Nokia Has A Contingency Plan If Windows Phone Doesn’t Work Out

Nokia’s betting big on Windows Phone, but it sounds like the company now has a plan in case Microsoft’s platform doesn’t take off.


According to CNet, in a recent interview with a Finnish TV station, Chairman Risto Siilasmaa hinted that Nokia does have a “contingency plan” in place in case Windows Phone 8 doesn’t “live up to expectations.” Siilasmaa, who became chairman of Nokia’s board in May defended the switch to Windows Phone, however.

Siilasmaa acknowledged that “Symbian’s market share has come down close to zero.” Nokia needed to do something to get away from the platform, and Windows Phone seemed like the best idea at the time. It gave the company a chance to stand out among other manufacturers, even though the platform hasn’t seen much widespread adoption just yet.

Nokia Has A Contingency Plan If Windows Phone Doesn't Work Out


Nokia’s contingency plan in case Windows Phone 8 doesn’t catch on remains unclear at the moment, but it’s doubtful that the company will go back to its  Symbian operating system considering Siilasmaa’s comments and the fact that it was never on par with the likes of iOS and Android.


Since Siilasmaa took his position in May, Nokia’s share price dropped by a third. The switch to Windows Phone has proven difficult so far but Nokia still seems to be committed.

It will be one of a few manufacturers making Windows Phone 8 smartphones.

We hope the company can stay afloat long enough to go through with its contingency plan. At this rate we might have to say goodbye to Nokia shortly after we say our final goodbyes to RIM.