Leaked Images Show BlackBerry Messenger for BlackBerry 10 With Themes

Yesterday we saw images of what could be RIM’s first BlackBerry 10 devices, and today we see images of what BlackBerry Messenger could look like in BlackBerry 10.


According to N4BB, RIM will introduce new themes to BBM in BlackBerry 10. The app looks like almost every other chat app on other platforms, but users can choose the background and chat bubble colors to fit their mood or style.

Unfortunately we don’t know how much customization there will be, but the images do show a light and dark background as well as green and blue chat bubbles.

In the leaked images RIM notes that a darker theme will help save battery life on the OLED screen of the L-Series touchscreen phone. By switching from the white background to a black background, the app battery consumption drops by about 25 percent. Additional changes like eliminating the top bar with the recipient’s name and photo decrease the battery consumption by about 75 percent.


Sounds like RIM is trying to take a page from Microsoft’s plan of decreasing battery life by asking users to use as much black as possible on the screen. From the previews of BlackBerry 10 we’ve seen it doesn’t look like RIM is going as far as Microsoft does, however. Users will likely still have the option to choose their own background images on the BlackBerry 10 homescreen, something Windows Phone doesn’t offer.


As N4BB points out, we’re sure BBM on BlackBerry 10 will still have some nice animations and other graphical flourishes. TAT, the design company RIM bought a few years ago, will likely add some nice touches to the app and the new platform as a whole.