iPhone 5 Rumors: Everything We Know Could Be Wrong

Every day new iPhone 5 release date, spec and design rumors leak from sources deep in the Apple supply chain and analysts with murky connections.

The iPhone 5 release date is still months away, but thanks to all of these leaks many of us think we know what the iPhone 5 will look like and when it will launch.

Despite all the sources, and all the “confirmed” rumors, our current vision of the iPhone 5 could be completely wrong.

Apple is notoriously good at keeping secrets. Despite losing the iPhone 4 in a bar, Apple can keep a product under wraps until launch. While the company doesn’t outline the security rules in place, for obvious reasons, they likely mirror those taken by Samsung to keep the Galaxy S III a secret.

This includes dummy designs which may never touch the hands of consumers, locked doors, compartmentalized teams and security that approaches Secret Service levels. When Apple does allow the new iPhone to leave the building, the company puts the new iPhone in a dummy case that disguises the looks of the new iPhone.


Past iPhone Rumors and Misses

Before Gizmodo found the iPhone 4 in a bar, there were rumors of a removable battery, a touch sensitive casing and even rumors of a stylus for the iPhone 4.

iphone 5 teardrop wrong
One example of an iPhone 5 rumor that didn't pan out.

Fast forward to Fall 2011, and most of the press expected to see a thinner teardrop shaped iPhone 5 with 4G LTE release, but Apple surprised us all with the iPhone 4S. Not only was the new design a no-show, but the iPhone 5 name never made it to market either.

iPhone 5 Design

The leaked iPhone 5 design shown in the video below could give a glimpse at the new iPhone, but it could be based off parts fabricated by Apple or a prankster to throw journalists and the public off the trail of the real iPhone.

Samsung made three fully functional prototypes of the Samsung Galaxy S III, and Apple no doubt is working on multiple looks for the iPhone 5 and future iPhones, any of which could be the next iPhone.


Early iPhone 5 rumors said that the new iPhone would feature a Liquidmetal back and design, but it sounds like Liquidmetal isn’t ready for prime time just yet.

We no longer expect a Liquidmetal back on the iPhone 5.

Additional iPhone 5 design rumors and analyst opinions say that the iPhone 5 will be 7.99mm thin, but we can’t have it all. The slimmest phone with all day battery life is the Droid RAZR MAXX.

If Apple does deliver a bigger screen and 4G LTE, it will be a challenge to also make the iPhone thinner without dramatically compromising battery life.

Speaking of the rumored bigger screen for the iPhone 5, we might not see that either. Apple prioritizes battery life on mobile devices, and could opt to keep the display of the next iPhone at 3.5 inches.

The smaller iPHone 5 dock connector may look like this.
This is what leaks suggest the iPhone 5 dock connector will look like.

While TechCrunch has confirmed that the iPhone 5 will feature a smaller iPhone dock connector, and there are many reasons a smaller 19-pin dock connector makes sense, Apple may stick with the same 30-pin dock connector as the current iPad and iPhone 4S.

Apple could surprise us all once more, keeping the iPhone 5 design the same as the iPhone 4S. Apple is slow to change form factors, just look at the New iPad. The iPhone 4S continually tops the smartphone sales at all three major carriers. Why mess with success?

iPhone 5 with 4G LTE

ÂWhile Verizon and AT&T are all about 4G LTE smartphones, there is a small chance that Apple could skip 4G LTE in the iPhone 5.

Granted, this would not be a popular decision,  but Apple has delayed adopting technologies until the device is ready. It’s possible that the battery draw of 4G LTE will prove too much for Apple to give it the go ahead.

Sprint is not ready for a 4G LTE iPhone 5, which is why there is no Sprint version of the iPad 3rd generation. Most of the world also doesn’t have 4G LTE as we know it.

Of course Apple could always launch a 4G LTE version of the iPhone on a specific carrier or carriers, instead of launching it on every carrier. The New iPad with 4G LTE shown in the video below is available on AT&T and Verizon, but not Sprint.

iPhone 5 Release Date

iPhone 5 release date rumors
Look for an iPhone 5 release date in October.

Current iPhone 5 release date rumors peg the launch anywhere between August and October. While October is a very good bet for Apple, the company could launch the iPhone 5 at any time.

With current iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS owners already off contract, Apple could push the iPhone 5 release date until later in 2012 to ensure proper supply for a global launch.

iPhone 5 Price

Apple might choose to shake up the price of the iPhone 5, charging a premium for the new features like they are doing with the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

4G LTE smartphones initially commanded a premium, and Apple could use this to bump the starting price of the iPhone 5 up to $249 or $299.

While prices for entry-level 4G LTE smartphones like the LG Lucid and older models are below $100, high-end devices like the Droid RAZR MAXX start at $299 from Verizon.

The Galaxy S III could keep Apple in check thanks to a launch on all major U.S. carriers at $199.

iPhone 5 Name

The next iPhone is Apple’s sixth iPhone and while many of us are calling this new iPhone the iPhone 5, Apple may choose to go with a simpler name for the next generation iPhone.

Apple could go with a simple, new iPhone or if the iPhone has 4G LTE Apple could rename it to the iPhone 4G or iPhone 4G LTE.

It’s entirely possible that this video shows how every iPhone 5 rumor starts.


  1. “The iPhone 4S continually tops the smartphone sales at all three major carriers” -> The only reason the iPhone 4S tops the sales is that Apple is constently suing the competitors ( samsung in particular ) to ban their devices in many countries!

    • Jay,

      The article is saying apple top smartphone sales on carriers in the US not in the world.

      And actually not sure why he is saying that because Apple has 31.9 percent of the maker share and android devices have 51% in the US. It’s tough to compare because android spans across so many brands.

      PS I love apple products.

      • 51% Android phones came from all manufacturers. Apple is still a top one compared to each Android phone manufacturer. Get it?
        This one bothered me:”The iPhone 4S continually tops the smartphone sales at all three major carriers. Why mess with success?” I’ll say why:
        1. Old, out dated design of iPhone
        2. Carrier availability
        3. Fking small screen size…Why don’t just make it 4.2″ with the same aspect ratio (no 16:9 please)
        4. No up to date features (NFC, LTE…)

        Beleive me. If they don’t come out with a kick-ass design, their market shares will shrink dramatically and iPhone customers will start leaving them for Galaxy. Most of my friends are hardcore Apple fans and they start talking to buy GS3 if iPhone5 will look the same as 4S even with 4″ screen of 16:9 like the leaked picture lately. For me, I would stay with my iPhone4 until whenever their design get better. Their 4S? Pathetic!

        • If you think you’re ahead of Apple in ideas, you’ve got another thing coming. They’ve been able to predict what consumers have wanted for years now and you think all of the sudden that’s just going to stop? SMH

          • they are able to make people like you make other people think the iphone does more than it actually does. The iphone is inferior. Trust me, I’ve owned all but the first gen. Android is king

  2. John, your rebuttal of all the “rumors” is simply, well, there is a chance it might not happen? You used minimal if no facts to give any evidence to your opinions.

    Example: While TechCrunch has confirmed that the iPhone 5 will feature a smaller iPhone dock connector, and there are many reasons a smaller 19-pin dock connector makes sense, Apple may stick with the same 30-pin dock connector as the current iPad and iPhone 4S.

    So your opinion is that despite the smaller dock connector making sense and TechCruch having reasons to support the idea, it might not happen simply because it might not happen? Anything can happen or not happen, just saying that does not make this article interesting to read. John, the iPhone might not happen, Apple might not be there next week, there is even a chance that Steve could come back from the dead – okay maybe not the last one… However, my point is I think this article was poorly researched and John you did not provide any “expert opinion” that seemed worthwhile to take away from this.

  3. Interesting article.
    I`ll actually try and think trice (if that is a word, because I`we been already taking rumors with a grain of salt) about any rumors.
    Keep up the good work!

    • I don’t care enough to post about the phone, but for clarification on your word ‘trice.’ It is a word if you meant to say ‘quickly.’ If you meant, three times, or one more than twice – it would be thrice.

  4. I actually hope the iPhone 5 doesn’t come with the larger screen. I hate the look of it and dread carrying something that large in my pocket. One of the reasons (of many, I know) I think Apple phones have sold so well is they’ve kept them from becoming ridiculously big like many of the android devices. I want something with heavy specs, yes. But, it’s still a phone. I need to be able to tote it around without a fanny pack. heh

    • I used to be just like you. And if you are as hardcore apple.iphone fan as I used to be, let me tell you just how wrong I was. Bigger screens are much better, just have to give it a chance

  5. “Everything We Know Could Be Wrong”: actually this is impossible. How so? Because we know NOTHING! Everything we “know” has been pure conjecture, rumor and bullshit. Not one single bit of real fact. We got sites breathessly announcing as fact every new user-made render that comes out. Some bored blogger who doesn’t even want an iPhone wonders if the iPhone “could” have this wish feature, and everyone jumps on this as a 100% certainty. It is amazing how stupid people are, and cannot think. No wonder the USA is slipping behind 4th world countries like Burma.

  6. The Iphone 5 having 4G connectivity will be pointless in the UK for at least 2 years- so 2014 would be best release date for iphone 5 in the UK and most of Europe. No point in having an iphone 5 in the UK until the government sorts out the complexities surrounding granting new 4G licences which could seriously interfere with UK digital TV signals. If 4G services disrupt any public service broadcasting such as the BBC then mobile service providers will have to spend millions upon millions compensating licence fee payers. It is a legal minefield and potentially disastrous! I cannot see the UK launch being at the same time as the USA or Asian versions of Iphone 5 – Apple just wouldn’t be able to market it in the same way because UK consumers won’t be able to benefit from 4G. (Look at what happened with The New Ipad regarding 4G).Even when 4G is introduced in the UK the limited 4G and high-speed coverage means the Iphone 5 will have limited capacity and I would expect many handsets to be returned due to disappointment with poor signal during the 1st few weeks. If the UK don’t sort out 4G capability sooner rather than later economically we will fall even further behind the USA and Asia than we already are.

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