Steve Jobs Reportedly No Longer Micromanaging Apple

jobs overseeing apple

It only takes a visit to an Apple Store to grasp just how many iconic products the company has produced. From iPhones and iPads to Macs and iPods, their products have owned the digital age like no others. Their vision not only led to enormous wealth for them, but also to a central place in […]

Why Steve Jobs Would Be a Better President Than Obama

jobs as president

Just as congress and the president are bickering over raising the federal debt ceiling, news comes from the BBC that Apple has a larger cash reserve than the United States of America (Apple has $76.4 billion, the U.S. has $73.7 billion). So we are going to do what any sensible person looking at these two […]

Apple Making Plans for the Post-Steve Jobs Era

jobs looking sad

We know Steve Jobs isn’t going to be the CEO of Apple forever. Though his black faux turtle neck has become synonymous with Apple product launches, the man has been on medical leave since January and can’t head one of the most powerful companies in the world for the rest of his life. Apparently Apple […]

Weekly Wrapup: Notebook, Tablet & Smartphone News – WWDC Week


While a decent amount happened this week in the world of notebooks, smartphones and tablets; the primary focus was on Apple as the company took to the stage at WWDC to announce iOS 5, iCloud and OS X Lion. There was no iPhone 5 announced, but the new software is already on many devices, including […]

Top 10 Pitchmen (And Women) Who Could Replace Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Replacement

At WWDC 2011 Steve Jobs will return to the stage as Apple’s number one pitchman, selling a nation of eager fans on the latest and greatest products to come out of the Cupertino braintrust like iOS5, iCloud and possibly the iPhone 5. Steve Jobs isn’t your average CEO and pitchman. Jobs’ eccentricities and mannerisms allow him to describe Apple’s […]

Steve Jobs Taking Medical Leave of Absence from Apple

Apple CEO Steve Jobs at iPod launch last month.

Word is just popping out that Steve Jobs has requested a leave of absence from Apple to focus on his health. He will remain CEO and be involved in the strategic decision making of the company. COO Tim Cook will run the day to day operations the same way he did when Jobs was out […]

Murdoch’s “Daily” News Venture Will Try to Make News on Tablets Work


I’m really of multiple minds about this. News broke over the weekend that Rupert Murdoch and possibly Steve Jobs are working on an App to make the Tablet/Slate form factor a delivery mechanism for news. Actually let’s rephrase that. They are working to make the form factor a delivery mechanism for paid news content. Here’s […]

The Curious Mystery of AirPrint


So, yesterday Apple dropped the Mac OSX 10.6.5 update and many thought that would clear up the rumors and mystery about whether or not AirPrint was going to be pulled or not. Apparently, at least for the moment, the mystery remains. Steve Jobs reportedly emailed a user yesterday saying “don’t believe everything you read” about […]

Steve Jobs takes some serious jabs at Android


Steve Jobs was on an earnings call today and took time to rip apart Google’s Android yesterday afternoon. I think he’s a pompous donkey personaly, but Apple’s iPhone changed the mobile phone game for good. We have to give him some props. Whether you agree or disagree with his points about Android and it’s fragmentation, […]

Thoughts on iPhone 4 Release Day: Bleeding Edge Adventures


I guess this will be one for the record books anyway you look at it. After suffering from having the device exposed by a possible theft, a meltdown during the keynote debut of the device, a massive collapse of the pre-ordering system that still didn’t keep a record setting 600,000 new iPhones from being ordered, […]

Watch The Apple Keynote Network Meltdown


Having done presentations and had some technical difficulties in the past, and being a producer of live theatrical events, where anything has the potential to go wrong, I know full well that pulling these things off flawlessly isn’t an easy job. And when something goes wrong there is no worse feeling in the world. During […]

iPad born before iPhone? Where have I read that before…


Steve Jobs stirred the pot a bit yesterday with his interview at D8 (of course, pretty much anything he says stirs the pot). One thing catching people’s attention is his mention that the iPhone started as a tablet. Caught my attention too… just like it did two years ago.

Bill Gates DID NOT tell Steve Jobs about the iPad in 2007


Gizmodo, I guess in need of attention, has horribly distorted the meaning of words spoken by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs at All Things Digital in 2007 on stage with Walt Mossberg with their headline, “Bill Gates Told Steve Jobs About the iPad in 2007.” Only problem is Gates was talking about the Tablet PC, […]

Google asked to fight against Android porn


If you remember what Steve Jobs said about Android, ” Folks who want porn can buy an Android phone.”  Well, this has sparked some scrutiny by the Parents Television Council.  The council is behind the push to make Apple’s App Store more family-friendly.  They are using what Steve Jobs said as a launching platform to go […]

Steve Jobs Tells Why Flash is Not His Cup of Tea


Steve Jobs has written a long missive explaining his reasoning on why Flash isn’t going to be on the iPhone/iPad platform. He lays out some history and then some technical and business reasons why Apple has taken the stance it has taken. Although it can be argued that this issue is quickly becoming one that […]

This is why Steve Jobs loves me


As you know, Warner invited a bunch of folks over to his theater to check out the iPad. What you may not know is an invite was extended to the great one himself, Steve Jobs. His response?