AT&T Galaxy S III Release Date Confirmed for July 6th

Finally, those looking for an AT&T Galaxy S III release date have one.


The carrier has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S III, which has long been without a release date, will be arriving in-stores on July 6th. This means that those that failed to pre-order the device, will finally be able to pick one up starting in just a few days.

Those who pre-ordered the AT&T Galaxy S III have had their hands on their device since last month, however, due to supply issues on Samsung’s end, those who failed to put in an early order have been without access to the device.

The AT&T Galaxy S III will also become available online starting July 6th as well which means that those who don’t wish to leave the comfort of the couch or chair can also pick one up through that route as well.

The AT&T Galaxy S III release date is July 6th.


Of course, AT&T isn’t the only carrier that is affected by these delays. Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon have all seen either release dates or shipping dates pushed back. Right now,  Sprint and T-Mobile are the only U.S. carriers offering up the Samsung Galaxy S III in retail stores.


Verizon is rumored to be launching the Galaxy S III on July 12th and U.S. Cellular has said all along that it will be making the device available in July.

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Samsung has said that it has taken more than 9 million pre-orders and because of the strong demand, it has had trouble getting supply up to speed.


Fortunately, it looks like whatever issues Samsung was having, it was able to iron them out.

For now.