T-Mobile’s Massive November Smartphone Launch Gets Detailed


As the sole carrier left without an iPhone in its portfolio, T-Mobile will be making up for lost ground come this November with a massive roll out of multiple Android smartphone and tablet models. Deployment of new devices actually begin in October with several feature models and November will usher in the remainder of T-Mobile’s […]

Why The T-Mobile Galaxy S II Didn’t Get A Release Date

T-Mobile Galaxy S II

Yesterday was launch day for the Samsung Galaxy S II in the United States. We got some hands-on time with both Samsung Galaxy S II models from AT&T and Sprint and we saw the announcement of T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II device. And while Samsung may have got the branding right for these new handsets, it […]

Samsung Hercules for AT&T, T-Mobile Passes Through FCC


As we’re approaching August 29th, a date set aside by Samsung as their official unveiling of the Galaxy S II smartphone, we’re seeing FCC filings for two un-released devices for U.S. GSM carriers AT&T and T-Mobile USA. The first device has a model number of T989 and is the Samsung Hercules, a model that’s been […]

Samsung Hercules Flexes Its Muscles in New Photos

Samsung Hercules

We saw the T-Mobile variant of the Samsung Hercules strut it stuff in front of the camera last week and now it’s the model headed to Canadian carrier TELUS’ turn to show us what its made of. Yes ladies and gentlemen, what you see here is a Galaxy S II device of the Hercules variety […]

Samsung Hercules Revealed to be T-Mobile Galaxy S II

Samsung Hercules

Remember last week how I theorized that the Samsung Hercules was probably going to be T-Mobile’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S II? Well, lo and behold, it appears that that theory has come true as over the weekend, TMoNews was able to snag some photos of what apparently is a Samsung Hercules with Galaxy […]

Is This T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S II?

Samsung Galaxy S II Hercules?

So, we’ve broken down the Samsung Galaxy S II launch in the United States by carrier. We’re still 100% we know what’s going to happen during this month and the next but we’ve got a fairly good idea. There is one complete mystery though. T-Mobile has yet to have any sort of a credible leak […]

Samsung Hercules Headed to T-Mobile on September 21st?


The mythical Samsung Hercules, a device that many believe could be T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ 42Mpbs enabled smartphone, finally has a possible release date thanks to a vague road map leak that surfaced over the weekend at TMoNews. The road map doesn’t reveal any specific names so we’ve had to guess a little bit here but […]

Why You Should Wait to Buy a Phone from T-Mobile


Just recently, T-Mobile brought its HSPA+ 42 Mbps network to 56 new cities. Awesome, except for the fact that T-Mobile currently has one single device out that is capable of reaching those speeds. That device? A laptop stick called the Rocket 3.0. No capable phone, no capable tablet. However, according to a Digitimes report, that […]

T-Mobile Launching Samsung Hercules in September?


The Samsung Hercules Android smartphone may be launching this September on T-Mobile USA with an impressive, yet conflicting, array of specs. The smartphone will either be a Samsung Galaxy S II variant or a variant of the single-core, but capable, Samsung Infuse 4G found on U.S. carrier AT&T. TmoNews is reporting a late September launch […]

T-Mobile 2011 Roadmap Leak Reveals Android And BlackBerry Lineup

HTC Sensation

Just a few hours ago, the upcoming Samsung Hercules (a dual-core version of the Samsung Infuse 4G) for T-Mobile leaked out but that was small time compared to the entire T-Mobile roadmap for 2011 that just leaked out courtesy of This Is My Next. They have broken it down, month by month, and this is […]

Samsung Hercules Headed to T-Mobile with Impressive Specs

Samsung Hercules

T-Mobile is set to get an assortment of amazing Android devices this year, a list that already includes the Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC Sensation, and you can now add the Samsung Hercules to that list as well. The Hercules, obviously a codename, is a Android 2.3 Gingerbread powered dual-core version of the […]