Nexiom Power Slate Powers Smartphones, Tablets, and Notebooks

The Nexiom Power Slate is an external battery that’s compatible with just about any mobile device, including Ultrabooks and notebooks.

While most external batteries are happy to simply power USB devices like smartphones and tablets, the Power Slate also has an option to help power Ultrabooks and notebooks. The thin battery holds 12,300 mAh, which is much larger than most other external batteries. The battery can theoretically provide a full charge to an iPad with that power.


In addition to the USB port, Power Slate has a magnetic¬†proprietary¬†port that connects to power cords for a variety of notebooks. The battery ships with a collection of power adapter for ten different manufacturers including Dell, HP, Sony, and others. Unfortunately it doesn’t ship with a MagSafe adapter, but users can buy one from Apple to work with the external battery.

Unlike some other external batteries which only have simple lights to indicate the battery percentage remaining, the display on the Power Slate gives an exact percentage and an estimate of how much longer it can charge the device.


One of the best features of the Power Slate is its size. It measures just 0.2-inches (5mm) thick at its thickest point, and is about the height and length of a piece of paper. To make that point even clearer, Nexiom included holes on one side of the device so it can fit in a binder or organizer. The holes and size make it perfect for students or businesspeople who want a thin, light battery to carry around with them.