How To Scroll to the Top of Any iPhone App Fast

From your twitter feed, to your messages to even your music all of these tasks involve scrolling.


Scrolling on the iPhone is much easier than using blackberry roller balls, but it is still a pain if you need to get to the top of an app fast.

Thankfully Apple includes a simple trick for scrolling to the top of any app on the iPhone. This is a definite time saver and you may have already accidentally bumped it in the past without realizing it.

This simple trick will take wherever you are in an app and send you back to the top of the page.


How to Quickly Scroll to the Top of Any iPhone App

Open an app and start browsing, lets use twitter for an example.


Start reading your tweets and when you reach a point where you would like to go back to the top, tap on the status bar that displays the time, signal strength, bluetooth and so on.

You will notice that the app quickly scrolls upward to the top of the screen and you are back to reading your tweets about ATV’s and Apple rumors!

Scrolling Shortcut

Just tap on the top bar of any app to quickly scroll to the top!

So there you have it a quick and easy trick to relieve finger strain from excessive scrolling.

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