Dropbox for iPhone Adds Automatic Photo Uploading

Dropbox photo upload

*+-iPhone users who rely on Dropbox no longer have to worry about their friends with Android having a much better Dropbox app. The latest version of Dropbox for iOS adds the ability to automatically upload photos to the cloud storage service. According to Engadget, the new Dropbox for iOS 1.5 offers the ability to automatically […]

iPhone 5 Concept Video: Stunning Transparent Display, Laser Keyboard

iPhone 5 concept with transparent display.

*+-The only fun part about waiting for the iPhone 5 release date is looking at all the amazing iPhone 5 concepts. We’ve already looked at countless iPhone 5 mock ups and concepts, but this iPhone 5 concept by 17-year-old Dakota Adney is easily one of the best. Apple has no way of releasing this phone […]

Next Generation MacBook Pro Video

Next-Generation MacBook Pro

*+-Apple announced its new MacBook Pro with Retina Display at WWDC 2012. Apple showed developers a video about the new MacBook Pro during the keynote and just uploaded it to its official YouTube channel. The video provides an overview of the latest MacBook Pro and explains how the company designed it. The video starts with Jonathan Ives explaining […]

Tim Cook Talks Apple at All Things Digital’s D10 Conference (Video)

Tim Cook at D Conference

*+-Tim Cook talked to Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at their All Things Digital annual D Conference where he talk all things Apple. Tim looked very comfortable in the same chair that Steve Jobs occasionally filled. This was Cook’s first significant public interview recorded for all to see since taking over as the CEO of […]

PSA: Don’t Shoot Vertical Videos

iPhone 4s camera

*+-Anybody who’s visited YouTube recently will know there’s a serious problem with some videos: the videographer held their phone wrong way when they recorded it. Vertical videos on the web is a huge problem at the moment, and one that we can easily prevent. Nobody wants to watch videos with huge black bars on the […]

iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup: Release Date, Design, Display & iOS 6

Taller and wider iPhone 5,

*+-As we crawl towards the iPhone 5 release date this fall we are learning more about what to expect from the iPhone 5. We don’t expect an iPhone 5 announcement at WWDC 2012 on June 11th, but we should learn something about the new iPhone and a lot about iOS 6 at the WWDC 2012 […]

Droid Incredible 4G LTE Appears in Lengthy Video Ahead of Release Date


*+-The Droid Incredible 4G LTE remains one of the most anticipated smartphone s for Verizon thanks to a 4-inch display and fast 4G LTE connectivity. While we wait for an official Droid Incredible 4G LTE release date announcement from Verizon, we had to share this early Droid Incredible 4G LTE hands on video. An un-named […]

iOS 6 Concept Video Shows Streamlined Experience for iPhone

iOS 6 logo

*+-Apple will almost certainly announce iOS 6 at WWDC 2012 on June 11th. While we have a good idea about what improvements may come to the iPhone and iPad in iOS 6, we’ve yet to see what they might look like in action. Redmond Pie discovered an iOS 6 concept video detailing one user’s ideas […]

iPhone 5 Concept Appears in Video

iPhone 5 Concept Appears in Video

*+-While several iPhone 5 concepts have appeared as images, today we have a look at an iPhone 5 concept on video. Isaac Royo, courtesy of 9to5Mac, posted a video today showcasing an iPhone with a 3.95-inch screen and several other bells and whistles that have been rumored to be coming along with Apple’s next iPhone. […]

Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE MiFi 4620L First Impressions (Video)

JetPack MiFI 4620L

*+-The Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE MiFi 4620L is a new mobile hotspot that runs on Verizon’s 4G LTE network and offers many reasons to upgrade from older MiFi hotspots. We first caught a look at the MiFi Jetpack 4620L at CES 2012, and it’s nice to finally go hands on with the improved 4G LTE MiFi […]

This is How iPad Text Entry Should Be in iOS 6 (Video)


*+-Entering and editing long blocks of data on the iPad is tiresome and time consuming. Apple could change the way we edit text with iOS 6, and if they do I hope Apple is watching this amazing iPad keyboard demo. Instead of taping and holding or using the magnifying glass, Daniel Hooper’s iPad prototype keyboard uses gestures and methods to insert text, select text […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Hands On Videos: Hardware, Software, Camera

Samsung GALAXY S III profile

*+-The Samsung Galaxy S III is official, and while you wait for the U.S. release date, I recommend watching the following Galaxy S III hands on videos and mini reviews to get a closer look at the Galaxy S III. These hands on videos cover the design and looks of the Galaxy S III, a […]

Hulu to Take Major Step Backward With Cord Cutting


*+-Internet video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu were once heralded for their forward-thinking, allowing consumers the option to migrate away from expensive cable, satellite, or fiber paid TV services in favor of cheaper monthly subscription costs. However, that may change as Hulu, which is owned by a Provident Equity and a consortium of TV […]

Watch an iPhone Survive a 82 MPH Slapshot (Video)

G-form X-Protect iPhone case

*+-The iPhone, ice and a slapshot don’t usually mix, but in a promotion for the new G-Form X-Protect iPhone case, we can watch an iPhone sail into the goal thanks to an 82 MPH slapshot. With the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs in full swing, G-Form took advantage of the hockey mania to test out the extreme […]

Watch Multiple iPad Apps Running On Screen at the Same Time

multiple iPad apps on screen at once

*+-Using two apps side by side on the iPad is one of the few limitations that prevents me from using the iPad to replace a laptop. The stock iPad cannot display two apps side by side, which means there’s no way to reference a webpage while writing or follow a twitter feed while watching Hulu […]

10 iPad and iPhone Apps for Traveling Preschoolers

Transportation Jigsaw Puzzle 123 for iPad

*+-Here are 10 iPhone and iPad apps we recommend parents use to keep preschoolers entertained during long trips. Of course a preschooler doesn’t really ‘need’ an iPad, but many parents can attest to the fact that iPads can make travelling more enjoyable for everyone. Read: Tech Toys for Toddlers Finding the right educational games and […]

5 Things I Hate About Android


*+-For everything Android does right, there are some things the platform can’t get right to save it’s life. I’ve been an Android user for years, and I still carry an Android device with me almost every day. After spending 6 months using both an iPhone and an Android smartphone I’ve settled on 5 things I […]

How to Watch Your Own Video on Kindle Fire


*+-If you own a Kindle Fire, then you know it’s really easy to watch video you rented or purchased from Amazon using the video tab on the home page. But how do you watch your own videos? Maybe you made a great MP4 video of your family vacation or kid’s soccer game you want to […]

AT&T HTC One X Benchmarks Blow Away Competition

HTC One X benchmarks

*+-The HTC One X is coming to AT&T in the U.S. with a dual core processor, instead of the quad-core processor found in the international version, but if these benchmarks are to be believed there’s no reason to worry. Early HTC One X benchmarks are online, showing a strong performance that backs up our hands […]

High School Ditches Textbooks for iPads, Internet and Apps (Video)

*+-Apple made a big deal about the iPad in education when they kicked off the year with iTunes U and a major eTextbook initiative. The push, is to get iPads into classrooms and take a cut of textbook sales, but it looks like Apple may have to settle for the hardware cut — at least […]