Fujitsu shares the philosophy behind the Stylistic Q550 slate (video)


At first glance, the sight of Meinolf Althaus holding a hammer over a slate brings me back to Fujitsu’s earlier claim of “slate-beating”, but it’s all part of a presentation explaining the philosophy that guides their slate-making decisions with the upcoming Stylistic Q550 being the target. Of the lesson, not the beating.

Microsoft’s Battle Plan Against iPad Outlined in PowerPoint


Microsoft is fighting an uphill battle against the iPad and has outlined how it hopes partners will fight that battle in the near future. There’s a PowerPoint floating around that encourages Windows 7 slate resellers to sell directly against the iPad with some pretty stale arguments. Keep in mind, these PowerPoint slides are intended to […]

Tim Cook addresses iPad competition – “there’s not much”


Oh, Tim Cook. Here I was thinking you’d be a pale stand-in for your ailing boss Steve Jobs, keeping the ship steady but avoiding rough seas. Well, glad to see you taking the wheel Jobs-style and making waves against the competition, if only to keep things interesting.

TipPopper Makes Chrome TIP Friendly


Window’s Text Input Panel (TIP) behaves nicely when using Internet Explorer and other Microsoft applications, but it doesn’t show up when it’s supposed to in Chrome, my favorite browser. GBN reader Brendan Sullivan and I got into a discussion by email about optimizing his HP Slate 500 for touch and he found a great plugin […]

Fujitsu Windows Slate and T580 Tablet PC Hands-On Video


In addition to its robotic teddy bear on display, we did manage to get some hands-on time with the LifeBook T580, which utilizes the more traditional convertible Tablet PC form factor. We were also able to go hands-on with an Intel Oak Trail Windows 7 slate from Fujitsu. Fujitsu T580 Hands-On: Fujitsu Windows 7 Slate:

Samsung Slider 7 Offers Alternative Netvertible Form Factor (Video)


Samsung was really cautious about calling its Slider 7 a PC, netbook, or even tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show where the company had a huge presence. The device offers a sliding and tilting screen–an industrial design that HTC had helped to pioneer with its dual-boot Windows HTC Shift tablet–and with internal netbook components–such as […]

Motion CL900 Docking Station and Accessory Module


Motion Computing’s CL900 Tablet PC might look like a consumer slate at first glance at first glance, but the device is all business. The docking station and accessory module look sharp and will help businesses adapt the CL900 to their needs and working environment. In these photos you can see how the CL900 might be […]

MSI 10-Inch Windows Tablet Coming January or February


According to a DigiTimes report, MSI may be launching its Windows-based WindPad tablet in January or February, ahead of plans for the company’s Android-based tablets that are slated for an April or May launch. Unlike the Android tablet models, the Windows WindPad from MSI will favor Intel’s Atom-based Oak Trail processor over an ARM-based CPU. […]

Warner Crocker’s Ink Blot Awards: 2010 Edition


Our own Warner Crocker is at it again, handing out his annual Ink Blot Awards. The list of recipients is long and (mostly) distinguished. This marks the sixth year that Warner’s put together the list over at Life on the Wicked Stage, his personal blog. I highly recommend reading through the list of awardees and […]

Microsoft’s Canesta Acquisition Gives Hope for a Proper Windows Tablet


Microsoft had recently announced that the company had acquired 3D chipmaker Canesta, which would give the Redmond, Washington software company a portfolio of valuable patents that may drive the company’s natural user interface initiative. According to Jim Spare, the president and CEO of Canesta, “With Microsoft’s breadth of scope from enterprise to consumer products, market […]

ArtRage for iPad On Sale Through Oct 25

Artrage for iPad

Remember ArtRage? The painting, drawing, art program from Ambient Designs was a favorite for Tablet PC owners and won Microsoft’s Think In Ink Contest back in 2004. Ambient Designs kept innovating and eventually evolved ArtRage tailored for UMPCs and the Mac. Well, there is a recently recleased iPad version of ArtRage available and it brings […]

I don’t have an iPad. Am I alone?


So we’ve heard from Chris about how he’s no longer using his iPad, and from Warner about how he’s using his iPad more and more. Seems like a straight point-counterpoint, right? Well, don’t count the third parties out yet. I don’t have an iPad. Am I alone?

HP Slate 500 Video Camera Demo

Screen shot 2010-10-22 at 1.36.42 AM

The HP Slate 500 can be used to grab quick video clips or in conjunction with your favorite video chat service. Here’s a quick demo of the camera and a look at how my hometown of San Francisco looks from up high in a tower. You can read more about my thoughts on the camera […]

jkOnTheRun shares a pair of Windows 7 touch interfaces


Our good friend James Kendrick has a run down of two touch interface overlays for Windows 7 tablets, Thinix Touch and Mirabyte FrontFace, both shown off on his TEGA v2. Slick looking interface environments. Very informative video from James. But ultimately, overlays like these only cover up the problems beneath.