T-Mobile Officially Brings Back Free Wi-Fi Calls


We had thought that T-Mobile was going to officially bring free and unlimited Wi-Fi calls back on May 11th but the announcement never came. Fortunately, today, Kineto Wireless and T-Mobile both confirmed that Wi-Fi calls with phones that support UMA are now free. In a message passed along to GigaOm today, T-Mobile stated that it’s: […]

T-Mobile Bringing Back Unlimited Wi-Fi Calling on May 11th

T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling

There is some exciting news afoot for T-Mobile customers as it looks like the carrier will be adding a new feature on May 11th that brings back free Wi-Fi calling for devices that are capable of doing so. TMoNews has uncovered an internal note that not only indicates that T-Mobile will allow unlimited Wi-Fi calling […]

Sprint BlackBerry PlayBook Reportedly Delayed Again

Sprint BlackBerry PlayBook

While we had heard that Sprint’s BlackBerry PlayBook would be launching on May 8th alongside the Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi and the Nexus S 4G. Unfortunately, it looks like May 8th isn’t going to be the date that the PlayBook hits Sprint as new found evidence points to another delay. An internal document procured by BriefMobile […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Headed to Verizon

BlackBerry PlayBook for Verizon

According to Verizon’s 2011 winter consumer guide (seriously), the BlackBerry PlayBook will be headed to the network ‘soon.’ This is of course great news for folks who were downtrodden after Verizon indicated that it was still evaluating whether or not the PlayBook would show up on the network. When it’s going to show up exactly […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Coming to Sprint on May 8th?

Sprint BlackBerry PlayBook

According to a report that’s backed with evidence, Sprint and RIM will be launching the BlackBerry PlayBook, in Wi-Fi only flavor, on May 8th. The evidence is an internal document that was snagged by SpanTechular and it indicates that May 8th is the day that the recently released BlackBerry PlayBook will be out and available […]

AT&T 3G MicroCell Review: Good Quality But Don’t Pay For It


AT&T offers a small base station calle a MicroCell, which is supposed to boost your network connection at your home. In testing, we found that the AT&T MicroCell is nice, but we wouldn’t pay for one. When AT&T offered to give me a free 3G MicroCell, I took them up on the offer. It was […]

Sprint Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot Hands On

Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot

Sprint is announcing their new Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot. It is a mobile wireless broadband router which connects to their 4G network offering faster broadband speeds to eight other devices like a laptop, tablets or other wi-fi gadgets. Our own Chuong Nguyen was able to get an early look at the device and ran […]

Boeing, Honeywell prove Wi-Fi can interfere with airplane equipment

Flight Mode

Boeing and Honeywell Avionics claim that display units used by pilots can experience “blanking” when exposed to Wi-Fi equipment operating at “elevated power levels”. Fortunately, current onboard airplane Wi-Fi does not operate at “elevated power levels” so no worries there, but could a lot of Wi-Fi devices operating at once have the same effect?

Up, up and away: FCC approves “Super Wi-Fi”


Word out of Washington is the Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously to allow the use of “white spaces” for wireless broadband, allowing for the creation of what they call “Super Wi-Fi”.

Plan for free nationwide Wi-Fi off the table


Ars Technica reports that a plan to build a nationwide Wi-Fi network has been removed from consideration by the FCC. The decision drew protests by the plan’s promoter and cheers from wireless providers who were against the idea. Where do you stand on the issue?

Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks starting in July


Good news for everyone willing to pay $5.00 for a cup of coffee but not one cent for Wi-Fi hotspot access: Starbucks is finally lifting the registered customer-only restrictions on their in-store hotspot access starting next month. Let new construction of Starbucks offices begin!

Sleek MiFi with OLED display from Three hitting the UK


Gotta hand it to UK wireless service provider Three on knowing the way into a geek’s heart. Not only have they fitted their MiFi mobile hotspot with an OLED display for detailed device data, but they’ve rounded off display corners and made it black. Now you and your nerd buddies can look cool while sharing […]

Aloft Hotel Loves Geeks


Traveling with a bag full of computers and gadgets can be a real pain. One of the most frustrating things I deal with when traveling is that most hotel rooms simply aren’t set up for guests traveling with multiple computers, cameras and mobile devices. There’s rarely enough AC outlets to plug more than a couple […]

AT&T launching Wi-Fi Hotzone in Times Square


In a move to get their New York City customers online (and divert traffic away from their overcrowded 3G network), AT&T has announced a Wi-Fi “hotzone” program that aims to cover broader areas with Wi-Fi, starting with the ever-busy Times Square.

Hey AT&T, how about improving your Wi-Fi speed too?

AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot at Reston Starbucks at Barnes & Noble

About a week ago, AT&T announced their intent to increase their 3G speeds via HSPA+, potentially boosting it to up to 14.4Mbps. That’s all well and good, really. But I have to wonder, AT&T, if your 3G speeds can get that high, why do your Wi-Fi speeds seem so low?

BlackBerry Gets Attacked by Droids: First Impressions


I managed to snag a Motorola Droid from my local Verizon store in Huber Heights, Ohio, after work yesterday.  To my surprise there was no line and the store was fairly empty.  A few customers were checking out the Droid, but the crowd was thin.  I asked the Verizon employee assisting me how the day […]

Virgin America CEO Loves His ThinkPad

I sat across the aisle from David Cush on Virgin America’s inaugural flight from SFO to SNA yesterday. He was using a ThinkPad x60 and had a lot of good things to say about it. Naturally, I took the opportunity to shoot a GBM Shortcut. Cush likes ThinkPads’ keyboards so much that he refuses to […]

AirTurn: Wireless, Hands-Free Page Turning for Musicians


Hear that sweet music?   It’s coming from Hugh Sung and his new company, AirTurn.   The company sells wireless, hands-free page turning transmitters for musicians that use Tablet PCs or laptops to read music.   The AirTurn device hooks up to your computer via USB, is easy to use, and compatible with many operating […]

American Airlines Wi-Fi Announcement Coming Soon


Want to go mobile in a whole new way? Over the past several months, American Airlines has been testing Wi-Fi on three routes. A rep from American Airlines is telling us in a meeting at CntrStg that they expect to make an announcement very soon regarding their tests, and when the rest of us might […]