Thinner iPad Mini With Retina Display Possible?

The iPad Mini rumor mill is hard at work again and the latest rumors peg Apple’s new iPad as having a 7.85-inch IGZO display made by Sharp.


According to MyDrivers, courtesy of UnwiredView, supply chain sources have indicated that Sharp will be making IGZO display panels for the iPad Mini.

IGZO stands for indium gallium zinc oxide and if the display is of this caliber, it will allow Apple to offer an iPad with a thinner screen featuring better brightness. Sharp’s IGZO displays also apparently can handle 330 ppi which means that the display could very well be a Retina Display as has been previously rumored.

Will the iPad Mini feature a 7.85-inch display?

While there is no way to confirm this to be true, Sharp’s new found partnership with iPad-maker Foxconn seems to point to it at least being a possibility.


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Also included in the report is mention of the iPad Mini display size. Again, the device is rumored to feature a display that sits at 7.85-inches. This seems to be the size that most agree will be the size of an iPad Mini’s display should the device make it out of testing and on to shelves.

Apple is rumored to be announcing and launching the new smaller iPad sometime this fall. Analysts believe that the company will offer it at a price point between $250-$299 which will mean that it will be going up against the likes of the Amazon Kindle Fire and the recently announced Google Nexus 7 made by Asus.

While no specific announcement date is known, Apple is rumored to be launching the iPad Mini alongside the new iPhone 5 this fall.