Hulu Plus Finally Arrives on Select Android Tablets

Hulu Plus Finally Arrives on Select Android Tablets

Big news for owners of seven Android tablets including the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, Eee Pad Transformer and the Motorola Xoom. Hulu has announced that its Hulu Plus application has arrived for those three and four other Android-powered slates today and it has done so in style. We should also mention that it has […]

SlingBox Pro-HD Review: Bring Your TV With You

Sling Box Pro HD

The SlingBox Pro-HD along with the collection of SlingPlayer apps does a decent job of streaming your home TV content to your Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android device or laptop. Unlike cable TV apps, which restrict use to your house and to specific cable companies, the SlingBox Pro-HD works anywhere you have an Internet […]

Are You Buying the New Apple TV?

new third generation apple tv

Will you buy the new Apple TV? Along with the new iPad, Apple launched the updated third generation Apple TV. The biggest new features include 1080p HD and a new interface. The biggest change to the Apple TV is the increased resolution, which will take advantage of most HDTV’s capabilities. The previous version of the Apple […]

Apple TV Inventory in U.S. Dries Up Ahead of Apple iPad HD Launch Event


Just days ahead of Apple’s iPad 3 launch event, the company’s physical retail locations are now mostly out of stock on Apple TV set top boxes as well suggesting that Apple may also refresh the set-top box to bring newer technologies to the streaming TV accessory. With 246 Apple retail stores, MacRumors noted that 98 […]

Time Warner App Now Streams Cable Shows to iPhone, iPod Touch


After having released an iPad streaming app in March, Time Warner Cable is now allowing its subscribers and iPhone users to stream to their iOS smartphone and iPod Touch PMP. There are still a few restrictions for streaming, however, as you still must be on your home WiFi network–no 3G streaming is allowed yet–and the […]

Verizon Eyeing Netflix Acquisition, Wants to Enter Streaming Market


Verizon, provider of fast fiber optics in-home FiOS TV service, is said to be seriously considering an acquisition of media streaming provider Netflix. Speculations of Verizon’s interest were delivered by Mediatech Capital partner Porter Bibb, who said that the traditional provider of phone service is serious about Netflix, or something similar. Neither Netflix nor Verizon […]

Apple TV Owns 1/3 of U.S. Connected TV Player Market

new third generation apple tv

Though still considered a ‘hobby’ product for Apple, the company’s Apple TV connected living room TV box that retails for $99 has sold nearly 4 million units and has propelled Apple into the leader of the connected TV player market with 32% market share. Connected TV players, like Apple TV, Google TV made by third-party […]

Cox TV Connect Is Latest App to Bring Live TV to the iPad

Cox TV Connect

It was only a matter of time before Cox followed the likes of  Time Warner, Cablevision, and DirectTV into the realm of iPad apps that can stream live content and today, that vision has come to fruition as the Cox has announced the release of Cox TV Connect, an app for the iPad that brings, […]

Google TV Updates Roll Out Next Week

google TV app store

Finally the Google TV update the company announced back at Google I/O will finally roll out starting next week. In a post on the Official Google Blog, Mario Queiroz, Vice President Product Management, and Vincent Dureau, Director of Engineering, went over some of the new features of the platform, including a simplified interface and improved search. […]

NBC, TNT and TBS Apps Stream Shows to iPad

TNT Streaming App Login

The list of live TV streaming apps just increased with the addition of NBC, TNT and TBS. Last week NBC threw its hat in the streaming ring with an app that will stream a collection of 28 of its shows to your iPad, including favorites like The Office and 30 Rock. In addition TNT and […]

Apple Drops TV Rentals from iTunes

iTunes Rentals

In only Tim Cook’s second day as CEO of Apple, the company has gone ahead and gotten read of a service. That’s right. Apple has done away with TV rentals through iTunes removing the option entirely and leaving only the ‘Buy’ option or for some content, a ‘Season Pass’ to view a whole year of […]

Hulu Starts Blocking the HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad

If your device doesn’t fall under Hulu’s agreements with studios, there is generally no soup for you. Translation: Hulu’s website is blocked on most tablets, and when you head to its website, you are greeted by a black screen that informs you that your platform is not supported. You get an apology for the inconvenience […]

Tablets Become Swiss Army Knife of Gadgets

Tablet Replacement Trend Chart

Tablets like the iPad aren’t replacing laptops on the whole, but the new couch companion devices are taking over many of the activities we used to do on dedicated devices. Are you converging like the survey respondents? Millenialmedia reports that the tablet is now the go to device for several computer activities, but that’s not […]

TiVo App for Android and iPhone Coming Soon

TiVo App

It has been a long time coming but it appears that TiVo might finally be ready to roll out software for the iPhone and Android. While TiVo hasn’t confirmed anything just yet, ZatzNotFunny discovered some details in the June issue of CEPro which reveals TiVo’s plans to release apps for both operating systems in the […]

Finally a Reason for TV Companion Apps: Shopkick Delivers Deals While You Watch


TV companion watching apps have been around for a while now, especially on the iPad, but for the most part users don’t get anything other than some extra that will be on YouTube the next day. Now, Shopkick will be delivering discounts to your smartphone while you watch TV. The technology is being shared with advertisers at the CW Upfront Awards […]

Galaxy S II, Galaxy Tab 10.1 Will Serve as Secondary Home TV

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to stream live broadcasts from Smart TVs. Televisions, Home Cinema, Tablets, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10

At a recent Samsung event in Europe, the Korean tablet- and phone-maker told Pocket-lint that the Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1 could stream television broadcasts from the company’s upcoming Smart TV HDTVs. Essentially, this would turn the Android smartphone and tablet into secondary television displays while inside the user’s home. For the […]

Comcast Allows You to Stream Video on Demand with iPad Xfinity App


Comcast is hoping that you won’t begin to cut the cord when it comes to cable subscriptions, and the company is now making good on its promise to allow users to watch cable content on an iPad via the Xfinity app. At this point, though, only video on demand programming is available and users still […]

Angry Birds Move Beyond Phones to Take Your TV Hostage with Cartoon Series


Angry Birds-maker Rovio is eying your big screen television to sling its flock of aptly named ‘angry birds’ at. After success as a game on a number of mobile platforms–including iOS, Android, and Symbian–Rovio is looking to take its franchise to the TV and to have an animated cartoon series created. The game studio’s CEO […]