Notifications for Gmail on the iPhone Finally Arrive

Google is slowly making the iOS Gmail app better over time. Today’s update brings better Push notifications, and persistent logins.

According to The Verge, the new Gmail for iOS now supports Notification Center, so users can choose to have banner show up on the lockscreen. The app should work like any other iOS app in the Notification Center: users can choose what types of notifications they want from the app, and choose to show them on the lockscreen or not.


The new app also finally supports persistent login, so users will no longer have to input their email and password into the app when they launch it. The change doesn’t seem like a big deal for users who haven’t tried the app, but it solves an infuriating problem for some users. Although those users do sacrifice a bit of security.

The update also includes the “send-as” feature which lets users choose another address to send emails from. Users have to set up those alternate addresses on the desktop website, however.


Even with the new changes, Gmail for iOS is hard to recommend over Sparrow. Sparrow still doesn’t have Push, but it will soon, and it just works better than Gmail for iOS. The Gmail app is still simply an app wrapper on top of the Gmail mobile website. We’d love to see a better official Gmail app for iOS, but for now Sparrow remains the best iPhone email client, despite its limitations.