Real artists ship

Steve Jobs Biography

“Real artists ship” is one pearl of wisdom left by Steve Jobs that Apple seems to have taken to heart lately, and it’s one that everyone else really needs to apply. OS X on the fast track, Windows in the slow lane The big tech news of the week is announcement of OS X Mountain […]

Microsoft Research presents paper on Simultaneous Pen + Touch


Mary-Jo Foley at ZDNet reports that the Microsoft Research team behind Manual Deskterity is presenting the white paper on their work on Simultaneous Pen + Touch at the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology. As you may recall but likely have forgotten, the team released a video preview of their work back in […]

Settlers of Catan goes digital and multi-touch on Microsoft Surface


The widely-popular board game Settlers of Catan has gone high-tech with an officially licensed version of the game set to debut at Gen Con Indy 2010 on Microsoft Surface. Combining real dice, in-person players and virtual everything else, this is one of the most robust uses of the technology yet.

Microsoft’s Wedge project takes the touch out of touch computing


Microsoft Applied Sciences Group has posted a few videos of a project called “The Wedge: Seeing Smart Displays Through A New Lens.” Very interesting user interface work along the same lines as Kinect for XBox where user motion and gestures are captured via optical input. One of the results is a surface computing system that […]

Evoluce introduces touchless multi-touch to surface computing


Last we heard from Evoluce, they introduced a 47″ HD multi-touch display for surface computing. Now, they’ve made touch unnecessary with an off-screen gesture detection system that responds to your hand movements as if you were touching the screen, much like Microsoft’s Project Natal.

The Garibaldi Project: Academic Research on Microsoft Surface


Brown University is working on a project that is a perfect fit for a Microsoft Surface: digitizing the Garibaldi moving panorama. A moving panorama is basically a massive canvas painting that is scrolled in front of an audience to tell a story. The Garibaldi is more than a football field in length. Far too big […]

If a 4-meter multitouch table is the solution, I want the problem


Auto company Lincoln needed a sweet display piece for the North American Auto Show 2010. They chose a 4-meter long multi-touch display dubbed the “Lincoln Technology Table” supplied by MultiTouch Ltd., and global brand communications agency, Imagination. The results are stunning.

DIY Multi-touch Surface Looks Like a Great Weekend Project


If you’re an industrious type, you might want to get your workshop ready: there’s a new multi-touch surface computer project at Instructables. Requires some big panels of acrylic, IR equipment, and a decent webcam (they suggest the PS3 Eye), as well as a recent computer (PC or Mac, but they suggest Windows 7 for the […]

Meet Cyclon, a Monster Multi-Touch Machine


Lifehacker got an addition to their Workspace Show and Tell photo pool with major multi-touch mojo. Behold, the Cyclon, a computer packing a 42″ multi-touch display! Perfect for, uh, I’m not sure, but who cares? 42″ multi-touch display! Doesn’t seem like there’d be a practical use for this, but the Lifehacker reader, kame9031, providing the […]

Place your bets on Poker Surface


Put on your poker face: A team of students from University of Duisburg Essen in Germany, purported birthplace of poker, have put together a surface computing system that links a multitouch tabletop display with touchscreen handhelds, offering a real poker experience in a digital environment.

Touchy Remix is a new twist on surface computing


A group in the Netherlands called Intactlab has put together a snazzy-looking multi-touch table called Touchy Remix that takes surface computing in a couple of different directions. As you can see, unlike other systems, Touchy Remix is designed so you can pull up a chair and sit at it as if it were a regular […]

Beware, the bubble eating (and vomiting) Surface Monster!

The Microsoft Surface Blog has a video demo of a novel interactive system that involves a little round monster eating bubbles off a Microsoft Surface… and also puking them back up when it’s full. I admit it’s not the most practical use of surface computing, but it is a great demonstration of tangible interactivity. Instead […]

Pictionaire: Physical and Digital Touch Together


Interesting report from New Scientist: Researcher from Microsoft and UC Berkeley are developing a touch computing system that can digitize physical objects placed on its surface and, more impressively, do the reverse, project digital objects on to physical ones. It is similar to Microsoft Surface but with visual recognition of and interaction with physical objects. […]

CES 2010: Getting Grabby With Microsoft Surface


In the south hall of the CES, Kodak hosted a massive booth to showcase their cameras and accessories. Wouldn’t normally be a big draw for me, but then I saw the ginormous surface computing system set up like a waterfall and river through the middle of their showcase. I want to go to there. And […]

Demo of SurfaceScapes’ D&D Microsoft Surface project


Microsoft Surface blog has posted that second part of their interview with the SurfaceScapes team, along with a new video demo of the project in action. The video is a bit, shall we say, dry, but anyone interested in the thought process behind the system should find it educational. I found this line from the […]