DC Comics and Graphic Novels Come To Nook Tablet and Nook Color

Barnes & Noble is expanding its offering of comics and graphic novels beyond its exclusive deal with Marvel.


Today Barnes & Noble announced that comics and graphic novels from DC Comics are now available on the Nook Tablet and Nook Color. The deal also brings the comics and graphic novels to Android tablets through the Nook for Android app.

Along with the new content, Barnes & Noble now offers an easier way to read comics on its tablets and apps called Zoom View. Zoom View lets users focus on single panels at a time, making the comics and graphic novels easier to follow. Reading full pages on any tablet is difficult, and Zoom View should make the text easier to read. The new mode also lets readers see the great artwork up close.

Zoom View is available on both tablets and the Nook for Android app. The mode will be available in all of the new DC Comics content that’s now available. We assume Zoom View will come to Barnes & Noble’s Marvel collection soon as well, we just don’t know when it will.


As part of the new deal, Barnes & Noble will now carry more than 100 DC Comics titles including graphic novels such as Superman Earth One, Watchmen, The Sandman, Fables, and V for Vendetta. The deal also brings a number of DC Comics’ New 52 graphic to the platform, including collections from Detective Comics, Animal Man, Justice League, Justice League International, and Batman. The collection is very similar to Amazon’s collection of DC Comics.


Users that want individual comic issues will still want to stick with Comixology for weekly releases, but it’s nice to see more options for the graphic novels. Comixology doesn’t receive many of the graphic novels, so deals like this are a great complement to the app.