40 iOS 6 Features You’ll Actually Care About

Apple announced over 200 changes to iOS 6, the latest software that will power the iPhone and iPad.

There are over 200 new features in iOS 6, but you won’t care about every change Apple made.

Apple highlights the top iOS 6 features, but there are many more iOS 6 features that Apple silently announced.

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These “hidden” iOS 6 features are features you’ll actually use and care about. Check out the

40 iOS 6 Features You’ll Actually Use

  1. FaceTime over 3G and 4G – Make FaceTime calls over cellular connections.
  2. Facebook Integration – Share photos to Facebook from Photos app and Like Apps.
  3. Maps– New maps with traffic and 3D flyover mode.iOS 6 Maps
  4. Calls – Slide to answer a call or slide up to reply with a message & remind you to call back later.
  5. Passbook – Your digital wallet for loyalty cards, Amtrak, United, hotel reservations and more.
  6. Lost Mode – Send a phone number to whoever found your lost iPhone to get a call.
  7. Turn by Turn Directions – Voiceguided turn by turn directions with GPS on the iPhone 4S.
  8. Open Apps with Siri – Siri can now open apps with your voice.
  9. VIP Inbox – Tell Mail who your important contacts are so you never miss an email.
  10. Siri – Check sports scores, movie times and make restaurant reservations.Siri Sports
  11. Instant Sharing to Facebook and Twitter – Notification Center lets you share direct to Facebook and Twitter.
  12. Better Sharing Menu – When Sharing, you’ll see a new icon driven sharing menu.
  13. Autocorrection for Every Keyboard – Support for autocorrect on all software keyboards.
  14. Location Based Reminders for iPad – The iPad will no support reminders based on location, may be limited to cellular models.
  15. Manual Location Entry for Reminders – No longer need GPS to set a location reminder, type in an address.
  16. VoiceOver Improvements – Better accessibility features from VoiceOver for visually impaired users.
  17. Personal Dictionary in the Cloud – sync personalized spellings and autocorrections of names across iPhone and iPad.
  18. Do Not Disturb – Set the iPhone to prevent calls and notifications from waking you at night, but still allow special callers.iOS 6 Do Not Disturb
  19. Per Account Signatures in Mail – One signature for work email, one for personal.
  20. Game Center Challenges – Brag about your high score and issue challenges to friends.
  21. Game Center Friends from Facebook – Pull your Facebook friends into games.
  22. Manual Reorder of Reminders – Change the order of reminders to match your priorities.
  23. Improved Privacy Controls – More granular control over your personal data. Turn location control off by app.
  24. Custom Vibrations for Alerts – Already available in iOS 5, expect new features.
  25. Features for China – Baidu, Sina Weibo, Tudou, Youku, Better text input, dictionary
  26. Video stabilization : Stabilizes iPhone and iPad video, which are often shaky.
  27. Shared Photostreams– Make and share albums in PhotoStream. Easily share the right photos with specific friends and family members in near real-time. Also includes comments and notifications.ioS 6 Shared PhotoStream
  28. App in Safari Search Results – See app store search results in the Safari search results.
  29. Full Screen Landscape Support in Safari – See more of the web while browsing in landscape on the iPhone.
  30. Faster Safari Javascript – Improved Safari performance while browsing.
  31. HDR Improvements – Better performance and results for HDR photo taking.
  32. Made for iPhone Hearing Aids – Apple certified hearing aids that will work specifically with the iPhone and iPad.
  33. Improved Accessibility Controls – Lock settings and lock the home button to keep kids out of settings they don’t need to touch.

    iOS 6 Accessibility
  34. French, German and Spanish Dictionaries – Multiple language dictionaries now in iOS 6.
  35. Alarm with Song – Wake up with your favorite music in iOS 6.
  36. Redesigned Stores – Better looking mobile stores with Coverflow.
  37. In App Bluetooth Pairing – No longer need to leave the app to set up your Bluetooth headphones
  38. Eyes Free – A new Siri button for Siri in-car integration with upcoming support for BMW, GM, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler and Honda
  39. Location Based Alerts for Find My Friends– Get an alert when kids leave school and more.iOS 6 Safari Improvements
  40. Safari Browser Syncing – Continue browsing sessions on the iPad after starting in your computer or the iPhone.

iOS 6 will arrive this fall with the iPhone 5. The iOS 6 beta is available today for users willing to pay for a chance to try the latest Apple software.


  1. Bob says

    This has to be the most boring iOS yet i guess they are running out of ideas they normally add one or two ground breaking features , seems like there just polishing what they have, I’d be interested to see the differance between googles 3d maps and apple maps…..I’m just a little concerned about apple collecting data on where we go so they can learn from what we do…..

    • bilbo says

      They never came up with the ideas in the first place lol.

      Hey man, they release gradual updates to milk the market as much as they can.

    • rye says

      Your worried about Apple collecting your info?? I bet google knows what type of tissue you wipe your ass with. Do you have any clue how much information those guys have? How much is Google worth??? and wheres that figure come from.. assets.. what are their assets?… Ads and information, thats 90 percent, the other is everything Android which all seems extremely familiar to another companies products..Google doesnt sit well with Apple because everything they have created has been from watching the other teams practice, they dont want to have to use them for anything so they went ahead and created their own maps, i can dig it. When you posted in this comment this website took your email address which they linked into another database which shows them your location through wifi pinpointing, your search queries, browsing history, your interests.. blah blah. They notice before you came to this site you were searching for a used car, I wonder how much the place that sells cars down the street would pay to have your info?? hmmm.Everybody collects everybodys information and there isnt a damn thing you can do about it bud. So enough with the 2002 talk.

      • Brando says

        Couldnt Have said it any better myself… Very Well Said.. Some people think they no everything about anything and maybe they do but they dont need to talk $hit about things like this that they have no control over… I agree Apple does milk a lot of people for there money by coming out with things a little slower then other companies. Doesnt all companies these days milk everyone for every penny they can? Ill never buy an Android phone again for as long as i live… Apple all the way.. There are a few things I wish apple would do to there IOS and im sure it will ome in the future. I had nothing but issues and headaches with android phones.. Hve never had a problem one with the IOS devices… Im with you

        • Brad says

          You can miss out on a lot of cool things if you lock yourself into one company for the rest of your life. Having choices is a good thing and experiencing different things in life can open you up to whole new worlds. Enjoy your Apple products now but I don’t think it is a good idea to just blindly buy into any company just because you like what they offer now.

          Just my 2 cents. I swore off MS at XP and Ubuntu/PalmOS were my choices at the time. WinMO/XP were just terrible. But with Windows 7 they won me back. And I ditched the Palm for iOS.

        • Logiistics says

          The reason why you had headaches with an Android is because it requires AT LEAST a 5th grade education level to use one.
          Thats why people love these iDevices.. Theyre just too simple. Simpke products sell to simple people.

          • Petar says

            No, it’s because android simply sucks. There’s not much more to it.

          • Logiistics says

            @Petar, you have obviously never used a decent Android device… GSIII vs. iPhone the Android device would win all day. You can clutch on to your iPhone as much as you want, doesn’t mean its not obsolete.

          • Petar Marinov says

            @Logiistics There is no such thing as a decent android device. I had a Samsung Infuse 4G, as well as a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with ICS. They sucked. Android is slow, glitchy, unreliable, ubatable, and lacks far too many features available in iOS. The android device would win any day? In what, cheapness? That’s about it. And my iPhone is quite the opposite of obsolete, sir. iPhones are clearly far more popular than android devices, and for good reason. Android devices become obsolete MUCH faster than iOS devices… This is not debatable. It is fact. Take the iPhone 3GS for example. It is still a very popular phone, and it still gets the latest updates. Even the 8GB version still sells for around $100 on eBay and such. Android devices, on the other hand, lose their retail value pretty dang fast. Your S3 won’t be worth jack in 2 years when it’s time to sell it. Not to mention, android devices lost support for new OS updates ridiculously fast. My infuse never once got a single update. Android simply doesn’t update much or well. And the worst part about it is that the carrier decides if and when updates are released, and not before filling them with bloatware. Carriers have no control over iPhones.

          • Logiistics says

            @Petar, So I make a comparison clearly saying Galaxy SIII vs. iPhone and you reply with Samsung Infuse 4G (the one from Crikett?…..) and the Galaxy Tab 10.. Go do some research of the hardware in each the Galaxy SIII and of the iPhone 5 … Its all facts this isn’t something that was made up to bismirch the iPhone its pure facts that the iPhone is obsolete in comparison to GOOD ANDROID PHONES.. NOT ones from Crikett..

          • Petar Marinov says

            @logiistics umm, no? AT&T. Not cricket. I don’t know if cricket even exists in my area. And FYI, the iPhone 5 beats the S3 in all the specs. Get your facts straight. The Infuse cost over $600 full retail value when I bought it about a year ago. It was definitely a higher end Android device… The best one at the time, and still one of the better ones. And I don’t see wtf makes you say the iPhone is obsolete. Stop lying to yourself. Almost everyone has an iPhone. And that’s a very good thing, if I may add.

          • Logiistics says

            @Petar, Also to add about the updates I cab clearly tell you never got the full expierence of an Android as you used stock OS….. Which means you’re an idiot… The first thing any Android user does to their new device is root and change the ROM.. But you on the other hand (slow, brainwashed, needs device to think for you etc.) goes to Crikett (bargain cell phone store) to see what Androids are all about.. Walks out with a …. Samsung Infuse 4G (a phone I didn’t know existed till Google brought me to Criketts bargain retailer website) play with it for a day see bloatware which is true carriers throw a lot on there but again any respectable Android user changes their ROM.. Gotta love all that custom goodness.. Oh wait you have an iPhone 3GS… Well you always Jailbreak and change your theme.. *Rolls eyes when you look away*

            You’re a joke and have no idea what you’re talking about…

          • Petar Marinov says

            Oh my goodness you’re an idiot. You shouldn’t have to hack a phone to use it. Not to mention, it voids your warranty. Even a custom ROM will never be as finely polished as iOS. Apple’s amazing warranty is another reason I love them. They replaced my 4S just because my battery wasn’t lasting long. I told you, the Infuse is on AT&T. Learn how to read. And I have the iPhone 5 on Sprint, not a 3GS. I previously had the 4S, 4, and 3GS on AT&T, and before that the Infuse on AT&T. The infuse was that bad, I left it for a 3GS. And need I say again, it was the top of the line Android phone. I had the iPhone 3G on T-Mobile before that, and several WinMo phones before that. By the way, I’ve also had several Android phones here and there, since I work with phones. I repair them, buy them, sell then, etc. so I know first hand how bad they are. And I certainly have never had Cricket… I’m not that cheap. Also I hate jailbreaking, and anyone who jailbreaks for themes is a true idiot. All jailbreaking does is make your phone unstable, just like an Android. Seeing as I have more experience with all kinds of phones than almost anyone you will ever meet, don’t you dare tell me that I am a joke and don’t know what I’m talking about. I know better than the vast majority of people what I am talking about. I need my device to think for me? Excuse me? Right, that’s why I’m taking precalc honors as a sophomore. I’m totally that dumb. Kindly do not insult people you don’t know without a legitimate reason. You have proved your idiocy with your ridiculous statements and assumptions.

          • Nigel T. Edwards says

            – 1280×720; infinite contrast ratio SAMOLED at 4.8″
            – 1.5ghz a15-class ARM dual-core or quad-A9 CPU (can also be custom clocked, volted, and governed), 1750 geekbench stock Android 4.1 (over 2000 tweaked w/ROM & kernel magic)
            – NFC communication chip + samsung BEAM support
            – Expandable storage (up to ~100GB w/64gb SD + 32GB built-in; more in the future)
            – 2GB RAM for better memory throughput and multitasking
            – 11 h 40 min talk time w/swappable battery
            – sleek and contoured design

            iPhone 5:
            – 1,136×640; finite contrast ratio, 4″ (720p content lossily downscaled)
            – 1.0 (or 1.3)ghz a15-class ARM dual-core only (1600 geekbench max, no OC or voltage control or custom governing or ROM-tweaks possible)
            – no NFC or hi-speed device-to-device transfer
            – Non-expandable storage (max 64gb at prohibitive price)
            – 1GB ram
            – 8 hrs talk time on 3G without swappable battery
            – brick-like box design

            So what was that about specs again? And don’t get started on the HTC DLX and ilk. 1080p IPS screen in 5″ with virtually no bezel and quad S4 Pro CPU (tested lately with premature drivers — Adreno performance typically doubles in a few months as evidenced by the adreno 205 and 220’s legacy). Wowza.

            But none of this means any of these Android devices are “better” — a device is more than the sum of its specs.

      • Nemesis5000 says

        Hah that guy is paranoid. He should take his phone and dunk it into the toilet because he’s worried if a computer knows where he goes at night! Grow up its 2012. It doesn’t even matter really so they know this and that, what are the commercials on his tv going to be different then mine or yours, no, who cares?!

    • Orange says

      Thanks so much because your comment make me laugh out so loud!!
      Thrn I just wondered what OS smart phone are you using? Android? Windows Phone? Symbian? MeeGo? But I can tell with no doubts that you are using normal phone (maybe Nokia 1100) cause I don’t think people who comment like this can have abilities to use such a smart phone, Confirm!!

  2. Dutchster says

    I think what Cameron Richardson is trying to say is when you click the install button from the app store it doesn’t take you to the home screen. (took me some deciphering, could just be me…)

    you’re forgetting about the clock app on iPad, the NC sharing widgets and being able to attach files to an email (from mail, not from photos) or website. (which was really missing for instance if you wanted to upload a photo to a profile or something with safari.)

      • Dutchster says

        Have you noticed that the slider knobs change in lighting when you tilt the device? it’s a tiny effect, but it shows how much Apple cares about detail.

  3. Harbmaster says

    I just want a damn Bluetooth file transfer, and safari file download. I get android can do this but iPhone is more fluid and easier and just works verses android always slowing down. This iOS 6 is nice and all but really want these two features and seriously a phone and text blocker, that’s all I want I’m serious just those three things. They can even place individual Corsica into do not disturb mode so we can block them.

    • Insightful Apple Lover says

      The fact that you find android harder to use is a mere testament to your degrading levels of adaptation and powers of discover-ability.

      All android phones are incredibly easy to use… anyone that claims otherwise is is either a salivating apple zealot, or monumentally deficient the mere basics of mental acumen.

      Perhaps you should actually buy an Android phone/tablet with good hardware rather than trying to be a cheap homeless hipster…

      • Trevor says

        I agree with you, but lay off the thesaurus next time. You sound like an elitist prick trying to brow beat people with your vocabulary.

      • Orange says

        even hi-end android devices still have the same problem that unused apps always run in background, even you have tasks manager or auto kills app/tweak, it can help but not so much, and your device will always run out of ram causing the system slow some how crack. Even force close sometimes cant help. This problem is really annoyed! and I never see the same thing on iOS.

        P.S I am both user of Android and iOS

      • Orange says

        Oh one more thing, you are Wrong to say that Android is incredible easy to use, because when I bought my mom an android phone, she really had no ideas to use it even I tried to teach her (55 year-old womam) but with my own iPhone, she did it pretty good, so O have to buy her an iPhone.

  4. ggaham says

    Thought this was 40 features we would care about. Total anticlimax for iOS6…just like iOS 5. Between last year and this year we are looking at just over 400 features, all but maybe 10 have been available and are still available through jailbreaking (including not going back to the home screen like mentioned above, FaceTime over 3G,as well as bluetooth file transfer, and safari file download). PassBook is new and looks great. Maps looks great, thanks Google. There are nice little features and add-ons in iOS6 but as far as ground breaking technology this once again falls far short. No point in updating to iOS6 until jailbreak is released.

  5. zach says

    How lame. I used to be amazed by iOS’ new features whenever a new version rolled out, but after iOS 4, things got kind of bad. Since then, I’ve moved on to Android and am now noticing that with iOS5 and iOS6, Apple’s simply been copying a lot of Android features. I’m slightly disappointed with Apple.

    • Abro says

      Actually, they’re copying a shitload of Symbian features. Most of this stuff has been on symbian for ages, long before Android existed.

    • Insightful Apple Lover says

      “good artists copy, great artists steal”

      “When you can’t innovate, litigate”

    • Joe says

      Good luck with your android. Lemme know when you get the next update sent out by them.. I had the EVO 4G, shit is slow as balls and I have yet to get the icecream sandwich update! At least apple sends out updates in a timely manner. Apple may copy some stuff from Android but they perfect their shit before just sending it out like Android does.

      • Logiistics says

        You use the stock rom on Android?… Just toss it away because you have no idea what the Android world is like…

  6. Daniel says

    Why doesn’t apple make the logo on the back light up we you have incom? The strobe light is okay I guess but a tad bit bright at minute.

  7. Kevin Runkpelle says

    Still no Bluetooth filesharing that would work between different brands..
    Steve jobs is not there anymore, but we still can’t get that function?
    That is 1 reason why i will jailbreak my phone.
    Really!? 200 new features in iOS 6???
    More like very tiny refinements you won’t notice, instead of really making a big bang with more cool features..
    Flyover? I think i stick with tomTom lol
    Another anticlimax from Apple.

    • Mark says

      Adobe Flash is crap. Steve jobs made a great decision leaving it off the iPhone and the iPad.
      HTML5 is where the future is at. Far more stable, reliable and won’t be slowing up your device something shocking like Flash would do.
      Flash is on its way out, why support a dying technology. The guy was a genius, just waiting for y’all to catch up.

      • Insightful Apple Lover says

        no actually he wasn’t a genius… just a salesmen who happened to be on stage and went on to die of cancer.

        Despite what you salivating inbreds might like to believe… steve jobs did no actual “inventing” or “design” at apple.

        • Joe says

          You’re correct! He didnt invent.. He innovated! I think I remember the FIRST fully functional touch screen phone being the iPhone.. then the droid… So who has copied who????

          • Logiistics says

            The first mock up touch screen was a copy of a almost identical iPhone 4 made by… Sony.. When Jobs stole the idea and design and had one of his engineers put together the first fully functional touch screen phone mock up of the iPhone he left Sony on the phone… Which later was switched to Jony after one of the engineers.

            “Great artist steal”
            Nuff Said

          • Nigel T. Edwards says

            Enough with the “FIRST” nonsense. I used fully-functional smartphones in 2002 (and I mean FULLY functional, including multitasking, copy-paste, MS Office).

            The nerve. I also used fully functional tablets and convertibles well before Apple “created” the “FIRST” tablet.

            To this day I’d prefer PPC2002 over iOS 1.0.0 from a functionality standpoint. Who wouldn’t? Fans of pseudo-glossy checkmarks and bubbly transitions?

        • Insightful Apple Lover says

          You are a slice of bitter ignorance who obviously spends more time in a thesaurus, as previously mentioned, than he does investigating facts. You apparently feel the need to try and bulk up your vocabulary and use it to belittle people, so as to compensate for your deficiency in other departments. I’m sure we can all guess what that is. To say that Steve Jobs was not involved in the design process just shows that you know nothing of the process that Apple or any other company’s CEO uses when creating products. Just because Jonathan Ive is the actual industrial engineer does not mean that he and Steve did not have countless meetings going over design elements or that Steve did not contribute. In fact, maybe you have forgotten how the company started… in the garage, with two men – Jobs being one of them. And before I even waste any more time on you, I would like to ask you what you have created that is comparable to even the first Apple machine? Wait let me guess, you code … or wait, it’s on the way but not currently tangible? loL you are a joke and should remove both insightful and Apple from your title. You are the text book definition of the loser that we envision sitting in his grandmother’s basement as we speak. In addition, you are one of the main reasons people have lost faith in finding good information on forums. You pollute them with garbage and negativity that no one cares about. How’s that for insight into your personality? Or lack thereof…

          P.s. My apologies to everyone else who had genuine interest in this forum, I won’t respond to his comments, regardless of how much I’d love to hash it out with this gentleman, so as to prove my point.

          • Insightful Apple Lover says

            p.s. I used your name because I am a true insightful Apple Lover –

          • Fact umpire says

            Steve Jobs didnt invent the original Apple, they bought it from Xerox. They didnt think there was a market for it.

            Glass houses and stone throwers.

            The IT Industry has always been about stealing, copying or buying other people’s ideas. Thats why its now all about patents and litigation.

      • AppleUser says

        Well, flash is a nice platform with mature tools to develop for, with action script and a good performance on windows. in the desktop world, which still has the major share in internet access, apple and safari are only an unimportant bit of nerdy tech, some 3-4%. when it comes to 3D, database-based applications and cross-browser compatibility, still nothing beats the flash platform and will not beat it for another 5-10 years.

        Plz name me an IDE for html 5 that can take on the fight with adobe flash/flex IDEs. Even adobes own html5 product is a lame duck compared to these IDEs.

        And worldwide, there are so many more good flash devs than html5 devs will ever be.

        So talking about steve jobs being a genius ? Lmao, he was just a little nerd that had too few attention in his childhood and became a sick dictator of the masses believing in miracle medicine causing his cancer death – what real genius would act like that…

  8. Chingling says

    Apple just copies everything from others, and then sues them out of jealously to prevent them from beating Apple out.

  9. John Hooper says

    So no upgrade to the ipod, photo or movie apps? All three are embarrassing pieces of shit that make managing media a pain in the asshole.

    Time to switch to Android.

      • DK says

        I’m waiting for the Android 4.1 to become available for my Galaxy S3. I do like the pure look of the Android on the Nexus, however I don’t like the fact it didn’t have a “settings” button/icon or a MicroSD card slot.

        When it’s fully tweaked and working 100% I’ll probably head over to XDA for a nice 4.1 ROM to flash to the S3, I prefer the clean cut Android and not Samsung’s TouchWiz.

    • Innovation Fan / BS Hater says

      really? i mean, there are legitimate criticisms to be made about apple, the iphone, and iOS 6. But the last of those things is the media capacities. Please provide more specific complaints if you have them, as to not look completely foolish. I could understand an argument about apples integrated systems and lack of being “open” in this area. But media management is commonly seen as one of apple’s strongest suits for those who use apple products. Now if you are trying to work with windows and other non apple products, you may have some real frustrations to talk about in how they interface with your iphone, but their is no android system that works as flawlessly, seamlessly, or easily as apple’s photo, movie, and music software. I use a macbook pro with my iphone and literally do nothing to manage my media. My photos instantly appear in my computer via icloud. My music automatically downloads via icloud and auto syncs via wifi at night. I never find myself worrying about if i transfered my latest download, updated my photo library, or synced recently. itunes continues to set the standard in media sales and management. Where are they failing to improve on this? Did you hope that the iOS6 would take pictures on its own too and make documentary style journals of your life with you doing nothing? I mean seriously? Switch to android because you like open source and the strengths and weaknesses of that approach. Switch to it because hardware developers that use android release more phones at a faster pace with stacked stat sheets and little to show for it in actual experience. When has android ‘redefined’ the way we see phones? When have they really blown us away with innovation? Do you realize that apple has done it so much that people have come to EXPECT them to release awe inspiring products once a year? That should tell you something about who is doing it right. Does it mean that android sucks? No. Does it mean that apple is perfect? Definitely not. But i am still waiting for someone other than apple to do it. I will be the first to give credit where it is due. In the meantime, let’s all remember that apple has never claimed to “invent” all the technology they release or that sets them apart. It is just that they seem to take those technologies from an interesting idea and find ways to integrate them and make them life changing breakthroughs that change they way we use technology. Yes, in part its just great marketing. Yes, in part it means buying out the best young up and coming companies. Yes, it means keeping the system closed enough to control the user experience, and waiting to release things until they are refined enough to meet apples standards. But while you can criticize any of those things or others, just accept that apple is setting the standard and has been since 2007 in mobile phones. No other company has redefined the phone and tablet market like apple has in that time. When it happens, i will be the first to admire. Oh and by the way, you may just want to wait until iOS 6 releases with the iphone 5 to criticize. At least then you may have some legitimate points to talk about.

      • Shawn's mother says

        I’d rather manage my files my self. I don’t think I have ever used an auto-sync feature. I like to have control over my property. Oh wait, those iTunes songs aren’t yours anyway.

        iTunes is horrible. It’s horrible for managing music, syncing music and as a music player. You should come over and plug your iPhone into my PC and copy some of my music and videos down OH WAIII…

  10. Jesper M says

    I´ll be really disapointed if Bluetooth file transfer is not with the iO6. Every one else have it, and I use it on a daily basis (jailbreak). Looking forward to see Maps working – and hopes it will be as good as Nokia Drive.

  11. Mark says

    Many of the “features” already exists else where and just now apple catching up and still lacking many features. Also, apple will go suing other companies (mainly Samsung) for “copyright infringement” on the “innovation” features that they copied from others and claim it as their own.

  12. Ray of perth says

    Hmmm, looks like a lot of these so called NEW features have been on Android for some time. Who’s copying who here? Speaking “copying”, which by the way, Steve Jobs said was OK to do, “but better to steal”, seems Apple are going to copy the bigger screens of Android and others, and also steal the concept of a smaller Tablet with the “Mini iPad”. Not bad for a company that already pays out millions a year to use other companies technology in their products.

  13. Valters Boze says

    so boring. so outdated.
    last year i switched to android (samsung). only thing i really miss is a good camera with optic stabilization. software wise the iDevice is dead for me, i`m too “IT” for apple products.

  14. Lyn says

    The only things that sound ok to me are being able to make albums within the photostream (finally, way behind there Apple) and waking up to a song (instead of your crappy kiddy sounding alarms)
    Other than that it’s pretty boring and most I’m like um don’t care, won’t ever use.
    If these are the 40 best what the heck are the other 160!? Geesh Apple, you’re so far behind your competition it’s sad :( We won’t even go into your crappy camera or screen size……. Hoping you don’t fail to impress me with the iPhone 5 like you failed miserably at with the 4s, especially with screen size, or this 5 year user of an iphone will become a new android customer like many many others I”m quite sure.

    • Maximilian says

      Crappy camera? Haha disqualified apple hater. You can get me all the time xDDDD the iPhone 4S actually has one of THE best phone cameras, God who cares about megapickesels. I don’t think Apple is behind the others, Apple is at the other’s level in a diff. way. They’re not catching up, they just innovate while others innovate a bit and mostly copy Apple even though Apple likes to copy others too……………….. (buh) I am fine with a 3.5 inch screen, but I’m more excited about 16:9 than the bigger screen on the iPhone 5 (not to say I want it to be narrower, that would be shit). Oh I’m not a sheep, I like other products too, but Android just fails to impress me. They kiss my ass with the slow UI. WP7 and Win8, on the other hand, are epic wins and I see them as true Apple competitors. I, however, chose an iPhone because of the apps.

  15. really? says

    HA! Ive been doing the vast majority of that since AOS 2. Soon apple will be trying to patent these features as well. Opensource is so far ahead, Apple’s planned feature list is basically a list of the new features on the previous AOS release.

    I can blacklist contacts too (something an apple user was requesting)so i dont have to get calls or messages from BL’ed people.

  16. moises martinez says

    about the ability to use any third party keyboard of your choice, t9 on your dial pad so when looking for a contact once you start typing names start to pop up?

  17. GSLeon3 says

    Dude, you are an unimaginative writer. You mention the same damn features over & over, sharing & facebook. My goodness, couldn’t think of anything else? Fanboi.

  18. The Friendly Grizzly says

    All the toys, that’s for sure. But still no numeric key row on the alpha keyboard, even though it DOES exist. The only ones who can have it are Apple employees at the store. Even Android, and the Fujitsu full Windows 7 tablets have a numbers row. Apple, what’s your excuse?

  19. Annonymous says

    Hearing Aid ( for who people has lost their ear they wear the hearing aid to help hear clear ) or their hear loss. not mean to be deaf, hope it helpful :)

    A hearing aid is an electroacoustic device which typically fits in or behind the wearer’s ear, and is designed to amplify and modulate sound for the wearer. Earlier

    Siemens hearing aid and hearing instrument technology, hearing aids, hearing instruments, how hearing, hearing loss and audiology work.

  20. Grown Up says

    To all the temper-tantrum technology brats out there:

    People who can, develop. People who can’t, bitch and throw hissy-fits!

  21. Tony Andreaccio says

    I like the updates. Plus they’re free so who could complain. But a simple fix to the calendar would be nice – recurring appointments by weekday instead of on the day of the month. My calendar is a disaster since coming over to Apple.

  22. Dennis Tate says

    To KO: Apparently Apple dropped it because it now belongs to the competition (Google). Google does make a YouTube app but I according to the reviews it has a lot of ads.

    To whiners: What’s more important: that a company copied an idea/concept, or that they made that idea/concept BETTER than the original? Hypothetical situation: somebody invented the wheel but made it square. Apple took the idea and made it round. I’m going to go with the company that made it easier to use.

  23. Zae Payton says

    Exactly @ Dennis Tate

    Apple comes out with features later than other OS because they don’t just shove out new features that will probably mess up because they were rushed. Apple takes a good idea and makes it better, more clean, and more efficient. It’s called trial and error.

  24. עִזְבוּ פְתָאיִם וִחְיוּ; וְאִשְׁרוּ, בְּדֶרֶךְ בִּינָה. says

    Why haven’t they done anything about bluetooth yet? I’m really tired of using some bluetooth app to send files to another phone. Why can’t they just enable bluetooth sharing to all phones. Also, flash. Every smart phone has flash..except apple. The only way to use flash is through some flash supported browser. I’m over it, after my contract is done i’m switching.

    • ... says

      flash drains battery, and most phones DO NOT use flash because of that, get your facts straight. Also, galaxy siii would be cool if it wasn’t so glitchy, I have a friend that has one and the only reason they like it is because of the screen size

      • ... says

        i know you didn’t mention the siii, but since your switching, i feel like you should know

  25. Technologyisagoodthing says

    Seriously, we’re talking about a phone here. Nobody is going to die, no children will starve, no animals will be tortured. Get over the Android versus Apple zealousness, admire the mind-boggling human achievement that has given us all the ability to carry a powerful computer in our pocket, and carry on.

    • Come on! says

      Finally someone said it.
      It is a phone. The updates are free.
      Don’t like it? Then buy another one! Bitching about it on the internet won’t make it better.

  26. TimothyC says

    “Location Based Reminders for iPad – The iPad will no support reminders based on location, may be limited to cellular models.”
    What? The new iPad will or will not support location-based reminders. I have cellular ipad 3 and Siri tells me “the device does not support location-based reminders” but from what I’ve read generally, It seems that it should. Does anyone know the answer?

  27. Apathetic says

    feelin universally “meh” about the whole affair but after years of Iphones I’m movin to android…..shall i tell you why???? The new phone is a bit longer and thinner with a silly plug on the bottom…BUT more importantly nearly every other handset comes with a better pay monthly plan so like a grown up I’m choosing that way not on the bells and whistles. Children it really doesn’t matter

  28. joel glickman says

    i hav a d!@%*#s android on eclare and a effing hate it i love apple but i dont like osx but i do like ios i keep wanting an iphone but i cant get one

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