iPhone 4S and HTC One V Now On Sale at Virgin Mobile

The second prepaid option for the iPhone is finally here. Starting today Virgin Mobile customers can purchase and use the iPhone 4 or 4S on their carrier of choice with no contracts.


The 16GB iPhone 4S is now available on the Virgin Mobile website for $649.99, the same price as the unlocked version for AT&T and T-Mobile. Like users who bought the unlocked version, Virgin Mobile users don’t need to bother with two-year contracts on their new iPhones.

Plans for the Virgin Mobile iPhone start at $35 for 300 minutes of talk time and unlimited text and web, and go up to $55 for unlimited everything. Even the highest tier plan is cheaper than a contract from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile.

The iPhone 4S has arrived on Virgin Mobile.

The only downsides to the Virgin Mobile iPhone are the high initial price and that Virgin Mobile uses Sprint’s relatively slow 3G network.


Users who buy the iPhone 4S from Virgin Mobile’s website now will receive free overnight shipping.


Starting today Virgin Mobile also offers the HTC One V. The One V is the lower-end of HTC’s new One lineup which features Android 4.0, Sense 4, and ImageSense. The One V isn’t as powerful as the One S, but is still fairly powerful, especially for a prepaid smartphone.

The HTC One V is several hundred dollars less than the iPhone 4S. It carries a $199.99 price tag, and uses the same plans as the iPhone 4S. At the price point, the One V seems like the go-to Android phone for new Virgin Mobile users, or those who want to upgrade to a new Virgin Mobile phone but can’t afford the iPhone 4S.