Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX Ice Cream Sandwich Updates Now Available

Finally, the wait for the Motorola Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX Ice Cream Sandwich updates is over.

We have received numerous tips indicating that the update went live about an hour ago and that it can be manually installed on both devices. The news comes shortly after we heard that Verizon might be pushing the update to Sunday but, as it turns out, the carrier was able to make the update live on the last possible day of the promised roll out window.

We originally heard that it would roll out to users by midnight tonight.

Motorola originally promised to make the update available in Q2. Fortunately, both carrier and manufacturer were able to keep that promise.

The update can be pulled through the devices settings. Users of both devices will want to go to Settings > About > System Settings. Check for the update, and users will be prompted to download and install the update.


The Droid RAZR ICS updates are now available.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for both devices will bring a host of new features to the devices. On top of the features coming with ICS itself, the updates will bring numerous bug fixes and enhancements which should make for a better experience on both devices.

The roll out comes after tons of rumor and speculation. Both Ice Cream Sandwich updates had been rumored to be coming out in May however it took Motorola and Verizon until the last day of Q2 to roll out the software.

So, now that Ice Cream Sandwich has rolled out Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX owners, enjoy the update.

Because now, the wait for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean begins.


  1. Terrible. Downloaded to my Droid Razr, played with it for about 30 minutes. Phone Started acting funny. Rebooted and now the phone randomly just selects things rapidly. Opens facebook, then the settings, then turns on airplane mode, opens google, opens contacts, starts selecting the contacts. The thing is freaking out. Something wrong with the touch screen and the ICM. Rebooted two more times still unusable. Phone looks like a three year old is randomly selecting everything at the same time on the phone. Removed my screen saver and cleaned the glass. Same Thing – Not Happy!!

    • I’m having the exact same problem as Kevin…hope a fix is released soon because this has turned my phone unusable.

    • same problems only worse. bought as a hands free device to use in my cars. now Phone won’t work in any cars. Motorola can’t solve either. 2 yr. contract. Now what to do. . Jim

  2. It is pathetic, that people wait on ice cream like impatient little kids?? Now that my phone is updated to 4.04, I think its whack..This update is nothing but a bunch of pretty little picture changes…Boo!! Im throwing my phone away..Better yet, I’ll wait for iphone 6

  3. Ice Cream Sandwich is downloading now. Went to settings> about phone> system updates early this morning when I first got up and the update was there ready to start downloading. I am so excited.

  4. Every time i pick up my phone, i go to settings and check for an update, ever since june 12. So, I just woke up about ten minutes ago and i checked and YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!

  5. I just called Motorola and they told me only people who signed up to be testers are getting ics..said they don’t know when everyone will get it..kinda conflicting with every thing that I’ve read online..super pissed.

  6. I’m not a tester, out in So Cal, got through system update, working great. Phone is faster, everything seems to be working great, looks great, I like the new changes. It took along time but it seems good. I’m on a Razor Maxx.

  7. I just updated my Droid RAZR on Verizon and it was a very smooth process. It did not have any problem with my installed apps. After the install the RAZR is smooth as silk. So far so good!!

  8. Got mine at about 9:30 pm last night in Colorado! Love it and my phone is working great! Not on the soak I promise! My friend also got it at the same time!

  9. In nortern ca…. got ics last night lewis like i said your full of crap telling people they wont get it by monday an how u work for moto you are full of shit

  10. You guys wanted ics now your crying about it. Mine works flawless. Sucks for you guys lol. Gingerbread had glitches too.

  11. I got mine about 12:30 am friday night/sat morning… and the process was smooth and fast. Also i have had no issues. All of my pics. texts. Apps. Everything was either still on or installed automatically to my phone. im loving ICS on my Razr maxx.

  12. Pictures and everything looks better but i can’t connect to the google play store now. That’s a bug that needs to be fixed

  13. This stinks! Apps are slow and unusable… random selections as if a ghost is operating the screen while i try to do anything. Typing sucks- autocorrect options havent been found yet. Hope they fix it soon. Its been a day and i am so frustrated. Whats with the background data alert- its new to me and had my razr sjnce january

  14. After the upgrade I try to play pandora and it continues to stop and lock after every song. I have to unlock it each time. Very frustrating. Also when I got this phone a 5:29am alarm was set on it. I cannot even find the clock to turn off the alarm, so every morning I have to deal with that. not happy and feeling stupid :(

  15. Downloaded fine….works like crap. Opens random apps, endless loops, frozen screens, etc. Add this to the fact that the phone has always had issues with data connection and the “new” packages and loss of my “grandfathered” unlimited package and I’m extremely over Verizon.

  16. Downloaded ICS 2 days ago and all I can say is don’t do it. ICS sucks a hard one, a really big hard one. Freezy, locks up, you name it. If I can fibd a way to get back Gingerbread I am.

  17. Got mine updated earlier this week. Interface is nice and smooth. However… they deleted the news RSS feed widget! What the heck? They also ditched the Task Mangler, which I used all the time. C’mon Motorola, how useful is the phone when you get rid of really useful widgets and utilities, only to replace them with gimmicky Google plugin crap? This is officially lame.

  18. Worst experience after downloading the upgrade. Phone grts hung frequently. Battery life has been drastically. Can not play games smoothly neither other apps. It is very slow.

  19. I am extremely disappointed that after the upgrade to ICS that my contacts pages, setting and dial pad now have a black background and white letters which makes it almost impossible to read in sunlight. Can’t understand how their engineers thought that was a good idea. I tried going back to the old software but verizon says that would be impossible, so Motorola has now made my phone completely useless. If anyone know a way to change backgrounds on my razor Maxx, please let me know.

  20. Widgets gone, screen slow and unresponsive, apps not working correctly, what an update thanxx alot, for making a perfect devise useless, do i hear iphone? F…..ing ridiculus

  21. I was so excited to get ICS…. that was until I TRIED to use it. The O/S gets into a state where it runs so slow you have to restart the phone at least once a day. The browser crashes repeatedly every day- BOTH the built in one AND Dolphin. Menu screen are incredibly slow. They took away the option to disable 4G to extend the battery (3G is good enough for me most of the time). Whatever they did to the camera software it is much worse now – slow and hard to zoom without it completely losing focus. The contact list is not accessible from the phone screen. If I do not get an update to correct the stability problems I WILL NOT BUY another Motorola phone!!! Stay with Gingerbread if at all possible, this update is not well thought out AND it is very very unstable!

    • Sorry to hear you are having so many problems. I would love nothing more than to return to Gingerbread, but unfortunately I was informed by Verizon that once you upgrade to ICS you can never go back to the older OS. I am sick about having my phone rendered useless.

  22. How do I find the upgrade horrific? Let me count the ways… Seriously! Many previous simple action items now seem to take an extra step or two to execute. My battery drains a heck of a lot faster which completely defeats my purpose of having bought a Razr Maxx in the first place. Using the calendar feature has now become rocket science… once you post an event on it, how can you edit it? Overall, extremely unhappy. I sooooo wish I would have gone with a different phone choice because now I’m stuck with this for another 20 months of my life…

  23. Upgraded a couple of weeks ago. Most things work fine, once I can find them. Can’t make widgets work on home screen though. This upgrade has been a big waste of my time.

  24. I can agree with all the unhappy people. The bad thing is I’m not one of those got to have the upgrade. I’ve only had my razor for three weeks and didn’t hear about the new software til this phone told me and called verizon and said Ol go ahead and download it its way better than what came with the phone. BS I’m also adding to the comment I used to get full signal and ever since I download this crap I may get quarter signal now…

  25. So far, I have returned two Razr Maxx phones and am about to return a third at the advice of Verizon tech support. Latest phone would randomly dial phone numbers from my contacts in the MIDDLE OF THE NiGHT! I swore someone had remote access!

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