Nexus Q Is Expensive Because It’s Made In The U.S.

Google’s new Nexus Q looks like a pretty cool media device, but at $299 it’s a bit expensive. There is a very good reason for the high price, however.


According to The New York Times, Google made the Nexus Q almost entirely in the United States. The metal base of the spherical device comes from the Midwest. And factories in Southern California created the plastic components.

Google even created the chips in the Nexus Q in the U.S.A. Google did send those chips to Asia, however. Asian factories combined the chips with other components.

Other major tech companies like Apple may design their products in the U.S., but they are typically assembled in China or other Asian countries. Assembling the devices in Asia helps bring down the cost a lot. Those companies sometimes come under some scrutiny, but Asian manufacturing is the only way to make sure the devices are relatively inexpensive.


Knowing that Google had the Nexus Q assembled in the U.S. does help explain the price, but it’s strange that we’d need The New York Times to tell us that it was. Other companies would probably make a very big deal out of the manufacturing. Google, however, makes no mention of the manufacturing location on the device’s website.


The Google Nexus Q still looks like an interesting device. As a “social media streamer” it’s almost a niche device like the Apple TV. Unlike the Apple TV, Google designed the Nexus Q for stereo systems as well as TVs. It lacks the ability to play content from services like Netflix and, though that’s what Google TV is for.