iPhone 5S Carriers Confirmed in U.S.

Here are the best iPhone trade-in values for users who plan to buy the iPhone 5S in September.

The iPhone 5S will be heading to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon at the very least as Apple’s website confirms that the carriers will be offering the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on September 20th. Apple’s website confirmed several important details for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C buyers today including the fact that the iPhone […]

iPhone 5S Release Date Confirmed with iPhone 5C for Sept 20th

Apple announced the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S release date at the end of an event today in California.

The iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S release date is confirmed for September 20th. Apple will start to take iPhone 5C pre-orders on September 13th, so users can go online and reserve the iPhone 5C for $99 or $199 on contract. The iPhone 5S is not available for pre-order but users can order online or in […]

Verizon iPhone 5S: It’s Time for Talk and Surf, Can Apple Deliver?

There is hope the Verizon iPhone 5S will support talk and surf at the same time, but it's not clear if Apple can deliver.

We expect Apple will announce the iPhone 5S this week at a special event at the Apple headquarters in California. While there are plenty of iPhone 5S rumors and features that we want to see, Verizon customers have a special wish — a Verizon iPhone 5S that can talk and surf at the same time. […]

Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Pre-Orders Start After Bumpy Launch

The new Pen Window mode available on the Verizon Galaxy Note 3.

The Verizon Galaxy Note 3 price is set at $299 and pre-orders are now live as Verizon matches AT&T for price and comes close to the Galaxy Note 3 U.S. release date set by AT&T. The Verizon Galaxy Note 3 price is in line with other contract pricing, but it appears the carrier is undercutting the competition […]

Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Pre-Order Hints at Faster Release

Verizon is doing something a bit different with its Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch as the carrier has uncharacteristically been forthcoming with information about the upcoming device. In fact, the carrier, which typically has been short with information, has confirmed its Galaxy Note 3 pre-order which will begin tomorrow at 9AM EST. Yesterday, Samsung announced […]

Verizon LG G2 Release Date Set for September 12


Verizon Wireless has announced that the LG G2 will launch in the US on their network on September 12. A September release date for the new LG device has been rumored since late July, and just recently it was focused down to a “mid-September” launch, with a spot-on prediction of a September 12 launch date […]

Verizon HTC One Featured in Amazing Deal

Verizon HTC One Video

Those looking to buy the Verizon HTC One will surely want to take a look at a deal that has the device priced $100 below Verizon’s $199.99 on-contract asking price. In August, after months of toying with customers, Verizon released the HTC One, a device that had arrived on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile all the […]

Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Pre-Order Coming Soon

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Official

Verizon has typically been last to announce details for big name devices but the carrier has come right out of the gate today saying that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 pre-orders will arrive soon ahead of a release date that is likely going to touch down in October. In the past, we’ve seen Verizon remain mum […]

Apple & Verizon Reportedly Prepare for Busy iPhone 5S Release Date

Apple support staff and Verizon employees are reportedly on restricted vacation schedules for the iPhone 5S release date timeframe.

Verizon and Apple are preparing for an iPhone 5S release date near September 20th according to new reports which claim the carrier and iPhone maker are limiting vacation for employees during late September to keep all hands on deck for a major launch. Apple is reportedly planning an iPhone 5S event on September 10th where […]

Is This the Blue Verizon HTC One?

Control the HTC One notification LED.

It should only be a matter of time before the blue HTC One lands somewhere, possibly as another Verizon HTC One option and thanks to two leaks, we now have a good idea about what to expect from the blue HTC One. The blue HTC One is not a very well kept secret. We’ve seen […]

Droid Ultra Video: First Impressions

Verizon Droid Ultra Video -  001

The Verizon Droid Ultra is one of Verizon’s latest smartphones, arriving to fill the shoes of the Droid RAZR HD which came before it and while there is no longer a RAZR in the name, there are some fan favorite features on the Droid Ultra. Verizon’s Droid Ultra is $199 on contract and arrives as […]

T-Mobile Jump v. AT&T Next v. Verizon Edge: True Cost of Ownership


T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon are now offering competitive plans that supposedly free you up from a long two-year contract. In lieu of a contract and phone subsidies, you’ll end up paying full retail price on your next smartphone with convenient interest-free financing, but will any of these new programs capture your interest? Down payments, monthly […]

Verizon HTC One Video: Unboxing & Hardware Tour

Verizon HTC One Video

The Verizon HTC One is finally here, bringing the aluminum unibody design of the HTC One to Verizon 4G LTE with all the software features users lusted after on models that launched earlier and a little bit of software we could do without. The Verizon HTC One release landed last week, marking the end of […]

Verizon Edge Arrives With Verizon Max to Tempt Unlimited Data Users

Old iPhones, iPads and Android devices hold value.

The new Verizon Edge plan is now live, offering Verizon customers a new option to stay up to date with the latest smartphones. Like most of the new Verizon offers and promotions this one is aimed at customers on a Share Everything Plan, but Verizon is making a special offer for users with unlimited data […]

LG G Pad Rumored to Head to Verizon After Debuting at IFA

It's been a while since LG refreshed its LG Optimus G Pad slate. The G Pad is rumored to succeed this model.

LG’s rumored 8.3-inch G Pad tablet may find itself a home in the U.S. on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. The tablet, which will mark LG’s re-entry into the Android tablet space, will be a premium offering as its G name designates following the rebranding of its flagship smartphone to the LG G2. The 8.3-inch screen […]

Droid 5 Leak Shows Off Motorola’s Best-In-Class Keyboard


The keyboard isn’t quite dead yet, at least not on a smartphone with a sliding QWERTY form factor. Motorola, which had made the keyboard a staple since the release of the original Droid, is now back at the form factor again with a potential Droid 5. Newly leaked pictures show off what appears to be […]

Verizon HTC One Immediately Loses Perk

The Verizon HTC One release date is confirmed for August 22nd.

The Verizon HTC One has already lost one of its perks as its bootloader can no longer be unlocked using HTC’s HTCDev website. Yesterday, the Verizon HTC One finally hit shelves after months and months of rumor and speculation. The device saw a number of different release day developments including a deal that offered up […]

Verizon HTC One: 5 New Key Details to Know

How to Multitask on the HTC ONe (1)

Finally, after months and months of speculation, rumors and waiting, the Verizon HTC One release date is here for those who decided to wait for Big Red’s version of HTC’s current flagship. And while the device is finally out on shelves, there are some key things that current and future buyers need to know about […]

Verizon HTC One Finally On Sale in Store and Online

The Verizon HTC One release date finally arrives.

The Verizon HTC One release date is finally here, and the all metal aluminum HTC One is available online and in Verizon stores for $199 on a two-year contract. Verizon and HTC announced the HTC One in June, but it took several months for the Verizon HTC One with 4G LTE and Android 4.2.2 to arrive […]

Motorola Droid Mini Release Date Moved Up

The Droid MAXX from Verizon is shipping out ahead of is August 20th release.

The Motorola Droid Mini release date has seemingly moved up from August 29th to August 22nd, the same day that Verizon will unleash the long awaited HTC One unto the world. Earlier this year, Verizon announced that the Motorola Droid Mini would be released just a few days after the Droid Ultra and Droid MAXX. […]