HTC EVO V 4G Launches on Virgin Mobile

Today is a big day for customers of Virgin Mobile as the HTC EVO V 4G has launched on its new 4G WiMax network.

Earlier this month, Virgin Mobile and select retailers began taking pre-orders for the device in anticipation of the EVO V 4G’s May 31st release date and finally, that day has arrived.

The device is currently in-stock at Radio Shack, however, it appears that Best Buy is still only taking pre-orders and Virgin Mobile’s website hasn’t been updated to reflect the launch.

We’ve also had two readers chime in saying that Radio Shack stores don’t have the phone in-stock at physical retail locations.


A Virgin Mobile spokesperson has told us that the carrier is working on it and that the phone will be coming thorough today. They also noted that the delay does have something to do with the issues that HTC has been having with U.S. Customs but they would not elaborate.

So as of right now, interested parties should head over to Radio Shack and we’ll let you know if we hear anything about stocking shortages.

The EVO V 4G will be running on Virgin Mobile’s 4G WiMax network and it will be the carrier’s version of the HTC EVO 3D.

The EVO V 4G will be powered by a 1730 mAh battery and 1GB RAM, a 1GHz processor, and it will also feature a 4.3-inch qHD touchscreen, a 5MP camera in the rear and a 1.3MP camera in the front, 4GB of memory with an 8GB memory card included, and HDMI.

It will also come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich right out of the box which means consumers won’t have to endure a long wait for the software upgrade like many other Android owners have had to do.

Those interested will need a data plan though and Virgin Mobile will be offering its $35 unlimited data plan for the EVO V 4G.


  1. I just went to my local radio shack and they said none of the local radio shack stores has it in stock, but it is in the warehouse…

  2. ya it pisses me off ive been literally counting down the seconds to may 31st and i go on the website at 7am and it still wasnt updated i was soooo upset cuz i want that fucken phone real bad!!! i called customer service and bitched and told them to update that shit and shouldve told them to stop false advertising!!!!

  3. Your last paragraph shows how unfamiliar you are with virgin mobiles pricing structure. All beyond talk plans include 2.5G of unthrottled data and ‘unlimited’ data after that at throttled speeds. The 35$ plan *is* their cheapest beyond talk plan and nets you 300 minutes of talk time. Admittedly not much but MMS and texting is inclusive and unlimited as well. Additionally “minus the 3d” is a pretty vauge statement. The renamed phone retains the 3d capabilities of the sprint version (htc evo 3d) dropping only the “3D” from the name ‘HTC EVO V 4G’

  4. I’ve been waiting for this phone! I was so mad when I missed the Radio Shack preorders and I stayed up all night to get this phone. And now its delayed!? I just hope they release it sometime tonight.

    • its about fucking time i just got off the phone with one of their cust. rep. and she fucking told me that their not releasing them til later on today!! just looked on their website the second i saw ur comment!!! alls i can say is YAY!!!! LOL

  5. The Radioshack near me has them in stock. In case anyone here lives in the Coachella Valley. Also, how many times are people going to post articles with the misinformation that the 3D was dropped from the phone? It was dropped only from the name of the phone, but not from the phone in any way. As far as hardware goes, it is the exact same phone as the one from Sprint. 100%.

  6. When someone actually gets this phone, please give a review including service on the Wimax. Will the 3g funtionality be the same as the Triumph? I got a Triumph for my gf and she likes it a lot. My Contract is almost up with Verizon and I’ve been using the Droid X which has been getting worse and worse as Verizon sends out their own firmware updates. Hoping this New HTC will review good so I can jump the Verizon ship for good. Cheers!

  7. Someone needs to fire the “author” of this article. The EVO V 4G has a 1.2ghz dual-core processor, dual-5MP cameras in the rear (you can switch between using one for regular photos or both simultaneously for 3d photos). It has -1GB- of internal memory (storage), not “4”. Also, contrary to the misinformation in this article, paying more than the basic $35 per month will not get you “more data, because @ $35 you will already have unlimited data on your plan. This is the second article this “author” has posted with missing & incorrect information about this phone.

    • I’ve heard from multiple sources and have researched it myself that it does in fact have 4GB of internal memory and 1GB for RAM. Where did you get your information? Internal memory is a big factor when it comes to purchasing my phones and I just need to know if I am indeed getting 4GB or just 1 lousy gig.

      • It has 4 GB of internal memory, but just over 1 GB of “usable” space for programs and apps due to the size of Android’s ICS OS and the preloaded apps VM packages with the phone. If you root your phone, you’ll undoubtedly get a nice chunk of that space back, but it’s not clear at this time how much. As for availability, none of my local Radio Shacks have received it yet. Looks like we’ll just have to be patient.

  8. It sucks for everyone who has to pay 35 I only have to pay 25 since I’ve had a vm phone since when they had the price at 25

    • You’re a faggot, because anyone who buys a new phone after May 1st does NOT have the grandfathered plan anymore. SUCKS FOR YOU STUPID TROLL.

  9. My shit got back-orderd. First it said “delivery date 6/1/12″. I paid for 1-2 day shipping, too! Fuckin’, $11 bucks and THEN some, and now my order status is back ordered and expected to be delivered on 6/4/12. HELL NAH! I want my damn 11 dollars and change back. Is it even possible to get a refund? Somehow, I feel that it’s a inventory problem– perhaps an intentional one…

    • same thing happened to me, as soon as i ordered it with 1-2 day shipping it said backorder. first it said expected ship date 6/1…then 6/2…then 6/4…now there isn’t even an expected ship date on it! it just says backorder! so mad at VM right now, i might as well have waited until 6/10 when it hits retailers in store

  10. Every retailer i go to says they have no clue when this phone will be in stock. i ordered from radioshack and found out that my item was canceled due to “radioshack release problems”.i dont know whats going on bt i was so excited on getting this phone and all these unknown problems and setbacks just ruined everything :( i hope they fix this soon.

  11. Virgin Mobile is doing a terrible job regarding keeping the public informed on the status of the HTC EVO as it relates to its future availability at retail stores. Their lack of communication is substandard and unprofessional. I too counted the minutes to their may 31st date, and like all of you I was disappointed. Disappointed not so much at the fact that there were issues with clearing customs and it did not launch may 31st as advertised on their website (these things happen), but at the fact that they have not had the sensitivity to keep their clients in the loop, choosing instead to leave us hanging like inanimate objects. So for this; may the fleas of a thousand sweaty camels infest their armpits. Spark

  12. I just bought the HTC Evo V 2 days ago and it’s amazing. The only thing wrong is that i cant receive texts. I can make calls and send texts, but i cant receive texts. I can receive multimedia messages, but that’s all. I went back to radioshack and they gave me a another one free of charge, but it still has the same problem.

    • im on my 2nd evo v in 6 days! No texts come first phone had to webon navigation! I’m so done they can have this POS

  13. wow all the hardware info u got there was wrong. great website. maybe u should look into wat ur talkin about or dont bother to put wrong info up.

  14. Best Buy has the HTC evo . I got mine last night. So far I love it. Thank You. Virgin Mobile. It’s about time.

  15. Nothing but problems with these idiots at virgin, i purchased my HTC on site on 1st using my amex no problem , received the phone 4 days later ,and nightmare began i couldn’t any of my credit cards to activate phone or to top up i tried 5 different cards then i called them spent 45min with 2 people still nothing, finally they suggested to buy gift card at Walgreens, i did and activated my phone, i activated my phone and it worked the next day i noticed that i am not getting any calls or sms ,so i tried to make call it said my number has been disconnected ,i called them again they made me reset phone ,the next day same thing ,it works for few days then they just disconnect ,i cant deal with these idiots anymore i am sending it back for refund and will go to normal company who can deliver what they promise .

  16. Well I’ve been having nothing but good experiences from VM ever since 2006. I love my new EVO V and I’ve been waiting for them to release a higher quality SM that’s prepaid. This saves me so much money! Be careful with the phone though. I purchased a case for mine because I don’t think the camera in the back can stand more than a few drops without cracking

  17. Sprint is changing to LTE from Wimax… This is supposed to happen within a year I think?? Does that mean the 4G on this phone won’t work then?? anyone hear anything like this?

  18. I have seen plenty of these at Target for $299 USD. This is one of the better deals for mobile phones. I currently have the $35 unlimited data, text, 300 mins of talk, etc on a Blackberry with Virgin. The 3G service is quite acceptable and will upgrade to the EVO 4G when Sprint/Virgin/Boost get it together.

  19. I have this phone and it is GREAT! Probably the best prepaid phone on the market today and when coupled with VM’s $35 plan… you really can’t get any better for the money.

    However… keep these points in mind before buying. 1) VM uses the Sprint network. Sprint reception is usually good in urban areas… but very spotty to nonexistent in rural areas. Definitely check Sprint’s coverage and signal strength maps found on the web for your specific location before you buy this phone. 2) This phone ONLY works on Sprint’s older WIMAX network for 4G reception. The WIMAX network is only available in about 70 metropolitan areas across the US and is actually being phased out and will never be expanded. Sprint has made an announcement that it will be shut down in 2015 in favor of its new LTE 4G network. This phone actually does a great job handling regular 3G data thanks to its dual processors… so that might not be a big issue for most users.

  20. I have this phone under sprint and had it flashed over to a PAGE PLUS service, it’s a alright phone, but it’s freezing issues drives me up the wall.

  21. My phone drops or doesn’t complete calls all the time. Anyone else with this problem? Happened in my house, in NYC, and in Memphis. Not reliable. Should I not use the 4g?

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  23. Mine has the Sprint logo on it, though it has the wide-set 3-D and everything else the same. Anyone else notice this? As to $25-$35, yes I lost my “grandfathered in” clause too but COME ON. The people who are STUPID are the ones still bleeding out for the contract phone two-year plan Con-Game and its ridiculous charges and collections of lies (oh, pardon me, “fees”). I had a iPhone at one point and I just couldn’t justify $130 a month for what I will now pay $35 for. I’ve also had Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Cingular and lord knows what else in the past as service providers–NOTHING WAS ANY BETTER OR WORSE THAN ANYTHING ELSE, though I remember my boss bitch talking about how her calls were always dropped. As long as you stay in the top metro areas, and why the hell would ever venture into the stix? If you do, you may as well go with Verizon, THE most anti-consumer company of them all (one time they overbilled in amount of $900 because they kept sending a bill to accounting who didn’t know I’d canceled that account. I also lost a year’s worth of messages of who knows of my clients who think I rudely never replied. What idiots.

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