is a little surprising is how much detail leaked out. Not only do we have the meat of the the X3’s specifications, but […]

Asus: No 3G Variant of Transformer Prime Planned


After speculations that Asus would be introducing a 3G GSM variant of its Transformer Prime flagship quad-core tablet this Spring, Asus is coming forward and saying that no such model is part of its roadmap. Users looking to obtain the Transformer Prime will have to settle for the WiFi-only model, which will be available in […]

Asus Eee Pad MeMO Hands-On Video

Eee Pad MeMO

There were a bunch of Android tablets announced at this year’s CES, one that stood out was the new 7-inch Asus Eee Pad MeMO. And while the tablet isn’t set to launch until an unannounced date in the second quarter, we were able to go hands-on with it today to see what it’s all about. […]

HTC to Announce Quad-Core Phones in February, Not at CES?

HTC Edge

If you were hoping to see quad-core phones from HTC unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas it appears that your dreams may have been dashed as Commercial Times is reporting that HTC won’t be unveiling any quad-core smartphones until the Mobile World Congress which is set to take place in February. […]

Tegra 3-Powered Toshiba Tablet Gets Benchmarked


It looks like Toshiba is working on a quad-core Android tablet with Tegra 3 on-board. A tablet made by Toshiba was spotted being benchmarked on benchmarking siteĀ AnTuTu with the model number ‘toshiba06.’ The tablet’s performance results were on par with other Tegra 3-powered tablets, such as the recently released Asus Transformer Prime. The clock speed […]