How to Check Your Upgrade Eligibility for the iPhone 6


The iPhone 6 has been officially announced and is set to release to the public on September 19. Tons of users will no doubt be waiting in line to get their brand-new iPhone come launch day, but before you head out to stake your place in line, it’s a good idea to see if you’re eligible […]

Verizon 4G LTE Speeds & Capacity Doubled in Major Cities


Verizon Wireless recently confirmed that some major cities were experiencing slowdowns and sub-par network performance across the US due to the overwhelming demand and popularity of devices, and today a fix is finally starting to roll out. Being one of the best and most popular providers has its downside, and as a result Verizon needed […]

Samsung Galaxy J Tipped to Arrive Ahead of Galaxy S5


Being first introduced and teased back in October, Samsung is gearing up to release another smartphone this month following a successful launch of the Galaxy Note 3. The smartphone is called the Galaxy J, and is essentially an improved Galaxy S4. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is one of the company’s most impressive and popular handsets to […]

How to Upgrade to OS X Mavericks

Finish the OS X Mavericks upgrade process and sign up for iCloud Keychain.

The OS X Mavericks release is here and best of all it’s a free upgrade that users can download today from the Mac App Store for a fast and easy installation. In this guide we will show you how to install OS X Mavericks even if you aren’t familiar with upgrading your own computer. If […]

How to Save Money on iPhone 5s and Upgrade Early

Plan on sticking around to activate that iPhone 5S.

If you’re eyeing a new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c that was announced by Apple earlier this week, but are still within your two-year contract with your carrier, will you have to shell out full price to get the phone of your dreams? You may qualify for some early upgrade incentives if you want that […]

OS X Mavericks Release Date & Price Predictions

Check out our OS X Mavericks price and release date predictions.

Apple announced OS X Mavericks back in June at the annual WWDC event sharing a number of new Mavericks features with the crowd and offering a beta for developers, but the company remains mum on the OS X Mavericks release date and price. OS X Mavericks is OS X 10.9, and is first release to […]

AT&T Already Prepping Customers for iPhone 5S Upgrades [Updated]

AT&T Premier - Phone & Device Selection

AT&T customers may be treated for a surprise when they log in to their accounts online as AT&T is presenting some iPhone 5 customers with the option to qualify for a discounted upgrade already. In the past, AT&T Mobility offered current iPhone customers in the middle of a two-year contract the option for a discount–depending […]

AT&T Next Brings Annual Device Upgrades


The Rethink Possible network had just announced AT&T Next, a handset and tablet upgrade program that is aimed squarely at competing against T-Mobile’s recently JUMP plan. Next allows users to get a new handset every year with no down payment, no activation fees, no upgrade fees, and no financing fees. The program officially launches nationwide […]

The ‘Un-Carrier’ Era May Impact Android the Most


In the U.S., T-Mobile is believed to be announcing a new era this month that will mark the end for smartphone subsidies. Though the nation’s fourth largest carrier may be doing away with subsidies, it will allow customers to finance their handsets over installment payments, making it more affordable to walk out the door with […]

20 Reasons OS X Mountain Lion Is Worth $20

Safari iCloud Tabs

The best way Mac owners can spend $19.99 is to head over to the App Store and upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion. The OS X Mountain Lion update (OS X 10.8) can be installed on multiple Macs, so long as they’re all using the same Apple ID for App Store purchases. Households with multiple […]

Microsoft Offers Windows Users $40 Upgrade Path to Windows 8 Pro


Microsoft is being aggressive with its forthcoming Windows 8 release, which will come in three flavors with Windows 8 Pro being the highest-end business class version of the touch-centric OS. The company is allowing Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 users an opportunity to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $40 using the […]

OS X Mountain Lion Arrives in July for $19.99

OS X Mountain Lion

The new version of OS X arrives in July with a $19.99 upgrade fee and support for upgrades all the way back to Snow Leopard. Users who buy a new Mac today will get a free upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion when it launches in July, and users who already own a Mac can […]

Apple TV 1080P Review (2012)

Apple TV 2012

If you look at the new 3rd generation Apple TV as an iPad accessory that also lets you watch streaming content, then it’s nearly a five-star product and the one of the best iPad accessories you can buy. If you see it as a set-top box for viewing streaming content that also works with the iPad […]

Why You Should Wait to Upgrade to iOS 5.1

How to Upgrade to iOS 5.1

iOS 5.1 brings a number of great new features to the iPhone and iPad. We are recommending that most users upgrade to iOS 5.1 as soon as possible, but for a few users, this doesn’t make sense. (Read: 5 Reasons You Should Upgrade to iOS 5.1 Today) If you fall into one of these categories, you should […]

5 Reasons to Upgrade to iOS 5.1 Today

iOS 5.1 Update

Apple has released iOS 5.1, a new version of the software that powers you iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. There are a ton of great new features in iOS 5.1 that make it one of the best updates to iOS yet. While many users are already on iOS 5.0.1, this update is the perfect reason […]

Should I Upgrade to the New iPad?

new iPad

Like clockwork, Apple released the new iPad on March 7th. And like clockwork, iPad owners started asking, “Should I Upgrade to the new iPad?” The iPad and iPad 2 sold millions of tablets, which means many potential new iPad buyers already have an iPad. If you are sitting there looking at your iPad, wondering if […]

Sprint Offers Customers Early Upgrades to Close Out 2011, iPhone Included


To close out the year, Sprint is offering customers in good standing the opportunity to nab an early upgrade to a good smartphone–with Apple’s iPhone included in the mix for selection–for a discounted subsidized price if they agree to sign on for another two-year service agreement. The ‘Upgrade Glee’ promotion is an unadvertised promotion that […]