How to Delete Photos From iPhone Camera Roll

Many of us use the iPhone as our primary camera, but very few of us delete old pictures because we love to show them off to friends and family.


All of these pictures can quickly add up in the camera roll, taking up precious space on the iPhone’s internal storage. These pictures, and especially movies, use a lot of space.

In a few quick and simple steps you can slim down your camera roll to just the shots you want to keep.

If you turn on PhotoStream, you can always see the last 1,000 photos and videos you’ve taken during the last month, even if you remove them from your iPhone.

How to Delete Photos from Camera Roll on the iPhone

Deleting a single photo

1.  Select Photos on the home screen.



2. Tap on a single photo that you would like to delete.

3. Then tap the trash can icon in the bottom right of the screen, and then choose Delete Photo.

*As a side note, when the picture is deleted there is no need to “remove it” from a trash can or recycle bin like when deleting files off a computer.


Deleting Multiple photos at once 

1. While in your camera roll choose the Share Button.

2. Choose the photos that you wish to delete and press Delete.

How to Delete entire Albums

Deleting individual photos from the camera roll is the best way to clear up space but another way is to Delete Albums. When an album is deleted however the pictures inside the album are still stored in camera roll so they do not get removed entirely, they are only no longer in that specific album.


How to Delete Albums


Tap Edit in the Top Right.

Tap Red CircleTap the Red Circle.


Select DeleteSelect Delete.

Delete Album

Tap Delete Album to complete the process.

Once again the photos in the album will be still located in the camera roll, but they will no longer be inside that album.

Connect to a Computer

In addition to the methods mentioned above you could also sync your phone to iPhoto. Once your camera roll is backed up there, you could delete all the photos from your iPhone and only put back the ones you want.

It is much simpler to just delete multiple photos by using the share button, compared to the transferring back and forth of the camera roll.

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Another tip to be aware of deals with when photos are both in an album and also stored in the camera roll. There is No Way to delete a photo from the camera roll and also keep that photo in an album. While it may be nice to trim down the camera roll and sort your photos into albums, the original photo must stay in the camera roll. If Apple ever changes this, the post will be updated to say otherwise.