Spreadtweet: A Twitter Client that Looks Like Excel


About the only things that multiply faster than flatulence apps for the iPhone are Twitter clients. Not a day goes by that we don’t see or hear of a new one it seems. Well this one classifyies as clever and spunky (and possibly illegal). Spreadtweet is designed for those who can’t use Twitter in their […]

Integrate Evernote With Twitter with @myEN

Twitter users can now tweet notes directly into Evernote thanks to a new beta service called myEN. The service makes it easy to add notes to your Evernote notebook from your favorite Twitter client. To get started follow @myEN, which will send a direct message with a link to a page that will link your […]

OneNote Team Using Twitter to Monitor Customer Feedback


John Guinn of the OneNote Team, in a post about setting up and maintaing hardware links to another of his posts about how he and the team are using Twitter to monitor thoughts and feedback about OneNote. They are certainly not alone as many businesses are starting to use Twitter to monitor what is said […]

How to Follow the US Presidential Inauguration On-line


Let’s face it. If you’re in the USA, or from what I”m seeing just about anywhere, most of the focus the next few days is going to be on the historical Inauguration of Barack Obama as the next President of the United States.  No matter how you look at it, this will be a historic […]

Monitoring Election Coverage Using Social Media


One of the benefits of blogging for a site like GBM is that we get to test out equipment. So, occasionally I have multiple devices that I’m evaluating at my disposal. That is coming in handy today. You see in addition to being a gadget junkie, I’m also a politics and news junkie as well. […]

Bug in EverNote Update for iPhone/iPod Touch Fixed


For those Inkers out there who also use an iPhone or an iPod Touch and the EverNote app for those devices there was great rejoicing earlier this week when it was announced that EverNote released an update that allowed for client-side storage of notes on those two Apple MIDs. Then a bug was discovered and […]