How to Find Free iPhone Games

Don’t believe that there are no free iPhone games.


The iPhone has a large number of fun and exclusive games avaialble for free.

On top of all the free apps, Apple is launching a new free app promotion to deliver a free iPhone app or free iPad app every week.

Developers also offer limited time deals on apps, offering paid apps for for free.


I’ll show you how to find the top free iPhone games in the app store, apps to help you find paid iPhone apps that are free or on sale and share some of the best free iPhone games to get you started.


How to Find Free iPhone Games

From your home screen tap on App Store

Once the store loads select Categories

Select Games


Choose a category of game or select All Games

Your next screen will show a list of a certain type of games, and by choosing Top Free this is the best way to find free games within a category.


iPhone Apps to Find Free Games

Along with searching the app store directly for free games there are also several apps that help you find free games. These apps keep track of special deals on paid apps and also paid games that are now available for free.

Paid IPhone apps for FreeA great app that does this on the iPhone is called AppShopper. This app allows you to view and sort free games that are in the app store. In addition to what you can sort through on the App store, AppShopper allows you to be notified when an app has a price drop or turns into a free application. You can also sort by iPhone only apps, iPad only apps or Universal apps.

Another app that helps with this on the iPad is Appsfire Deals. Appsfire Deals creates a custom selection for you based on the categories of apps that you select when first opening the application. There is a top free section and also a price drops section on the left side of the screen.

AppsGoneFree is another app that makes finding free iPhone games and apps incredibly easy. This app is perfect for finding paid apps that are now free. Editor Josh Smith has saved $15 in the past month with this app.


5 Awesome Free iPhone Games

Temple RunTemple Run is a a game in which you are being chased and you must navigate along a treacherous path and also collect coins along the way for special power ups.

Doodle JumpDoodle Jump is a well designed game where you jump from level to level while fighting off creatures along the way. the higher you go the more points and jumping abilities you gain.

Traffic Rush Traffic Rush is a strategy game that allows you to control the safety of a four way intersection. Although it seems simple at first when more cars start coming at a quicker pace things can become quite dicey.

Scribattle Scribattle is a game where you defend your planet against a Scri invasion. This fast paced game is both fun and at times frustrating.

Jetpack JoyrideJetPack Joyride offers a fun side scrolling jetpack game with tons of gadgets and powerups. Challenges keep the game interesting. In-app purchases exist, but aren’t necessary for fun.

Jetpack Joyride free

Although the App store has more paid apps than the Android Market, there are still quite a few free apps and games available as long as you know where to look.