Verizon Galaxy S III Release Date Pegged for July 12th

While Verizon has yet to confirm a Samsung Galaxy S III release date, it looks like the highly anticipated device might officially be launching on July 12th.


According to retailer HHGregg, by way of Droid-Life, the Verizon Galaxy S III will be arriving on July 12th a date that makes sense considering it’s a Thursday, a date that Verizon loves to launch new phones.

The device also has had several estimated shipping dates that have fallen right around July 12th. First, it was July 9th, then, it was July 10th, and now, it’s July 11th. So it would make a whole lot of sense to see the phone launch in both stores and online on July 12th.

This length is probably not what many customers had in mind when Verizon announced the Galaxy S III earlier this month but this is what they are going to have to live it seems.


Remember, Verizon confirmed to us that the phone would start shipping on July 9th so a release date shortly after that makes a lot of sense.


The news comes shortly after other carriers, AT&T and Sprint specifically, announced that supply issues were affecting the launches of their versions of the Galaxy S III. Samsung has taken millions upon millions of pre-orders and is having trouble meeting demand for the Android 4.0 powered smartphone.

American carriers aren’t the only ones affected either. The Galaxy S III launch in Canada was also delayed a week due to the fact that Samsung is having issues meeting demand for the device.

So while Verizon has yet to give a specific release date, go ahead and circle July 12th on the calendar. In pencil for now.