Mind Blowing Photoshop CS6 Demo Video


Photoshop CS6 is all about the wow factor, and this new demo is no different. Instead spending hours to move an object from one spot in your photo to another, it takes seconds. Better yet, it’s so simple even you and I can do it. If you’ve ever wanted to move a car, a person […]

Google Doodle Dials in Love for Valentine’s Day

Google Doodle Valentines Day

Google has been known to pull out all the stops for special Google Doodles, but today’s Valentine’s Day Google Doodle is a step above the standard drawings with a minute long animated Google Doodle love story. You can see the Valentine’s Day Google Doodle by visiting Google.com on your desktop, or you can watch the […]

Avid Studio for iPad: Great Potential, But Too Unstable


I downloaded the new Avid Studio iPad video editing tool when it launched last week and tested it out this weekend after shooting some video of my kid’s recreation league basketball game. Avid Studio for iPad has great potential as a mobile video editing solution, but it proved too unstable to be usful. If the app […]

Droid 4 Review: Hardware Tour & Keyboard Performance (Video)

Droid 4 Review Keyboard

The Motorola Droid 4 brings the iconic Droid line up to date with the addition of 4G LTE and a vastly improved keyboard. While the phone is still waiting for Android 4.0, it has a collection of features that many consumers have clamored for. If you settled for the Samsung Stratosphere, you may want to […]

Chrome for Android Hands On Video And Impressions

Google Chrome for Android Desktop Sync

Google has finally released Chrome for Android, a new web browser for Ice Cream Sandwich phones and tablets like the Galaxy Nexus and Transformer Prime. The new Google Chrome for Android app features deeper integration with Chrome for your computer, including the ability to seamlessly open up the tabs you left open on your computer, […]

Corning Visualizes Our Glass Future: Tablets & Huge Displays (Video)

Augmented Reality Transparent Tablet

You might know Corning for their Gorilla Glass and Gorilla Glass 2 that provide great durability to your smartphone and tablet displays, but Corning makes much more than tablet glass. In this new video, Corning envisions the future, specifically the role smart glass will have in your day-to-day life. In A Day Made of Glass […]

5 Ways I’m Using my WIMM One Smart Watch Today

Smart Watch WIMM One Text notification

The days of watches that only tell you time and date are long gone. At CES we saw an explosion of smart watches from many vendors, but the most exciting smart watch I saw was the one I had on my wrist. For the past month I’ve been wearing a smart watch, or as WIMM […]

iPads Pushing Enterprise Tablet Adoption and Sales

enterprise tablets

Many companies are catching tablet fever and have started looking for ways to increase productivity or simplify workflows with tablets. Some companies like SAP are doing this with consumer tablets like the iPad, but others are opting for more rugged solutions. The iPad’s success is benefiting enterprise-grade tablet makers such as TabletKiosk, MobileDemand, DAP Technologies and Xplore. The iPad is the most popular […]

Droid RAZR MAXX First Impressions and Unboxing Video

Droid RAZR MAXX Impressions

The Droid RAZR is just months old, but Motorola has already seen fit to introduce another mmber to the RAZR family, the Droid RAZR MAXX. The Droid RAZR (review) was known for a super thin design and Kevlar back, but it lacked in the battery life department. We saw 11-12 hours of battery life in […]

id America Gasket iPhone Case Review

id America Gasket Case Review

iPhone cases are a dime a dozen, but now and then I see one that stands out. Enter the Gasket iPhone case from id America. The id America Gasket case is a brushed aluminum iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S case that looks absolutely stunning. The machined case is inspired by the head gasket you’d find inside a […]

WiThings Smart Baby Scale Tracks Weight and Height on Your Phone

WiThings Smart Baby Scale with WiFi

WiThings is best known for their WiFi connected health accessories, and at CES 2012 we got a look at a new tool that will be of interest to parents, especially parents obsessed with tracking their child’s height and weight. The WiThings WiFi baby scale connects to your home network and seamlessly sends your child’s measurements to the app on your iPhone, Android or web […]

IdeaTab S2 Tablet and Keyboard Dock Hands On Video

Ideatab S2110

The market for 10 inch tablets is pretty crowded, but Lenovo hopes that the IdeaTab S2 can standout with a custom Ice Cream Sandwich interface and a locking keyboard dock. The IdeaTab S2110 as you’ll see it called online, measures under 9mm thick and offers a clean design. This second generation IdeaTab tablet shows a […]

Shooting Mobile Video at CES 2012 with the mCAM (Video)

Mobile Video Rig with iPhone 4S

Here at CES 2012 we want to bring hands on videos to you as fast as possible, but we also want to make sure that you have good quality video. To do this, we paired the iPhone with a collection of great accessories from ALM to streamline the video editing process. We have got questions […]

iPhones Account for 78% of Mobile Video Viewing [Infographic]

Mobile video Infographic

Where do you prefer to watch your movies? While many of you will point to your HDTV, there is a surprising amount of video watching happening on our computers and our mobile devices. A new Infographic from Wistia explores where we watch the most video and how likely we are to watch the full video based […]

Galaxy Nexus Release Date Rumors, Early Sales and Unboxing Video

Galaxy Nexus Release Date

The Galaxy Nexus release date is still up in the air, but new reports are coming in that make December the 13th a little less certain. The good news is many retailers have the Galaxy Nexus with 4G LTE in stock, including some stores which have sold the Galaxy Nexus early, granting us an unboxing. […]

HTC Titan battery life and camera samples


In my series showing my transition from Android back to Windows Phone, I have noted that the battery life has been lacking on the HTC Titan. I know the reason for this is that I couldn’t put the phone down for more than 10 minutes. It was in my hand all day for the 1st […]

Nook Tablet Review: Loading and Playing Your Own Video

Nook Tablet

The Nook Tablet is a sweet little multimedia tablet that has access to two of the best sources of streaming video available right now. However, it currently lacks a good source for purchasing video content, meaning you’ll have to bring your own. Finding video for Android devices is a constant problem since there aren’t many […]

18 Reasons to Jailbreak the iPhone 4S

Five Icon Switcher

The iPhone 4S has been available for a month, and we are still waiting for a proper jailbreak. You might want to know why so many of us are excited for an iPhone 4S jailbreak, so I have rounded up 18 reasons to jailbreak the iPhone 4S. I’ve already shared 5 reasons I am excited, […]

Droid RAZR Sample Video

Droid RAZR back

As I mentioned in my previous post, I took the Droid RAZR out this weekend and used it as my primary camera to really push its limits. On the photo side the results weren’t so great. But this smartphone boasts 1080p HD video capture–just like the iPhone 4S. How good is it? I’ve recorded five […]