Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX Ice Cream Sandwich Updates Coming to All Users by Tomorrow?

It appears that the Motorola Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX Ice Cream Sandwich updates might be coming to all users by the end of tomorrow, June 28th.

According to a source, who identified themselves as a “Senior Verizon Tech”, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update apparently was pushed to a few users on June 26th. We assume this was part of the soak test.

Our source claims that by the end of tomorrow, June 29th, the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich updates will be available to all Droid RAZR customers.

Of course, Verizon hasn’t officially confirmed this so at this point, anything can happen, but having a possible roll out date for a widespread launch is much better than having none at all.


Read: Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX Ice Cream Sandwich Updates Rolling Out Slowly.

This possible widespread release date comes shortly after Verizon announced that the updates would be rolling out on June 22nd. However, as of today, it appears that the Android 4.0 software has not reached many Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX owners.

We have heard that Verizon has completed the soak test for the update and it sounds like the carrier is gearing up to release the update to owners in the not-so-distant future. And it seems tomorrow is a prime candidate, especially since Motorola promised the update to users by the end of Q2 and Q2 ends when June ends in just a couple of days.

We’re crossing our fingers that today and tomorrow will prove fruitful for all of you Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX owners out there so be sure to let us know when and if you receive the Ice Cream Sandwich update.

Has anyone, anyone at all, received the bump from Android 2.3 to Android 4.0 yet?


  1. Hammy says

    Nothing yet in Kentucky. I’m so ready…I feel like a kid that can’t wait until Christmas to get his present! Isn’t new and upgraded technology so great? :)

  2. Jay says

    Still waiting in Ohio BUT im now getting update is not available at this time , try again later !! not the lovely im up to date !!! COME on ICS

  3. Shane says

    Nothing yet. I’m in Queens, NY. I feel like I’ve been tapping that “system updates” button a hundred times per day for the last two days.

  4. eric says

    Im waiting…haha i forgot all about the update until yesterday..i live in pennslyvannia but im in New jersey (dont know if it matters)

  5. Camborita says

    Got it a few hours ago in Issaquah, WA (Seattle area)! Haven’t downloaded yet – will wait until this weekend when I have time to play with it.

    • BrD says

      A friend got his last night at work…. He bought his phone on release day…. I heard they are releasing them by purchase date…. I don’t have mine yet

  6. Daniel says

    I got the update but it wouldn’t et me install, so I unrooted, reverted back to stock…then ran an update and now it is stil 2.3.6 instead of the ICS which it had said it would be. I rechecked for updates and am getting the message that my device is currently up to date.

  7. Chris says

    I wonder if it is being pushed according to purchase date of phone?

    From NY with a NY number. Currently in Texas and phone was purchased in Texas a few weeks ago.

  8. Bob says

    Got it as part of the “soak test” last week. Still waiting for my wife’s phone to get it. Hopefully tomorrow. Love the upgrades and very happy about the new global capability.

  9. Patrick says

    Philadelphia here. Nada as of 4:00 PM on the 28th. I’m really sick of waiting for an update that was promised before I even bought the phone.

  10. Andrew Davis says

    “We expect all ICS update pushes to be completed by June 29.” – Verizon Rep in an email

  11. Michael says

    In alabama and have a florida number. Nothing yet. Checked with some friends in south mississippi and western michigan and nothing there.

  12. Mike says

    Got the update via text, my wife did not. She can’t even manually update. At 6:30am 6-28-12 i checked my phone and downloaded. android 4.0.4 Jacksonville,FL

  13. Bob says

    As I said when everyone was waiting for FrYo, you’ll get it! No, that’s not a quote from Yogi Berra. By the way…nothing yet in upstate NY. :(

    • April Elman says

      I am in the DFW TEXAS as well and recieved my update this morning around 630am I am ssssssooooo happy about it and loving it so far.

  14. Joshua says

    Since June 22 I have been manually checking and i havent gotten anything yet. I’m in st louis mo

    • Will says

      Makes no sense why you already have it and I still have Gingerbread despite being in DFW as well. but then again it’s not a geographic roll-out

  15. darqueskye says

    Nothing yet; in Portland, OR. I’ve been trying to manually update, but to no avail.

  16. ice cream man says

    Got it on the 23rd ruins great. Battery gets eaten quickly though.
    Soak is over and rollouts began last night…

  17. dawgatebooks says

    Georgia – still nothing. All the comments I’ve seen today a lot of people in Texas and Oklahoma have received the updated. A few in NY. I’m sure there is a method to the OTA release but who knows what that is.

    • Will says

      I had signed up for the Motorola Feedback Community but too late to be part of the soak test. Hopefully I’ll be able to soak test 4.1 (Jellybean)

  18. Chris says

    I’m going to have holes worn through the glass on “system updates” and “ok” button.

  19. Will says

    Today is definitely the first day of ICS roll outs as Motorola now has the ICS user guide and quick start guides available for download on their site.

  20. cosmin says

    Well at leat we now know people are actually getting the update this time. Instead of going online and hearing of a new update date everytime. SLC UTAH 2:45 no update yet

  21. Andrew says

    Woke up to ics already downloaded and ready to install. Took about 30 min, so far, so good. I’m in Ohio.

  22. mr mumbles says

    My friend got it a couple of days ago but my wife and other friend and i havent got it yet:/

  23. Tim says

    “According to a source”…bla bla bla. C’mon man, quit starting rumors. April 1st is long gone.

    • chris says

      If your referring to this this comment

      Will says:
      06/28/2012 at 1:33 pm
      I had signed up for the Motorola Feedback Community but too late to be part of the soak test. Hopefully I’ll be able to soak test 4.1 (Jellybean)

      He is referring to Jellybean, which is the next one after Ice Cream Sandwich.

      • Brian says

        Think he is talking about this article on this page where he is quoting a source. This has been going on for a long time all this about when ICS will come out has been crazy.

        • chris says

          I got it now. lol I had read the article the other day. Was just going through reading all of the comments and that was the only thing I could think that he was responding to. lol

          My appologies.

  24. Will says

    Have those that have gotten ICS been pushed the update or did you manually check and pull it?

      • Will says

        I’d make logical sense that as soon as the update is ready to be pushed, it’d be ready for users to pull. But this is reality and nothing ever is 100% logical

    • Christine says

      My husband got the update this morning, it was pushed. I haven’t gotten mine yet, getting frustrated!!!

      • Laryl says

        My husband was woken up late Saturday night (June 23) with a notification saying he had an update. He pushed it through and the phone updated to ICS. Took a bit of time, made some fun noises, forced a restart. That was it. His Razr Maxx now has ICS and mine hasn’t received it yet. We live together (Parker, AZ.) We ordered, paid for and received both our Razr Maxx phones at same time. Sigh. Waiting…patiently waiting…

  25. Jose says

    I’m in Chicago and I haven’t gotten nothing yet. Every 5 min I’ve been checking the software update and I haven’t gotten the update yet. What’s the point on saying You will recieve the update on this day and then in the next hour they push it back to a different day it’s stupid and a waist of time.

  26. mike says

    I have it and maybe it is because I haven’t had the chance to look through it all but I don’t really like it. I assume it will grow on me though. It was pushed to me

  27. Krohny says

    I have not received it either. In the Minneapolis, MN area. Ever since I saw that “ICS was pushing out on June 22nd” I have been checking my phone every hour. Nothing, nothing, nothing. What a crock.

  28. mark says

    I just. Got off the phone with verizon they said it will be available by tonight to everyone. By the end of today. June 28………

  29. Robyn says

    I can’t wait! So curious as to what will happen. Can’t put my Droid RAZR down for anticipation. It’s like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. I’m 48 and acting like that kid. Hope I’m not disappointed.

  30. Floyd in Maryland says

    I go to Settings / About Phone / System updates. Phone says “No update is necessary at this time.” I totally disagree — an update IS needed…..and NOW! :-)

  31. mark says

    Im in northurn. California i spoke to verizon at aroun 4 they said it would be available tonight for everyone. By the end of today the 28 ……. i am still waiting myself

  32. Patrick DiBenedetto says

    I got ics a couple of days a go and the face unlock is so cool. Also the whole phone changes except the music player

  33. Eric says

    Just received an email from a senior verizon tech after sending customer service a nasty letter. I was also told that beginning tomorrow all razr owners will be able to manually pull the update from their phones.

    Lets hope its true!

  34. harvey says

    I got the update ics. Love it but i cant hide all of the useless verizon apps now.
    Im really surprised its this good and smooth workin.

  35. alex says

    I guess that this possible date only stands for US cause in Europe we didn’t have any news on ICS since a long looooong time ago! I really can’t understand why all those phone companies are interfering , I guess its the price you have to pay if you want Android in your phone and not Apples IOS. Wondering when that magic day will come when I will finally have an ics update available to download. If anyone got some news
    for European users plz say it :)

  36. mgoldstein says

    I got the ics update this morning at 5:30 am central time. It seems pretty slick. I like it.

  37. Chris says

    I’m so tired of waiting for this God forsaken update. I literally just now got pissed and said f**** it and ate an ice cream sandwich and said f**** you motto and Verizon, I can have ice cream sandwich whenever I want. Then I threw my phone off a cliff…

    • Don says

      That was awesome! I agree, the way this has been dragged out is ridiculous. Has anyone kept a count of how many times we expected to get ICS and haven’t? I bet it’s quite a few.

  38. Wes says

    I’m guessing here in Michigan (just a hunch) that I’ll get ICS by the end of June 28th in California!

  39. Jose says

    People from verizon had told me that the update would be sent to people by midnight so thats a hour away here in chicago lets see if these aint bull shitting us

  40. Shane says

    12:15am on June 29 here in Michigan. No update yet. My mom got hers yesterday morning though. Wtf

    • Emilio says

      Lol..wtf is right.. But at least you get to see it in action. Here in Tucson AZ only update i´ve received is instagram.. *suffering of ics envy!

  41. Jack says

    wow…all I can see happening in the future *2 years later* Don’t worry everyone! You’ll get ICS tomorrow!

  42. lewis says

    i personally work for motorola and its officially been delayed. to many bugs still to be worked out.

    • chop says

      Can you give us some more info? Fill us in. get us as much info as you can. Mass that i’m not getting it but if there were answers and info and we were kept up to date it wouldnt be so bad. Its the expecting and not knowing that is the worst for everyone.

      • lewis says

        there was never a SET date for the release. there have been estimates made. delays/push backs have been made to them estimates. when everything is cleared, there will be an ota.

      • lewis says

        everyone for the record. there was never a release date on the official verizon or motorola pages. people speculated and made claims they had no idea about.

  43. VerizonWirelessLies says

    Midnight in TN and 1 Eastern no ICS. If Galaxy III was out I would bust this phone

  44. Norgi says

    Love my Razr Maxx, but getting pissed at this bullshit wait and zero information from Big Red. My System Updates button is worn out now.

  45. mark says

    The person who works for motorolla is full of it i spoke to several peaple at moto it has not ben delayed for to many bugs its already out of there hands once verizon has it thats it. Its out of moto control…… thats what they just told me 10 min ago. I was on for almost an hr an then called verizon to confirm. Thay both say tonight at midnight but it will still come in waves

    • steve says

      That is completely wrong. I just spoke with moto and after Verizon approves update moto handles all distribution to the end user, not Verizon. They said it will come in waves with it being fully available on Monday. There is a lot of bad info out there but it seems every rep is saying something different so who knows!

  46. Mickey says

    Beyond tired of waiting. Verizon treats their customers like crap, why not push them all at once

  47. boby says

    I recived the update this afternoon. Had a friend find the updatw online and forced the update on the phone works flawlessly

    • matt says

      I bought this phone 3 months ago :P. but even with out this update i still love it bat. life is amazing wouldn’t say worth the wait but i can wait a couple more days. Motorola told me i would have it by the end of the week so the rumors of this weekend sound plausible. Verizon said moto is the ones slowly releasing the update which is what moto confirmed to me and what their website says is “common business practice”

  48. eszentric says

    Wait a minute, I think it’s really happening, this has got to be it…..
    “Your device is up to date! No update is necessary at this time.”…Damn!

  49. sean says

    I think they have people working for them that specifically do nothing but read all these different forums of all you guys wanting ics so bad they just think its funny to keep putting off the update.

  50. Bill says

    12:06 here in California and nothing this suck. Maybe I’ll put my phone down play with my self and then check again at least I’ll b able to play with tonite

  51. lewis says

    ok. we got one person saying they talked to verizon and moto and claiming they said moto is releasing. then another guy saying he talked to them to and verizon is releasing. i stand firm on all of my previous messages. call me what you may a troll, a jerk off. but i gave truthful accurate info. more than we can say for others on here. there is no release date yet because of the delays that i spoke of earlier. i can say you wont see it today the 29th. all of the public they claims they have it are simply lying. all of you all that claim you know the release date are also simpy lying.

  52. josh says

    pittsburgh pa no update available. i been waiting for this update now for a month and a half

  53. jay says

    My wife got it this morning and I’m still waiting for it she got a system text 2 days ago about updating. We. Live in the same household both have RAZRs and our phone #is only one digit apart. It Sux. NC.

  54. LeeH says

    Okay, some of these folks really need to read their own posts. It’s just an update, other than the looks, it’s really not all that much different than the GB interface. I don’t won’t to seem harsh but some of the things posted here are silly bordering on “Call the guys with the white jackets”. I would like to get ICS too but I’m pretty sure raising hell, spewing venom, killing my close friends who have already gotten it, or any other form of general ugliness isn’t going to do me any real good. Motorola plainly says on their website that it’s still in the “Testing” phase. So, don’t get upset when some third party site/person says “Man your phones, thar she blows!” Take a breath (and some blood pressure medicine), go outside and move around, relieve some of that stress, get the endorphines going (hell, get laid!), you’ll be okay.

  55. Editren says

    Me and my girlfriend both have razrs, I check for upd hoursates every couple of hours while she doesnt reale updately care…. Yesterday morning her phone received the update and min did not….

  56. Francisco says

    I got my update a couple days ago. First I received soak test then followed with another message and update shortly began downloading. It is coming guys don’t worry. I’m here in Central California.
    *make sure to fix all your app settings after update.

  57. tyler says

    Still no update in Pittsburgh no surprise they have been saying that for months ill check later I guess

  58. jason says

    My wife’s rzr maxx started downloading the update yesterday. In the middle the phone crashed and shut down. Had to do a hard reset. She lost everything and still has 2.3 software

  59. ben says

    I forced mine by downloading from some techie site.. It is available now so go out and get it.

  60. Kent link says

    My wife got ICS wesday night, she has a razor, I have a razor max an I’m still waiting for my update. We live in Myrtle beach SC. But hopefully everyone else will be getting it soon!!!!!!

  61. Brian says

    I’m in Portland, Oregon and I must have been one the first to get the upgrade. I got it several days ago. Download happened in the early morning hours and went very smoothly. Still learning all the changes and new stuff. So far its been awesome.

  62. Jon says

    Well. Here in VA there are 8 less maxx users on verizon. My agent told me they have had at least eight people bring their phones in and leave verizon over this. Honestly i dont mind waiting i just stay away from these third party sites to avoid false accusations or inaccurate info. Alot of times their “sources” are them talking to a misinformed rep. My agent is a good guy an said. “By Monday Ill have it. We are in roll out which means a few will get it than a few more and than more amd so on. To avoid server crash or any new bugs in the system.” So its coming, just in wavea. Some people will recieve before others. Dpesnt mean everyone will have it at once. He gave me this info cause i waa honestly going in to cancel to pre orser GSIII. Plus hes

    • Jon says

      Plus hes a shitty lier. Tried telling me the bionic was a good phone but couldnt follow through cause he couldnt keep from saying how much bwtter the maxx is. But dont look for to JB for this device. If your looking forward to that best thing you can do is get sgIII when it comes out.

    • Dave says

      This is literally one of the most retarded things ive ever heard…changing phone companies because you cant wait a few extra days for an update. I mean, seriously? Sure, it’s probably gonna be pretty cool and change a few things, but to just get rid of a perfectly functional phone because it hasnt gotten a little bit better yet takes a “special” kind of person.

  63. chuck says

    Downloaded 4.0 on 6/25.
    Download was smooth.
    I do have issues.
    Takes an extra step to get to the home screen.
    Email is not as good-not easy to see the whole email before sending
    Verizon acknowledged an issue with auto rotate on apps pages.
    Takes longer for apps to load.
    Overall i give it a 4 out of 10

  64. Brian says

    I have never seen this sort of thing with Apple with my iPhone sure there were dates and hints when and what they would be but nothing like this. I just wonder if this is true today that everyone will have it, there are so many sites that are saying so many other things, wondering if any non testers have really received ICS at this point. I guess we should only dream about Jellybean at this point. On another point sure Apple is food but their OS naming isn’t as lame a Android why keep this food naming go it just sounds so lame ” I am checking for the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwhich” IDK just seems lame to me.

  65. Ted says


    Then go buy an iPhone…go ahead and join that gated community. Oh, and broaden your vocabulary. A clear overuse of the word “lame”.

    I’d much rather have GB on my Razr Maxx than ANYTHING mac. I just sold my 2011 Macbook Pro, i7…because it sucked!

  66. Adrian robinson says

    I received my update late the night before last and i like it, had no problems with download. Eastman Ga.

  67. Jeff says

    The gf and I both have the RAZR and are waiting not-to-patiently here in western Washington…

  68. Lewis says

    i clearly never said it was a failure, or it was not coming. i simply said that its not going to be here now. people have took it upon themselves to download the leaks but there has been no formal pubic release. verizon and moto arent lying when they said they began rollouts. they did! for the soak tests. but release to the general public has NOT happened and will not happen by monday.

    • chop says

      Clearly you are a liar!!! A troll! You need to learn to shut your cock holster and quit spewing lies. Looks to me like it’s available to most people now. There are several people including myself that are downloading it now and in the past hour or so!!!

  69. dawgfan says

    I told the rep that moto/verizon needed to do a press release with more information as to exactly what is going on with the release.

  70. Marikel says

    I just asked Verizon Support on Twitter and they said to allow 4 weeks for the update to roll out to everybody. Hopefully I get mind before I go to Albania for an entire month -_-

  71. matto says

    When you say all users do you mean all users or all users in the us? Moto Australia have already told us we arn’t seeing ics this quarter.

  72. Bill says

    1-800-922-0204 Verizon tech. U can call and see what they tell u. I was just told it has not gone out but I should get it by the end of July. call ur self and see. That suck I’ve been waiting and reading all this crap that is misinforming. You should call your self and see what they tell you maybe the rep I spoke with was full of it but that is what I was told. I’m in Northern California hopefully they were wrong and after I sent this I will get it but doubtful. I’m done waiting I guess I’ll get it when I get it just wait through it says high call and long wait times but I still spoke with someone right away.

    • Emilio says

      I spoke with a rep earlier and he indicated that ics was released on the 22nd of June and that it’s been “trickling out” ever since and that it’s totally random “lottery random” as to who’s getting ics when…..furthermore the tech also stated that it could take as long as 2 more Weeks or as quickly as 2 hours it just depends when your phone gets “randomly picked”. So in all actuality I guess they made their deadline of having ics “rolled out” by the end 2nd qtr but just because it’s out there doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will have it by then, which prettyuch sucks…. Oh well, either way still waiting and ics_less here in Tucson.

  73. Brenda says

    I just upgraded to RAZR MAXX a couple weeks ago in anticipation of ICS and still nothing yet in Ohio…tear:(

  74. Gus says

    Tired of the BS from Verizon. There have been 10’s of thousands of RAZR’s sold with the promise of IceCream upgrade… it’s damn near July, 2012 and the same old 2.3.6 is running on mine.

    Can anyone get a rally going on this issue? I think we all need to stop by our local Verizon shops and protest.boycot the damn place.

    Tired of getting dicked around on cell phones…. Verizon, pull your head out and get this done now.


  75. KenPowers says

    Thanks for keeping your word Verizon! You have about 26 hours! Way to stick it to your customers and lie!

  76. wes says

    Calm down, people. Everyone is getting upset that they don’t have it yet, like food is becoming scarce and the zombie apocalypse us upon us.

    No, I don’t have the update either.

  77. Jason says

    Dude… Stfu… Apocalypse… Retard… People are right to be upset… Bad enough we get tipped off on data… $30 for 2gb…bullahit. Bring unlimited back. 2g aint enough at all. Too many apps and programs use data…. Its a cell phone… Its portable and suppose to be convenient.

    • wes says

      Calm down – it was just an analogy

      Calm down – its just a cell phone

      Calm down – you’ll get it eventually

      Calm down – your phone still works

      Calm down – life will still proceed as planned

      Calm down – I hear sprint us offering truly unlimited data that isn’t throttled.

      Just don’t complain to me when you get bad reception.

      alternatively, you can just get the iPhone if you’re unhappy. Better yet I’ll sell you mine.

      Just don’t go full on retard again.

  78. KenPowers says

    Ken you are a moron. I bet you work for VZW, unlimited data should data wouldn’t hurt Verizon one bit. They are just tight a$$es

  79. Marcos says

    I am just now recieveing the 4.0 icecream sandwich upgrade I am super excited when it is done downloading onto my phone!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Steve says

    I spoke to a verizon tech, she gave me a dial in to “check in” with Motorola. Now three hours later, ICE is being downloaded right now.

  81. Chop says

    I just manually checked again and it is was available to me @ 1255 CDT.
    I just got phone like a week or 2 ago. From upstate NY* with an upstate NY* phone number but currently in Texas. (phone was bought while I was here in Texas)

    *Don’t want to be confused with those NYC people.

    • Chop says

      Took about 45 min to download. About another half an hour to install. Things are different for sure. Seems maybe a little smoother. I love that most all of the color schemes have gone to blue. My 4G seems to be having a stronger signal now than it did before the upgrade. It used to switch back and forth between 3G and 4G all the time and I have full 4G and it hasn’t switched back to 3G now in over 20 minutes.

      Glad it’s finally here. Hope everyone is getting it and enjoys it!

    • Bob says

      nothing really different from ics to jellybean to be honest i tried the jelly bean custom rom, to be honest not as good as i thought it would be but for anyone who wants it i found mine on xda. just be careful and make sure you know what your doing on the installation its not like regular rom flashing.

  82. Bill says

    Well around 11 I got it the rep at Verizon was wrong good luck to all of u hope u get it soon if u didn’t get it yet there are big diff s but I’ll check it out

  83. JC says

    FINALLY THE WAITING IS OVER!! I just received the update. On Verizon network go to your phone settings check for updates. Make sure you have it charging

  84. Greg says

    I received the update this morning in SC.
    Had problem with it not picking up the network also droping the WiFi connection. Had to do a soft reset, Now all seems fine.

  85. Josh says

    For those who are complaining, go to your settings and stop expecting the phone to do absolutely everything for you. There is a “check for updates” button. Try using it.

  86. Wes says

    I pushed it through about this time yesterday. Love it! Took way too long but the four hour download and install proved to be worth it.

  87. briana says

    Getting an update on my razr as we speak.. it said 6.11 something I believe… not are us its the ics

  88. Mike Selk says

    Got ICS update yesterday. Like upgrading from Windows 3.1 to Windows 7… what a difference! Can’t wait to see Jelly Bean!

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